Dons mistake turns to fun part three

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Amber stood at the top of the stairs, the noise from downstairs sounded loud and excited. She new what was going to happen, only that morning she had signed a contract, a contract originated by her husband Don and her sexual abuser Ray.

She signed to say she agreed to be complicit in further adventures, sexual adventures. She and Don had talked and thought long and hard before she had signed the contract, the original agreement with Ray which had been brought about by blackmail was for seven days sole use of Amber, that was now extended to multiple use by whoever Ray required, and tonight was the to be her first ever gang-bang. She never thought she would have two men and now here she was knowing at least three men were waiting downstairs, waiting to use her, hurt her, defile her.

She stood at the top of the stairs, freshly shaved cunt and ass covered by a tiny sheer black thong, micro mini skirt she also wore a sheer blouse offering a clear view of her firm tits and hard nipples, the outfit was completed by fishnet stockings and 6” high platform shoes. She new how filthy she looked and she loved the feelings it gave her
Don held the door open for Amber a broad knowing grim across his lips, he and Ray had, had fun planning tonight at short notice. In the lounge sat five men including the smiling Ray, Amber noticed the intake of breath and the leers on the faces of the four complete strangers. Amber blushed a little has she walked up and down the room in front of them her arse cheeks coming into view with every step, she walked upright pushing her tits forward. God she felt so wet, was it showing on her thong?
She stopped in front of Ray he stood looking over her shoulder at his four friends. His fingers gripped each side of her blouse, he ripped downwards buttons flew everywhere and Ambers tits were fully exposed she heard appreciative murmurs from behind her back. Ray leant into her whispering in her ear, are you going to be a good slut for us Amber? Amber looked into his eyes seeing the same lust she herself was feeling, yes sir she gasped yes. At the same time he released the zipper on her tiny skirt, with a tiny seductive wiggle the fabric pools onto the floor.

Ray sinks his mouth to her tits dragging her hardening nipples between his warm lips enveloping them, she moans excitedly stretching upwards running her hands through her hair. The men at the door watch excitedly. He leaves her standing almost naked save for her tiny thong stockings and glossy heels.
He slowly moves behind her, “bend over slut spread your legs” as she did he sank to his knees and peeled her thong down her thighs inch by inch; further gasps come from her watching audience.

Her smooth, shaven pussy is finally exposed, giving the men a tempting glimpse of the glistening swollen wetness between her legs, he pulls her arse cheeks apart, darting his tongue into her holes, licking slowly, slipping it inside her, teasing tasting….exciting her body. She moans with her arousal aware of the men around her getting closer. She wants them to watch, glancing seductively back at the men to her delight, now all naked slowly wanking rock hard cocks eyes glued to the sight unfolding before them.
Things happened swiftly, Ray pulled away from Amber “right boys you can have the little slut, use her however you like the sluts ready to be filled with hot spunk” no sooner did he speak than there are fingers and tongue’s all over body pinching, biting, sucking and licking. Amber starts pleading for there fingers in her holes, her voice filled with lust begging for cock. The men oblige pushing her to he knee’s offering four fully hard pricks all of different shape’s and sizes.

They are slowly wanking over her and she loves it, Amber truly wants to submit, wants to please, wants so much to be covered in there hot cock juice. She works her way round each cock, in her element sucking and licking them, spending time on each one, knowing they are turned on by her filthy performance has she pleasured each man in turn. She takes a man’s cock in each hand, fondling and rubbing them firmly drawing moans of desire. Amber felt so alive.
Amber wants them to cum on her never before had she felt this need, she sucks and wanks the men until she can hear there guttural groans signs of lust alongside the filthy things there calling her “dirty whore”, “filthy fuck slut”, “cum bucket” she knows they are close “spunk on me” she squeals “yessss cum for me shoot it all over me” Amber seductively parted her lip. The four men stroke themselves furiously, they start to climax in quick succession. Arcs of hot cum hit Amber repeatedly on her face, down her throat all over her neck and tits dripping from her body. As the men pull back panting she begins to rub the spunk all over tits and rock hard nipples feeding more into her mouth, showing the men her mouth full of cum before swallowing all she had taken.

Don and Ray moved to her, “time to clean up before act two sweetheart” Don whispered eyes glossy with lust, a host of great pictures on his camera plus a hot video. Ray well he was speechless he just looked so pleased at what he had produced.

They pair of them watched her shower, Amber was still in need of real sex having not orgasmed yet, her eyes half closed nipples still firm with lust. Once showered she appeared in the lounge naked but for her CFM heels, armed with a bottle of baby oil she began to pour it all over her body, rubbing it all over her body the men watched as she paid particular attention to her minge spreading her legs bent outward and wide, fingering herself for there viewing pleasure.
Two of them moved forward, taking the oil they began to pour it all over Ambers body, using there rough male finger they pinched her nipples roughly as they caressed her, lathering her body in oil, before long there fingers found both her holes, she loves there fat fingers opening her body for all to see. The older man senses her needs and begins to stretch her cunt lips opening her slowly, three four fingers then he starts to use his fist slowly at first stretching her to new limits until she begs to cum, he is responding partly to Ambers needs, but much to the delight of his audience by fisting her faster almost half his forearm disappears up her eager twat.
With the fingers stuffed up her arse and the fist pistoning into her stretching her wide, her breath quickens she orgasm massively cumming all over the man’s hand and wrist meowing with pleasure. Both men are rubbing there rock hard cocks against her body and she wants them, “fuck me she screams” her lust overtaking her, her needs growing.

They forcefully lead her to the centre of the room arranging her as they require, the young man lays on the floor “get eating my dick you MILF slut got plenty of spunk for you” kneeling astride his thighs, pussy in the air on show to the whole room, without hesitation she takes his cock in her mouth teasing him with her tongue. At the same time fingers once again enter her arse stretching it Amber tries not to, but to everyone’s amusement she lets out a very noisy wet fart, the man’s fingers are withdrawn and replaced by his tongue going deep into her shitter has she fart’s yet again he continues eating her out has she writhes with pleasure.

Then there moving her again lowering her onto the young man’s waiting dick, she gasps with lust every inch disappearing up her ever eager pussy “this fucking whore going to get her first DP “ laughs Ray “and then she going to be air tight slut with my ten inches down her fucking filthy throat” he laughed again looking Amber in the eye “beg Reg you dirty bitch beg him to fuck you smelly arserhole” Amber pleads to be fucked needing to be used like the slut she as become,”stuff it in me fuck my dirty hole” Reg smirks as he lines his dick up with her brown ring piece with one push he slides easily into arse one push and all his dick disappears.
He stops momentarily to allow Amber to accommodate him before starting to fuck her hard and fast, at the same time he starts to reign heavy slaps on her ass cheeks, “fucking fart in my mouth you shitty bitch I’ll teach you slut” her cheek turn red under his onslaught.

Amber didn’t seem to mind the beating her arse was taking, it seemed to her just part of of the night’s sexual release she was loving so much. Two cocks pounding into her holes, two soon turns to three has Ray slaps his cock across her face “suck it my good little cum slut fill your last hole” Amber green eyes dark with lust starts to lap at his length before bobbing her head up and down on his massive cock doing her very best to please him while both her other holes are being stretched to new limits. Her body covered in oil and sweat starts to buck and force herself into her aggressor as her orgasm was building, she felt the man in her cunt expanding, while the man in her ass was screaming filth at her. She sucked hard on Ray, wanting all three men to spunk in her holes at the same time. They were close her arse and cunt were pumped full three four five squirts of hot cum causing her to join them cumming so hard and wet covering the cunt man’s cock, she thought she was peeing herself. No time to relax she felt Ray dragging her onto his dick by her hair, filling her throat forcing her to swallow massive globules of the spunk she lusted after she swallowed every drop gulping it as fast as it was offered. Just a little dripped from the corners of her mouth.

Don demands to see her cum filled holes, turning she presents her cum filled arse to him, he and the rest of the room watch as thick spunk trickle from her ass running over her shaven pussy and mixing with the young man’s spunk dribbling messily down her thighs. She looked back seductively “next please boy’s I need more spunk” she blushed looking back at her smiling husband. “OK slut sit over this” said one of the men who had only been watching so far. Her cunt spread easily over the fat dick on offer, and within seconds she had a new cock entering her filthy ass. Eyes closed panting with lust she felt something once again at her lips, then she smelt it her eyes shot open, Reg held his limp dick in his hand, “lick it clean eat your filth of my cock” Amber didn’t believe it as her mouth opened she was about to eat her own shit, at first she was repulsed but she began to take pleasure in her sexual control over these men. Tasting her own ass juices became just another turn on.

The men fucking her cunt and arse, were slow and meaningful with long slow strokes they had developed a rhythm all the time talking to Amber, telling her how good she is, how sexy, how dirty and exciting. The older man how withdrawn his flaccid dick from her mouth, Amber looks at her husband poking her tongue out slowly licking her lips her eyes glinting. Don passes his camera to the young guy, he releases his rock hard cock walking towards Amber, she takes him eagerly, Dons head rocks back his eyes close he speaks for the first time since the shower “are you OK with this my slutty wife” she takes his dick from his mouth “yes; yes I don’t want it to stop ever” Don realised how lucky they both were, here was his wife sucking his cock while she’s being fucked by two other men, he shot his load strand after strand filling her ever open mouth and throat. This caused a chain reaction cum was once again filling her arse, and then the massive cock up her twat was squirting gallons of spunk up her cunt triggering Amber to yet another massive orgasm.

Everyone was collapsed all around the room, a room that stank of sex and sweat, Amber made an announcement that she was desperate and started moving towards the door. The older man grabbed her by the arm, “pee for me you filthy slag love to see your golden shower” he looked at Ray and Don and got a nod from both. He pulled Amber towards the kitchen “in here easier to clean up after” Ambers face was a gasp “please no I can’t not...” Ray stroked her neck “go on just this once for all of us Don wants you to” Amber relaxed a little moving hesitantly towards the kitchen. Everyone followed anticipating a grand finale to the evening.
Ray decided to take control yet again, knowing if the next half hour was successful, everything else he had planned for Amber would be easier.

“Stand near the sink we all want a good view, then you’ll be a little piss slut for us” Amber for the first time that night feels shame; but she knows she will do it things have gone to far. Ray parts her legs so she’s on full view, at first she has trouble until Ray slips two fingers into her cunt finding her cervix has he rubs gently a small stream starts to show, and has he withdraws his fingers Amber releases a full stream of her yellow acrid pee, it runs down both her thighs over her strappy shoes and begins to pool at her feet. Ray takes his piss covered fingers and feeds them into Ambers throat
“suck yes good more that’s it get used to the taste you filthy bitch we've got much more for you”
Amber didn’t really realise what Ray meant, but her mind started to race has he pushed her to her knee’s into the pool of her own warm piss. All the men including her own husband started to surround her “open wide piss whore get ready to be cleaned with hot pee” Amber knelt in shock, shock which slowly turned to pleasure, shameful pleasure as one by one the men started to pee on her. A constant stream of the acrid liquid poured over her, face mouth neck warm fluid pouring down her body. They pulled her onto her back exposing her twat so they could pee on her mound, Amber was soaking her eyes stinging mouth overflowing with the men’s stinking piss. Amber at the end could not believe what she was doing, her mouth moved following the flow to get every last drop of there amber liquid, one man dried his cock using her hair. Amber lay there has one by one each man finished and started to relieve there clothes, dressing and leaving the house.

Soon Don Ray and Amber were alone, Amber was in the shower both men washing her down lovingly. She felt totally exhausted has they took her to her bed. “how do you feel Amber” Ray asked “filthy; but wonderful so wonderful” the two men left her, both with there own thought both very happy with the nights proceedings…..More if you are enjoying

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