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I had to start again after my divorce (2018), giving everything I had to my ex-wife in return for no continuing payments (alimony or child support). I'm highly qualified in my field and could support myself very well, so not wanting the ongoing payments I made the offer she accepted. Well, she had other choice, as I had said I wouldn't work to support myself or them if she refused. As I can be a bloody minded individual when I want to be, she knew I would and besides she was getting quite a bit as a result. Her lawyer wanted to test my resolve, but she accepted as she knew I would do as I as promised to do. Now free and clear I soon got a good job via contacts in my field. Soon housed in an apartment building and able to walk to my new job. At 46 I wasn't wanting to start another family and didn't date for several months in my new state well away from my ex-wife and family. I'm not on their Christmas list that's for certain. I then started dating mainly for something to do, I do like female company. Having married at 24 and divorced at 45, I reasoned I'd done my duty to continue my family line. Women looking for husbands were avoided by me and when a colleague girlfriend got pregnant unexpectedly. I decided to only date women passed having children to avoid the same fate myself. But the field was bit limited, but I did okay mostly. It was then I met a personal assistant 54 who also worked at the same enterprise as I did. She worked for the CEO 74, and he had decided to retire. The new CEO already had his PA and now the former CEO's PA was available you could say. I was entitled to an assistant and as an out-of-town project was given to me, I would need an assistant, as not being able to rely on the office staff as I'd been doing. So, as she was attractive, unattached and highly qualified I took her with me. She was very strait-laced as they say and that made me want her more than ever. Nothing happened while away for those 3 weeks, I kept her as my assistant on my return. As I wanted to seduce her at least once. She became the challenge I had to overcome, before I could more on. So, I was bloody minded to that end, of course I still dated others who put out. But fixated on my assistant and started accepting any and all out-of-town assignments to get her away. Still no luck sexually with her but had earn the notice of board and was promoted. Now responsible for all out-of-town projects, but it suited my goal to bed my assistant. But it was travel aboard that got her into my bed, first there wasn't much available accommodation and so we shared a room as it was the only one with its own bathroom. Both not wanting to share bathroom with strangers, but it was the local spirit that the locals drank like water. That at first caused a crack in her defenses and I took notice. But was unable to take advantage that time, being late and work early next day. But later in the week another gathering and again the local spirit flowed freely, and she had little much and when I thought she'd enough make our excuses and got her back to our room. She was sick on getting back and so I used that to get her undressed and showered with her, she let me do everything I wanted without objection, and we became lovers. The next morning, I fucked her again without objection and twice more later that day. Now that we had fucked, she was quite willing to let me continue fucking her. The strait-laced woman liked sex with me in our bed, but at work she was the same strait-laced woman she always was. I decided to upgrade my apartment and got a larger one and had my assistant live with me. She has her own room and doesn't mind I date and fuck other women. She has also joined me in threesomes and on getting another promotion (November 2023) and getting a large office with personal secretary (PS) 53 chosen by my PA. No need to travel anymore and having my PA and PS live with me is the perfect lifestyle I want.

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