Met at a Bar

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I went to get dinner after my business conference . After dinner I went into the bar for a drink and to relax. Hoping to maybe find a lady to talk to and maybe hook up. After talking to the female bar tender for a while another fellow sat down next to me. We talked and then watched as she climbed a step stool showing her nylons and garterbelt and black lace panties. He commented that it is far to seldom that they dress like that as it makes him horny. I agreed with that . He said he was hoping to find a local lady in the bar to hook up with. That he really needed to blow a load. Then he asked me if I had ever been with a man . I told him no ,but I might be interested if he wanted to come to my room . He excused himself and went to the rest room. When he got back he said he was ready to call it a night. Would I like to join him. We paid our bill and went to the elevader . When the door closed He kissed me and put his hand on my cock. I was suprised But enjoyed it. He said Too bad you don't have any lacy under ware. I told him ,in fact I do just not black, I am wearing Pink lacy panties under my pants. He smiled and said You are my kind of gurl. WE got to my room and went in and he said let me see. I undid my pants and let them drop. Do you have anything else? My answer was yes I normally sleep in my garterbelt and stockings and baby doll nighty . But I could even put on my bra and fake tits if you would like. He said ok Ill just get undressed and wait for you.
I took my Bag of gurlly things into the bathroon and when I came out , I had my Wig and makeup on. I came out and tuerled for him and his cock was already getting bigger.
He told me to come here and Suck on his cock. I smiled and looked at his nice firm 6"meat . He did not have to ask twice. As I was ready to lick the head and suck him in .
After I had played with him a few minutes . He asked if I wanted to suck him off or do you want to become a woman. This time I would like to taste your cum. So within two minutes he filled my mouth with his seed. I got the whole load and really enjoyed it .
We held each other and kissed then fell asleep. Some time in the night he woke me up sucking my dick. Then asked if he could take my ass, I said yes ,and it was an hour of hot fucking . Some thing new for me as this was my first time having my pussy used. I had put toys in so I knew that it would be fun. I really liked being the gurl after years of just dressing and dreaming about something like this. In the morning we showered together and I sucked him off again. We made arrangements for meeting that night but that is another story.

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