A Dum Dum Plot For A Dum Dum Were-Aykroyd.


A Dum Dum Plot For A Dum Dum Were-Aykroyd


Previously…our hero Nathan got turned into a female dum dum were-aykroyd known as the queen of the dum dums and instilled a new reign, a reign of were-aykroydism and dum dums, and as such all those under or into the fat acceptance movement who found overweight men or women to be admirable or aspirational were corrupted by him/her into becoming dum dums to serve him/her.

The morning after this event and this transformation though, Nathan woke up in his room feeling very confused. He didn't know what had happened the night before or what happened at all, he got on some spare clothes and headed downstairs for breakfast, he saw his ‘master’ smiling at him and calling him ‘dear’ in an affectionate way.

He didn’t know why his master was calling him that but he was oddly curious, he wasn’t bothered though as he had his breakfast and carried on before heading off to work. Little did he know that his master had a ‘plan’ he had orchestrated with the dum dum queen i.e his female were-aykroyd alter-ego and they were conspiring against him

In the afternoon he returned home from work and he decided to have an early meal for dinner before going to watch television and do some research, it was then that the ‘master’ unveiled his plan. That evening he told Nathan to follow him, which he did…Nathan didn’t know where the master was taking him, but he knew this was going to be part of a horrible plan.

The master took Nathan to a concert arena, much like the one from his nightmares, there were seats for him on and a throne, a throne obviously met for ‘her’. He stepped over to the stage where people were watching him and he began to make a speech, food materialized on the catering table next to him causing his stomach to make a series of grumbling noises.

He rubbed his stomach as he began to feast on the food that was on the table and he could hear ‘her’ voice speaking to him in his mind. ‘Hehe, that's a good dum. Dum dum loves to eat and grow.’ ‘Oh no, not her.’ ‘Yes, it’s me…your dum dum were-aykroyd self. And i’m going to take over this body of yours as part of my plan.’

His stomach slowly began to grow and swell, pushing against his shirt as it developed quite a good amount of fat on it, the buttons slowly pushing off and popping off as hair slowly grew on his chest, his chest and torso swelled as a pair of large plus sized breasts developed on them and also hairs formed on the former and latter.

Panicking slightly he tried to stop but he couldn’t stop eating, all he wanted was to feed and grow as a slit of hair developed between his breasts, his arms thickened and broadened as they also grew hairs on then while his hands enlarged and his fingernails lengthened.

‘Hehehe, clothes ripping is so fun.’ ‘Oh no, no no..not her.’ He groaned as his stomach bloated and swelled, pushing against his shirt and causing his shirt to rip, exposing his fattening upperbody, without warning he started hedonistically rubbing his stomach over and over.

His shoes slowly began to creak and burst apart as his feet enlarged, within a couple of seconds later his shoes burst open to reveal his much larger feet as two of the toes on both shifted to stick together at the knuckle and became webbed, as his stomach pushed against his belt, his belt slowly unbuckling itself as he ate and ate.

The female were-aykroyd’s voice was still in his head as he continued to eat, feasting and indulging himself..the spirit of the were-aykroyd herself influencing his thoughts and his behavior, as his belly slowly inflated even more, swelling and pushing against it.

A couple of minutes later and his belt burst open due to his stomach bursting through it…’She put you up to this didn't she?’ ‘Well my dear, yes, she did.’ ‘She is going to pay for this.’ ‘Looks like your belt is going to pay for it, dear.’

Nathan felt furious at his ‘master’ for doing this to him and he was about to tell him off further when his privates altered and his jeans slowly tightened, straining and tearing as his hips flared out and his rear fattened up, his jeans slowly ripped apart and with a loud rip they tore apart completely, leaving him in his shorts.

His shoulders and back broadened while the former folded inward and fattened, he slowly grew in height to 6’1 as his neckline tingled, fat swelling and forming on it and on his chin as his hair lengthened, his forehead altered and his eyebrows thickened a little. His eyes widened as eyelashes blossomed around them and one of them turned green while the other remained brown.

He felt his nose as it broadened and developed a cleft in the middle as his lips plumped up, his features Aykroydian and also becoming feminine as his voice altered to match as well, ‘her’ thoughts and personality fusing with Nathan’s as he heard her voice speaking through him once more, speaking of corrupting him and warping him into a big dum dum were-aykroyd from the outside and from the inside.

Nathan panicked as he attempted to get away only to be stopped by his still fattening thighs and forced onto a chair by his master. ‘Oh no, oh no, get away! This isn’t fair.’ ‘Now dear, don’t struggle. Don’t resist, I love you and will do anything for you.’ ‘No, please. I am not her, I am not a dum dum were-aykroyd.I am a human!’ ‘There will be no human things for you, my dear. You will eat your favorite dum dum foods with me, you will wear dum dum clothes, and you will live your life as a fat dum dum just like I am.’

‘This isn’t what I signed up for.’ ‘Well my dear, technically you did sign up for this.’ ‘I originally thought I was going to become a were-aykroyd dad, because in most universes my were-aykroyd side is a male, yet in this universe…I keep becoming female, why?’ ‘That’s just the way it is dear, you may be male in your original world but in this universe, you agreed to give this life of being a dum dum female were-aykroyd a chance. A dum dum who will no doubt rule all over dum dums!’

“What do you mean by that?”

“These friends and loved ones of yours, they shall become like you.”

“No way, I am not going to let this happen.”

‘Oh but I am afraid it is happening already, you see, because of the agreement, you are going to become a female were-aykroyd dum dum and you will love it!’ ‘You diabolical fiend! When I get my hands on you and that female dum dum I will..’

Nathan was clearly pissed off as he attempted to get off the chair, but his master shove him back on and tried to feed him. ‘Now now dear, don’t fight this. You know I love you and I need you to be a good dum dum for me.’ ‘I will never be your dum dum.’ ‘Oh but you already are. And what a good dum dum you are!’ It was those words specifically that were pissing him off and he made a run for it, shoving his master onto the ground before heading back to his home to try and find a cure.

“Oh, my lovely dum dum queen. Where are you going? You belong here, this is your grand performance!”

“Sorry, but the show has been canceled.”

He hurried into the lab and into the library to find some spellbooks, luckily he was able to find some. ‘Oh do you really need those, my love?’ ‘Of course I do! I need to turn back into myself.’ ‘But this IS yourself, you are my lovely dum dum and were-aykroyd wife. Everyone knows this, you know this, you are a dum dum who loves to grow and feed and make more silly dum dums.’

Nathan attempted to get his master’s words out of his head only to hear ‘her’ interjecting again…’Yes master, I am a good dum dum! I am a good dum dum were-aykroyd wife who loves to grow and feed!’ ‘Of course you do, feeding is good for you and it keeps you in such a fat squishable shape.’ ‘I didn't say that, that was her.’ ‘Well of course you said it, my dear dum dum! She is becoming very much a part of you and soon you will be her and become mine forever!’ ‘Forever? No way.’

He shook his head in disbelief, he couldn’t believe this was happening, ‘What? No I can’t be her, I just can’t! I cannot be her. I cannot be a dum dum, I just can’t be!’, ‘Oh but it is, you are becoming her, you and her are becoming one.’ ‘I can’t be her, I can’t, it’s not fair. I will never get used to being her at this rate.’ ‘That is too bad, dear. But don’t you worry, I am sure you will get used to it.’ ‘I will not get used to it, at least in the sense that I won’t be able to do it. She’s out of control, she’s devious, she’s massive, she’s cruel, she’s evil, she’s horrible, how can you love her when she is capable of pulling off stuff like this? I mean she is practically using you for this scheme and she put you up to this to train and humiliate me!’ ‘I do admit that she did help orchestrate this plan of ours. She found out about the humiliating concert nightmare you had.’

‘The one where my very first previous master from the very first original universe I was from was abusive to me and he used a dark spell to transport me to a concert of a band I like only to brainwash me into letting him possess me and take over me?’ ‘Oh yes, that humiliating nightmare.’ ‘That one still traumatized me. He said he loved me only to very much abuse me afterwards and treat me like i’m some kind of horrific freak, he threatened to make me the worst kind of were-aykroyd ever, a bald, stupid, fat one.’

“I know he threatened to do that.”

“He threatened to make me ugly, you wouldn't do that to me, would you?”

“You are not ugly, my dear. You are quite lovely.”

“Lovely? But i'm a tubby dum dum!”

“Well, I think you're lovely.”

“You are not going to make me bald are you?”

“Of course not, you will keep your hair!”

Nathan was relieved but still mortified about his transformation as he tried to look for a spell to transform himself back to normal, he kept hearing ‘her’ thoughts and dum-dumisms get into his mind. ‘Hehehe, watching clothes rip when I bulk up and get so big and squishy is fun! I am such a good dum dum, I am a dum dum who loves her master! The master is good for me, dum dum loves the master.’

“Wait a minute, did I just call myself dum dum?”

“Why yes, you did, don’t worry it is natural. That is what you are.”

“But that is what you are. A dum dum who loves her master and husband.”

‘I..i…don’t….I, love my master and my husband, he loves me so much. I love being the boss of the dum dums and I love feeding. I love being a were-aykroyd!’ ‘That’s right. You don’t need that antidote now, do you? Of course not, it’s not like you have long to remain human anyway, at least not mentally.’ ‘But I am a human.’ ‘Oh sweet dum dum queen, you know that you are a dum dum were-aykroyd and you are the queen and my wife.’

He had to do do something, he tried to escape, he looked through the spellbooks until he found a spell to revert back to normal, he used it on himself and concentrated and as he did, he reverted back to his male human form, which angered his master. ‘What on earth did you just do?’ ‘I turned back to myself, why do you ask? Do you have a problem with that?’ ‘Well of course I have a problem with that. You defied me! You were supposed to become fat and stupid so you could be my dum dum queen! I was not supposed to lose!’ ‘Sorry but I guess you lost this wound. And so did she.’ ‘THAT doesn’t matter, you pathetic sad excuse for a dum dum, you are pathetic and weak for not accepting your fate!’

The dum dum queen started to speak from within Nathan…’Oh really now? Because you are the idiot who helped think of this plan to begin with! You were supposed to help me take over his skinny masculine human form and make him like me. How am I supposed to rule over your dums dums if you keep messing up?’ ‘Oh shut up, it’s not even my fault that this backfired. You should be more appreciative.’ ‘Look, I am just saying this. This was my plan and it was foolproof.’ ‘Foolproof, huh?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Well explain how he was able to get away and use magic to turn back into himself!’ ‘I told you, my plan was foolproof and was going so well, and then you nearly ruined it by messing it up! How was I supposed to know he had magic spells in his library which he could use to turn back to normal?’

‘He was supposed to become you, fat, stupid and a good dum dum, he could have ruled as you and all humanity would have fallen down before him. But he just had to turn himself back to normal.’ ‘Well, sorry master but that’s what you get, I told you, he’s smarter than us dum dums, he knows how to get out of situations like this.’ ‘All I ask is for him to become a dum dum like us…and to become one with you, is that so wrong?’ ‘No but the plan we orchestrated to do so turned out that way likely because of you, I cannot believe how incompetent you are!’

‘Me? Incompetent? You are just a big dum dum yourself too, you know.’ ‘Yes I know, but so are you. What kind of dum dum very much sets himself up for failure like that? None. I can tell you that. If you cannot prove you are capable I am just going to leave and find a new dum dum master to help me transform Nathan!’

‘You can’t leave me, you are MY dum dum! But if you don't want to stay here, fine…you can go somewhere else. But you will never find another master who can warp you as good as I can. You need me to make Nathan and you into one big dum dum entity, you are meant to be the queen of the dum dums and I am meant to be your husband.’ ‘This is MY home you are in, did you forget that? I did not invite the dum dum into my home to cause as much trouble as possible, you know.’ Nathan snapped out of it for a little before looking over at his master in the middle of a tantrum and responding, he then looked over at him and said in a somber tone…’I know you and her wanted to do this to me. And I am sorry, she got out of control and she is too dangerous to handle. I am only one man cursed to be a were-aykroyd and up until now i’ve never been a female one before, that body of hers is very strange to begin with her blubbery body and the way she moves.’

‘Are you afraid of her? Is that why you don’t want to become her fully?’ ‘Oh yes, I have a fear of her fully manipulating me into being a mindless dum dum or turning me into her. She is dangerous and unpredictable and I don’t know what to do.’ ‘I may have been suckered into using you for a scheme of hers but I am sorry, I would never force you to transform or humiliate you in that fashion and I will never do it again.’

Nathan lit up after the master apologized for what he and the female dum dum were-aykroyd did to him and he decided to keep him company so that night when he went upstairs, he invited his master to stay with him and kept him with him in his room. He cuddled him and cheered him up, and when it was time to go to bed, they both fell asleep and drifted off to sleep, his master having feeling much better.

And so the female were-aykroyd’s plan to take over Nathan and transform him had been foiled and the day and night were both saved thanks to him, as the night brought sweet dreams and prepared them for the next day ahead, bonding them forever.

However just because Nathan had turned back to normal, that didn’t mean the female dum dum were-aykroyd was gone, oh no…she was still there, she was just inside him but she was still talking to him in his mind and in his dreams, giving him sweet were-aykroyd dreams. And so, this installment of the Aykroyd-verse has come to a close but the next chapter is going to be something extra special.
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