Helping my Neighbor

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I'm 38 divorced (late 2020) 3 children who live with their mother and I rarely see them. Not that it worries me that much, they are spoiled rotten by her and so they prefer her to me. She had the money in the marriage, and we separated with what we had personally and no alimony or child support. I bought a rundown house and am doing it up, I've a good job/career and don't want to marry again. I moved into my house in early 2021 and kept to myself mostly. Not that there were many people living nearby, an industrial area mostly. But I did have neighbors next door, an older couple no children and the husband caught the virus and passed away late 2021. A heavy smoker all his life and I think that what caused his death. Still not much contact between me and my now widowed neighbor 57, but we did talk from time to time, and it slowly increased. In 2023 we were talking regularly and on good terms, I noticed she was upset and found out she had financial problems. Her late husband's life insurance company was holding up the payment on his death. Mainly because they could no other reason than that. She had to pay the hospital bill and that left her short of funds, she had paid it thinking the insurance company was about to pay her husband's life insurance claim. But they didn't, delaying again and so I offered her a loan. She accepted and as interest on the loan gave me massages, nothing sexual at first. I wasn't in any hurry to get repaid and so 3 months later she finally got her husband's claim paid. But in those 3 months I had started feeling her up during the massages and we had become lovers. A mutual benefit type arrangement, which is still going strong today. Either of us can date other people if we want too, like I said before I'm not interested in marrying again. Regular sex with my neighbor means no need for dating, but I do sometime have a date. But it's rare for me and she doesn't date either, so we keep each other satisfied.

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