Fucked to shit, a dog’s tail

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I trotted outside with my brother. We were just two young dogs. I cried out as a man jumped on me, his large boner sticking into my back.
I looked to my brother and he had a large, gay looking man on him, pinning him down too. He called out to me, telling me about how big the man’s cock felt. The guy on me felt my beneath and called out
‘Mate, these dogs are perfect. One male, one female,’
I was worried he was going to breed us together, although my brother’s long, wet dick in my slimy pussy wouldn’t be so bad, until the man continued
‘Perfect to fuck, we can’t use Drako and Lilso anymore. They are too old. These pups will be perfect replacements. We can make them watch us kill Drako and Lilso too, so they know what happens when they stop fucking us properly.’
I was scared, until I thought of a dick in me again. It had been so long since that other dog had pinned me and bit my neck, while fucking me so hard I cried out! He picked me up and threw me into a truck, my brother beside me.
A while later, we stopped, they opened the door and picked us up, carrying us to a large building. When we got inside, I noticed about fifteen other dogs, all in cages, pinned down or chained in a cage with one of their holes against a hole in the cage. Some of the male ones even had holes below that. Not sure what for. The man holding me clipped a chain around my neck and threw me down. The other man did the same with my brother. They each chained a dog, one was a very old male, the other a very old female. They dragged them towards two tables, each with binds on them. The man with the female put her on the table while the man with the male did the same. The man holding me said
‘We should get some use out of them, show the new pups what we do. Just before they die. They should die like they lived, as our sluts.’
The other guy said ‘yeah, wanna try Drako? He’s really fuckin’ big when he gets bound, I think it’s his kink!’ The gay guy laughed loudly.
‘Sure’ said the guy holding me. They tied me and my brother to a post, put our chests on steel plates, shoved our asses onto huge dildos , this made my brother squeal but I liked it, and put our wrists in small cuffs. They left us cuffed, watching, and went over to the old dogs, they cuffed their paws, tails and necks. Before I knew it, they began pleasuring themselves with the old dogs. The gay guy began sucking and pulling on the male’s dick, while the other guy shoved his dick in the female’s pussy while fingering her loose asshole. I thought she must have been through it a few times, she had a loose pussy, loose ass and wasn’t crying out. I thought to myself,
‘I will never be horny again.. this will be the life!’ I watched as they played with the dogs. The gay guy began fucking the male dogs ass and soon I could hear them tire out, and then stop breathing entirely. They had been literally fucked to death. They pulled out the bodies and pulled us down. They threw the dead dogs into a machine and walked away, with us in their arms. They put my brother in a cage with 2 holes. And they put me on a table next to him, tightened the ropes around my legs, my snout and my neck. He stood up, I was in a position where I could see my brother but not the guy standing over me. I watched as the gay guy fucked my brother in the ass, I listened to my brothers whines as my body began to shiver as the guy fingered me. One finger quickly turned into three, into a whole fist. Which left me panting. Then to add onto that, he shoved one fist into my ass, one into my pussy and put his dick in my pussy too. It felt amazing. I realised what the hole below my brother’s ass was for, it was so who ever was fucking the life out of him could jerk him off too. My brother was pulled out of the cage, still panting and whining. The guy knelt down and tapped his ass. My brother bit his dick, to show off his dominance, and then mounted. I watched as he humped so hard the guy panted and moaned. I watched as my brother let out a spew of his hot cum, his knot stuck in the guy’s ass. The guy began grinding, causing my brother to cum again. I was so into this scene, it was a shock when the guy took his fists out of me, I began to beg for more. The guy fisting me said ‘damn, she wants more! Shes a horny one!’
When they both stood up, the gay guy carrying my brother. They unchained me, changed my position so I had my ass up and mouth down. They left my neck tied, re tied my legs but left my snout. I gasped as my brother entered my pussy, one guy entered my ass while the other shoved his dick in my mouth. I was being gangbanged. And I loved it.

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