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I'm the only child of my widowed and a major disappointment to him when was 48 and my late mother 37 when I was born. My mother died of cancer at 51 and my father decided to marry again 5 years later. Mainly to have another child as I wasn't as smart as he wanted his child to be. I liked working with my hands and became a carpenter then cabinet maker. I make special items on commission and doing okay, I think. But my father thinks its beneath our family honor to work with your hands. I should be a banker like him, anyway he married a woman 37 years younger than himself at 30. She was an orphan and desperate for better life. With a prenup and a condition to have a child with him, boy or girl it didn't matter as long as the child was healthy. But my father wasn't healthy himself and he had me take a sample of his sperm for testing to make sure he could father a child before they married. I'd 2 samples tested mine and his. No real reason, as I've the same name just junior added. The results showed a very low count for my father and normal count for someone my age. As all details were on the cover page, I swapped my results with his. Just to make him happy as his illness was terminal, him marrying didn't concern me. But I thought it would make his last days better, only later on I found out her financial future was tied to her having a child. I liked her myself; she was nice to talk to and shy until she got to know you. No centerfold motel, but okay on the eye and then I found out about the child condition. I knew it was my fault he had married thinking he could father a child. I could tell him but it would devastate him and ruin her life also. So, I didn't tell him, instead I fucked her several times. It wasn't hard to convince to sleep with me, I showed her his actual sperm test results. She got pregnant shortly before my father a bad turn health wise. After the turn he wasn't up to having sex anymore. His health failing more and more, he made me legal guardian of his unborn daughter. I'd more rights to the bring up the child than her mother would. Anyway, my father died a week after she was born, and I think was quite happy when he passed away. With my stepmother and sister/daughter living with me, I was quite content fucking my stepmother. She was willing and I was also, we still live together even now 12 years later. No more children together, but I married my wife 3 years after my father's death and have 3 children with her. She has threesomes with me and my stepmother but doesn't know about my sister actually being my daughter. It better for legal reasons it stays secret.

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