It started with a massage

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At 40 (2018) I was recently divorced and starting over again in a new city and state. Not on my children's Christmas list or any of their lists for that matter. Great career and no alimony or child support, dropped by my ex-wife to get me to drop my custody and visitation requests. Both of us are well off career and financially, but she got the house and joint assets. I got my freedom and no ongoing payments; I wasn't looking for a new relationship either. I went to get an erotic massage on a Saturday and was surprised to see a neighbor (53) from my apartment building working there. She looks very good for her age, and I found out she took the extra job to help pay hospital and funeral bills from the death of her husband the year before. Anyway, I was her last massage that day and drove her home afterwards. It was of no concern of mine how she made her money, and I asked her when she done the massages as I had really enjoyed her massage of me. Saturday was her reply to only day she could as her main job was Monday thru to Friday and Sunday was church day. She done massage topless in just her panties and no touching was allowed. I decided I would visit her again the following Saturday and I became a regular for her. She wasn't making much but it helped with paying the bills and she got only half what I paid. When she said she would try and find another job, I offered her a suggestion. That she does me at my apartment and get the full payment for herself. She agreed and it became a Saturday evening appointment and, on her finding, other employment other than massaging it continued. After several months she finally paid off the bills, but fortunately for me she continued to do my massages. In 2020 the pandemic became the top news item and my job I could do from home via the internet. Her job was also able to be done online and the lockdown wasn't a financial concern to us. But being alone in our apartments was annoying, luckily, we both had apartments close to the stairs away from the elevators. She was on the next floor down and she rang me asked would I mind her visiting as she needed to see someone and not just their voice. I agreed and so she came up the stairs and we talked for longtime. Then we restarted the massaging, it made it seem more normal for us. During one massage I just started feeling her up and she let me continue. The next time she removed her panties I fingered her. The next time she stayed the night, and we became lovers. She has key to my apartment and came whenever she wanted too, no need to ring or knock that way. By the time lockdown was over we were sleeping together most nights and still do. We're not in a relationship, it more of friends with benefits and great benefits at that. Neither of us are dating, prefer our sexual friendship to that.

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