Decided to try my luck

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I've read stories on this website and others and being a failure at the dating game, decided to test my chances. Not sure if luck would follow me, I (33) started looking for woman who were down and out and living rough. First problem there were none, our community isn't big enough. Only a small city and authorities keep the street clear of the down and outs. So, I would look for women having a hard time financially, there were some not many and none suited me. Finally realizing I was being too selective, modified my search. Single no children kept and single with a child or 2 added, that added one woman to my failed search list. Luckily for me she topped all the others in looks and was younger as well. At 28 she had a three old girl and the girl's father had departed leaving them struggling financially and no other family members willing to assist. Seen as a fallen woman by her born again Christian parents, departed girl's father family wanted nothing to do with them either. I'm not a handsome guy and slightly overweight by 10 or 12 pounds, but I've good career/job and seen as reliable. As the mother worked at a diner and I found out as much as I could first. But at a loss how to proceed, but I got a promotion you could call it. No pay rise just added responsibility but was allowed to get an assistant. I realized it was my best chance to get to know the mother, as I knew she was qualified to be my assistant. Only childcare concerns stopped her getting a similar job before. Being easy going is also part of my personality, she would be able manage both childcare and work I reasoned. Also, I owned 2 apartments in the same building and could let her have my other at low rent. I knew when she finished her first shift of the day and met her. She knew a little about me and it was enough for her to listen to my job offer. I knew I had her interest when she agreed to check out the apartment on offer. Better pay and a better place to live sealed the deal, I wasn't going to rush it. I would slowly worm my way into their lives, winning over the daughter helped. Finally, after several months I succeed in bedding the mother/assistant. Then we started a relationship that led to our marriage. Help along by a proper promotion and her getting pregnant by our choice. Thus, selling the 2 apartments and buying a house and her continuing to be my assistant. Our son is due in late April and my plan has worked out almost perfectly, some minor hiccups along the way.

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