Lucky Me

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I'm nothing special in looks or build and not rich, I was raised to respect others. I had done moderately well with women and on leaving university I started my career. As per my life nothing spectacular, but good enough to give me a comfortable lifestyle. One day on a weekend I helped a woman with a flat tire, she was well dressed and so I changed the tire for her. She (48) thanked me and offered me money, but I (29) refused, A few weeks later I met her again, she was visiting where I worked. She gave me her card and asked me to call her on the weekend. So, I did, and we met up for a coffee and I found out her family company were buying my employers business. She was to run the business after the sale and needed an assistant and as I had helped her, she thought I would be perfect for the job. Never married and okay looking for her age, she also wanted extra services from her assistant. I was interested and accepted the job; I moved in with her and could date other women if I wanted. It was purely mutual benefit sexual relationship, after 3 years she decided I should marry. She also had a woman in mind, her late sister's only child (26). I had met her regularly and liked her, she was the quiet type rarely spoke unless spoken too. Her aunt wanted her to marry and start a family and not end up a spinster like her. Knowing I would care for her niece, also would enable us to continue our mutual benefit sexual relationship. A win/win for all of us she said, I was quite willing, and the niece just did as her aunt asked her too. Now 5 years later we all live together and I'm still my aunt-in-law assistant, my wife is a stay-at-home mother of 2. My sex life is great, a willing wife and her aunt, all a man could want.

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