Me. my horse, elephant, and dog

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So, I am a 19 year old male, who is a still a virgin. Never had with an animal either, but always wanted to. My father gave me a farm as a gift for getting into a ivy league school. I was gifted a horse, a female dog, and elephant. I noticed that each animal had the hots for me, like they knew I had never slept with a walking Being before. They always seemed hornier than normal. My female dog always threw her ass at me and I will admit I would always touch her, but nothing else. She was always wet when I touched her.

So I went out that morning butt ass naked, my cock 10 inch was cock swinging in-between my legs. I went over and leaned over a small stack of hay trying to tie it up, but I felt a presence behind me. Before I knew it, my elephant picked me up by my waist and placed me vertically on a large stack of hay. He started stroking my cock. His trunk felt like leather, and really rough, but it didn't take me long to come from how rough he was with me.

He then turned me over on my back, mounting me, and started pumping me with his 60 inch wide and 55 inch long cock into me without giving me time to be prepared. I yelped in pain not sure how I was able to take it all. He started going faster and faster. I watched my cock swing in circles, as I managed to prop myself onto my knee. I was starting to cum and pee as he kept going. Now I know what to feel like to be a used cum dumpster. He pumped me over and over again with semen with ever thrust, causing my stomach to expand a lot. He pulls out, causing a water fall of cum to pour out of my ass.

I laid there watching it emptied from me. Once I was helped down, I went to a hay bed and laid on my stomach to rest, but my horse say me gaping. He dropped him 24 inch cock with the girth of 14 inches. He starts pounding me quickly and steadily. I moaned and groaned as I kept coming from it. My horse laid on its side as I insert it back into me and he kept ponding me.

He was slow but with good pace. He climbed on top of me, balls deep propping me to where my ass was in the air, face down, ass spread wide open. He was started going really fast for a good thirty minutes and came pumping me with every thrust also, leaving me with a impregnant belly of cum. He pulled out leaving cum spilling out of me. I was filled and impregnated with semen. As I laid on my back cock still rock hard, my dog starts licking my cock as my horse lays next to me.

I took notice and knew it was time to dick her good with energy I had left. I got her on her back, she was already wet for me. I slide my cock into her tight pussy. She started lactating as I was raw dogging her. Before I knew it, the horse slammed his cock back into as I fuck my dog senseless. My elephant came in and joined in the orgy. He started fucking the horse in his tight ass. The horse pulls out and started fucking the elephant and the elephant got turned on, but he seemed to rage as he pounds me filling me up as the horse fills him. I filled up the dog as well. We all turned to the horse and pumped it with cum.

We all turned out to be pregnant a few months down the road. But this didn't stop us for fucking each other till our babies came.

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