My Grandmother Iris

Written by , on 2024-06-04, genre incest

My grandmother Iris 61 widow is a gambler on poker machines and hires it from her daughter my mother. My mother 42 nurse is oldest of 2 daughters and is the one lives the closest to Iris. I'm an only child as my father passed away 8 years ago car accident. I'm going to university and almost 23. My father was an only child also and his mother died 7 years before he did. So, last year my father's father 75 passed away and I inherited everything, house, car, stocks, bonds and some money. My university costs were already paid for by my grandfather, I wasn't rich but comfortable. Not into dating and still a virgin as I was quite shy around girls my age. Iris got carried away gambling and lost her grocery and bill money. Kept betting to get it all back and so lost it all. She would have to ask my mother for a loan, but then realized I now had money I was easier than my mother was when it came to gambling. So, I loaned her money she paid back over several months. Then she had chance to go a large cassino and didn't have enough money. She again lost all her again blew her grocery and bill money. Except she already owed me money she borrowed for the trio. She wasn't sure if I would stay silence this time, seeing women trying to pick up men in the cassino. Gave her the idea of seducing me, on her return she made her move, and it was very easy to seduce me. She called it sexual instructions to help her grandson. I'm still not dating anyone but get sexual instruction regularly from Iris for a tuition fee.

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