Cat, Babies and I

Written by , on 2024-03-20, genre zoophilia

So I am a 35 inbreed discord mode, I am living off of government funds because, why not? Yeah I know it is lame as all hell but I love the life right now. So last week I stumbled across bestiality porn, the Lara croft and horse one to be exact. I got turned on but how the horse owned the bitch and I decided to get my own animal to raw down, when I noticed on the side of the road a limping cat. she was really pretty and I knew what had to be done. I took her home cleaned her up and took care of her will I had not intent of being nice to her. So I waited till that night, I went into her room, seeing that she was wet down there and was in heat. I get on the side of the bed and see that she was brushing up against my leg and watched her rub her ass against my leg.

I removed my clothes, rubbing one out. I picked her up, quickly her up and rubbing her pussy rapidly. Knowing that her pussy is the only pussy that I will come across for a while. So I insert my cock into her pussy and hissed, but it was more like a purr once she noticed my cock wasn't hurting her like her own species. I kept pounding her and going till I came. This went on for 45 minutes before I took it upon her asshole and pounded it. She didn't protest. She was moaning and pushing my cock deeper as she wanting it in her.

After a few weeks of this I posted her on my discord, and people where putting money down to rape her as well. When I found out she was pregnant, I sold them and continued doing so.

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