My Senior High School Year

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When I was a senior in high school, I lost my virginity to my younger brother. But let me start at the beginning.
It was the summer of 2014. Both of my parents are of Mexican decent as were both sets of my grandparents. My father died of cancer ten year prior. The family consisted of my mother and my younger brother Tomas. Tomas was in his first year of high school. He became very popular his first year of school. Most of my girlfriends were hot for him as well as most of the other girls in school. It was no wonder because Tomas was six feet tall. Lean hard body. Very good looking. And an “A” student. And I was sure that he was sexually active. In the Latino culture the male has more lea way than the woman. Sons can go out and play around but the women had to remain pure till their marriage night. I didn’t bother dating because my mother kept a very close eye on me. She warned both me and Tomas that she didn’t want any half breed grand babies running around her house. We couldn’t date Whites nor Blacks. So, I focus on my studies and looking to start my freshman year at San Diego State University three months away. I would have more freedom to spread my wings once I was not under my mother’s protective eyes.
It was the summer of 2014 when mom was visiting our aunt Elena in East Los Angeles. Tomas had approached me and said he wanted to talk to me about something very important, but I first had to promise him that what was said couldn’t be talked about to anyone especially our mother.
“Please don’t tell me Tomas that you got some girl pregnant? I know that you are having sex, but I also know that you are smart enough not to get some girl pregnant.”

Again, Tomas asks if I would keep our conversation between the two of us. And he told me that NO he hasn’t gotten some girl pregnant. I promised him that our conversation would be our secret. Tomas went on to say that there was this girl at school whom he thought was the hottest girl in school and that he wanted to be with her. Not just as boyfriend and girlfriend but as a couple devoted to each other. But he was afraid to express his feelings to the girl because society would never allow it. I thought he was interested in some Black girl in school. My best friend Beverly Bryan is Black, and she thinks Tomas is so fine and told me that she would have no problem sleeping with him.
I told him why not just approach her and tell her how he felt. Then he hit me with the news.
“That girl in school in you Jo Jo. I can’t help from thinking of you. I know that you must be curious about sex and if I was a betting man, I would bet that you are still a virgin. If we were lover’s mom would never suspect that while living under the same roof. And if we were lovers, we could never afford to whisper a word about our relationship to anyone. You have known me our entire lives and you know that I always had your back and would never let anyone hurt you. Jo Jo, all I’m asking that you just give it some thought. If the answer is NO, I promise you I will leave it there and nothing will ever change the way I feel about you. I just felt that I had to express my feelings that I have for you as a man and not as a brother. Please forgive me if I stepped out of bounds. Jo Jo,” Tomas confessing his true feelings towards me.
Tomas’ login was impeccable. I was still a virgin, and I was also curious about sex, but I would never trust a boy at school to be the first one to take my virginity. I know how boys are and the thought of some loudmouth boy blabbing to all his friends that he took my virginity was too much to even thing about. About two weeks after we had our talk, I acquiesce to the request.
Tomas suggested that we go out on a pretend date. He suggested a drive-in movie. Pretending to be just two teenagers out on a date. We ask our mother if it would be alright to ask one of my good friend Jenny if she wanted to go to the drive-in the upcoming weekend. Mom said sure. Unknown to mom it would be just me and Tomas. Tomas chooses a drive-in away from our community to be sure that no one might recognize us. Once we got to the drive-in Tomas found an out of the main crowd parking space. He set up the speakers and ask if I wanted a soda or popcorn. I was too nervous to think about eating anything and told him no thanks. When the movie started Tomas ask me to slide closer to him. Tomas then said to me:
“Jo Jo, we are just two teenagers out on a date at the movies. Look at me, if at any time you feel uncomfortable with anything tell me to stop and I swear to you that I will stop….OK?”
Nodding my head up and down Tomas brought his mouth to mine and kissed me ever so sweetly. And within a minute or two he slid his tongue in my mouth and our tongues danced that dance that lovers’ tongues dance to at a moment like this. Tomas sucked on my tongue ever so gently. I was soon moaning into my brother’s sweet, wet, warm mouth. Breaking the kiss Tomas said:
“Your mouth taste so sweetly Jo Jo. I want to be the only man to know what it is like to taste your mouth. I will not share you with anyone. I’m going to make you a woman. My woman Jo Jo. And I promise you that I will never cheat on you. I will be devoted to you. I will love you with all my heart and I will be the man who will gives you lot and lot and lots of beautiful babies.”
Putting my hand behind his head I brought his mouth back to mine and we continued to suck on each other’s tongues moaning like two lovers in heat. Tomas talked about how he wanted to be the man to give me babies. His babies. Most men run when a woman talks about wanting to have the man’s baby. But here was Tomas professing to want to father children with me. His sister. I was in heat. My pussy was getting sopping wet. I was certain that I gave off a sexual scent and that Tomas could smell my pussy juices. I was so turned on if Tomas had asked that we go to a motel I would have said yes. But he was patient and gentle. Not rushing anything. We kissed and sucked on each other’s tongue for most of the evening and into the night.
On the drive home I would reach over and kiss him on the cheek. At a stop he would turn his head to face me and would kiss like two lovers in heat. Tomas knew that he had me and that I wanted to go to the next level. It was three weeks away.
The following week we made a trip to Plan Parenthood. I began taking birth control pills. We both knew that to be successful in this world you had to finish high school. You couldn’t get married in high school. And you couldn’t have a baby in high school. And an upper-level degrees would almost guarantee a prosperous future. We talked about our future and Tomas said that without me he had no future. That sealed the deal. I knew that we would somehow live together as husband and wife. Tomas had a good friend named Jason whose family owned a cabin in a mountain community called Big Bear Lake. Jason talked with his parents and told them that Tomas and his family ask about renting the cabin form Friday to Sunday afternoon. They said OK and we made a date to drive up to the mountains and for me to be made a woman.
Our plan was to ask mom if we could go up to Big Bear Lake. Jenny and Christina were going to tag along. And the only boy would be Tomas. We never gave mom a problem and she said of course. Go have fun you guys.
We left Los Angeles at 2:00pm on a Friday and it took us three hours to drive up the mountain. We found the cabin and it was a quaint little cabin netted away from the other cabins. The caretaker had turned on the heater for us and the cabin was nice and toasty. We unpacked and went to dinner. It felt so surreal. We were up in Big Bear Lake by ourseleves and in a few hours I would give myself to my younger brother Tomas. During dinner Tomas said:
“Jo Jo, I feed deep inside my soul that God let us to this point. We couldn’t be here without His direction. He is allowing us to be together tonight as man and wife. I see tonight as our wedding night. No, we didn’t get married, but I still feel that tonight will be the most special night of my life and I want it to be the most special night of your life as well.
We can never go back to just being brother and sister Jo Jo. I will always love you as a brother loves his sister. But for tonight and the rest of my life I will love you the way a man loves his woman.”
Tomas paid the bill and we drove back to the cabin. Tomas open the door and I said: “Mr. Hernades, isn’t it customary for the newlywed husband to carry his bride across the threshold?” Picking me up Tomas carried me into the cabin.
Tomas stood me up and said for me to go upstairs and get ready while he started a fire and he would get ready downstairs.
Upstairs I took a shower. I got a pair of scissors and trimmed my pussy hairs. I read somewhere that a man wanted to see his lover’s puffy pussy lips once she was aroused. I purchased a cute, little sexy babydoll. It was white. White for purity. I looked at myself and thought that I looked sexy. I knew that Tomas would also feel the same way as I did. I walked downstairs.
Tomas was standing by the fireplace wearing a short robe. He looked so hot and yummy. God, in a few minutes my brother was going to take my virginity. My cherry. Tomas walked up to me and whispered:
“God Jo Jo. You looked so delicious. You don’t know how many times in my mind I imagine what you might look like in this moment. You are the most beautiful woman I ever seen,”
Bringing his mouth to my right nipple he gently licked, kissed, and sucked on it. Switching from right to left breast. He had me totally hot and sopping wet.
I wanted to see him in his manhood.
“I want to see you Tomas,” I whispered softly.
Tomas told me to untie his robe and remove it from him. I untied his robe and slid his robe off his shoulders and down to the floor. I was in awe as I stood there looking at my beautiful naked brother. He was gorgeous. He looked like a Greek God. But when my eyes saw what hung between those strong long legs. I was startled at the size of my brother big cock. He could tell that I was concern about what I was looking at and he try to put my fears to sleep.
“Jo Jo, I know that I’m big. And I promise that I will be gentle with you. Your pussy will adjust to accommodate my cock. As long as I’m gentle and careful. If at any time I hurt you tell me and I swear to you that I will stop,” Tomas whispered to me.
I just nodded my head up and down. I knew that he would never hurt me, and I trusted him to keep his word if I told him to stop.
Dropping to his knees Tomas slid my panties off and brought his mouth to my pussy and began licking me. Lifting my right legs upward to give him better access to my sopping wet pussy.
“Fuck Jo Jo. You’re so wet baby. Your pussy is flowing like a river. And your pussy smells so delicious baby,” Tomas moaned softly as he licked my pussy so expertly.
After licking my pussy for about 10 minutes Tomas stood up and picked me up and carried me to the bed. Placing me down on the bed on my back Tomas then removed the top of the teddy. Bringing him mouth to my mine he slid his tongues into my warm wet mouth. Soon I was moaning into my brother’s mouth as he sucked on my tongue. I knew that no matter what Tomas was going to take my virginity and I would gladly give it to him. There was no turning back.
On his knees and facing me Tomas brought his mouth to my erect nipple and began licking it, sucking on it, and kissing it. He then worked his way down towards his special treasure. My virgin pussy. I don’t know why but as his mouth found its way to my sopping wet pussy I told him:
“I want to suck your cock Tomas as you eat my pussy out,” I moaned softly to my handsome lover.
Throwing his right leg over my head he positions his big fat cock near my hungry mouth. Wrapping both of my hands around his massive cock I opened my mouth and gently began to suck on his huge cock. The infamous “69”. I would love to have had a camera set up to tape us making love in the “69” position. Tomas eating my pussy out while I sucked on his mammoth cock. I licked his nut sac and sucked on one of his huge balls. Switching back and forth from one to the other. Filling his nut sac with his golden honey. His baby juices. His baby batters.
After just a few minutes of him expertly licking and sucking on my pussy I had my first sexual orgasm with a man while he ate my pussy. I gushed and gushed my pussy nectar into my lover’s hungry mouth. Tomas never missed a beat. He continues to eat my pussy while drinking every drop of my hot cream. Positioning himself between my thighs Tomas brought the head of his big, fat purple cockhead to my sopping wet pussy lips. Every so gently and carefully he slowly slid the head inside of my hot wet pussy.
“Aggggghhhhhhhhhhh Tommmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssss! I moaned softly as Tomas looked straight into my eyes and claim my pussy as his.
“This is my pussy now Jo Jo. It belongs to me, and I will never share you baby with any man. I will cherish you and honor you. I will respect you and protect you. I will never cheat on you. You are my future Jo Jo. You will the mother of our children. Our beautiful children Jo Jo. I promise to be a great father and a better husband to you. The woman who will be my wife and the mother of my children,” Tomas moaned softly as he continued to feed my hungry pussy with his huge fat cock.
I remember hearing my aunt Beatrice, aunt B, telling my mother that Tomas was the handsomest of all of the nephews and of all of her nieces I was the prettiest. Mom, thanked her for her sweet words. As Tomas continue to drill my pussy I thought that yes our babies would be beautiful babies.
I bit down on his shoulders and dug my nails into his hard ass as he drove deeper and deeper into me. He was gentle and he took his time allowing my pussy to stretch to accommodate his mammoth cock. Pulling almost all the way out of me….with a might forward thrust Tomas buried his cock deep in my pussy taking my hymen. My cherry. I felt a warm wetness flowing out of my pussy and down onto a towel that Tomas has placed beneath my ass. He knew that some women bleed a little and some women bleed a lot. So, he took precaution to protect the bedding.
Letting my pussy expand to his thickness Tomas gently slid back out of me and then completely back in me. Repeating the movement as my pussy nectar seeped out of me and onto the towel. Tomas was not rushing anything making sure he didn’t hurt me. Then gradually he began to pick up speed attacking my pussy with more force and vigor. He slid in and out me for about 10 minutes when I had my second orgasm.
“Aggghhhhhhh Tooommmaassssss! I’m cummmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnngg! I’m cummmmiiiioiinnnnnggggggg on my brother’s beautiful big cock. Cum in me Tomas. I want to feel your baby batter filling me with your baby seed. The woman in me wants your baby Tomas. I wish I wasn’t on birth control so you could fuck your baby in me my darling,” I moaned out loudly.
Something went off in Tomas after hearing me tell him that I wanted to have him pregnant me. He shot jet after jet after jet his baby juice deep in me. Filling my womb with his sweet nectar. He stayed buried deep in me until he got soft and gently slid out of me. He began sliding downward towards my sopping wet pussy. My pussy was filled with our fuck juices. Blood that I lost when he busted my cherry. His baby batters. When his mouth reached my sopping wet pussy, he began licking and slurping up my pussy nectar that was mixed with his cum and lost blood from him taking my virginity. Looking down at him I thought how erotic it was for a man to lick and drink his lover’s fuck juices. The love juices that were mixed with his cum and my nectar and some blood. While licking up our fuck juices his tongue would wonder down an inch or two to my butt hole and lick me there. He would fuck tongue my butt hole too. I knew that I would do whatever was necessary to keep this man as my man.
Latter as we cuddled, and he held me warmly and tightly I whispered to him:
“You make me feel so very special Tomas. You can be here with any girl from school, but you choose me to be that girl and I love you so much for picking me to be that girl.”
Looking straight into my eyes Tomas Whispered softly:
“Most guys in school would cut off their right nut off to be where I am right now. You gave me your virginity Jo Jo. Next to giving a man your baby a woman’s virginity is very sacred as far as I am concern. And you choose me my beautiful sister to be your first. I will always remember this night. The night that my darling sister gave me her special treasure. Her virginity.”
It has been 20 years since that night. At 36 years of age Tomas is the proud father of 4 beautiful children. I’m 38 years old and I want at least 3 more children. I love having my belly filled with my brother’s babies.

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