The Affair led to another affair

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I was then 34 divorced and in no relationship, having no children and both my ex and me having great careers so no alimony. Our mutual careers were the main reason we divorced as we both were seeking promotion which led to divorce. Parting on fairly good terms, I stayed put and my ex moved interstate to advance her career. I decided to buy a house instead of living in an apartment. I bought a 4bedroom 2bathroom house in a quiet area and kept to myself at first. Finally meeting my 39year old neighbor (widow) who lived straight across the street. We got on very well and became lovers, neither wanting a relationship. After several months, her daughter 21 joined the sexual relationship. Now having regular sexual relationship with both, we had an accident the condom broke inside the daughter during sex. I had found the packet of 5 condoms while going thru some boxes, I couldn't remember buying them, but it must have been a long time ago. Probably when I was dating my ex at university. A firm believer in want not waste not, I decided to use them during sex with the daughter. The first time was fine no problem, second time with the mother no problem and so on with the third and fourth. The fifth one broke, anyway we weren't all that concerned, what's the chances 50/50. But it turned out to be 100%, with the testing positive, we decided to marry. It suited me as I'd wanted to start a family in the near future. It just wasn't planned that way, with her daughter pregnant and us marrying shortly they both moved in with me from their rental. Still fucking the mother and also having threesomes with mother and daughter. Several nights before our wedding, having a threesome and having run out of condoms. We (mother and me) decided to chance it with no condom, what are the chances. You guessed it another 100%, but what the problem we were living together and so getting my future mother-in-law pregnant wasn't a big concern. Now 7 years later we've 4 children 3 with my wife and 1 with my mother-in-law. My career has boomed, and we've moved to a bigger house. My wife is a stay-at-home wife/mother, and her mother is my PA. Not that I need to travel in my new position, precautions are taken by my wife as she thinks 3 is enough. My mother-in-law likewise still take precautions just in case.

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