Financial Trouble

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I (26) single high school dropout, working low paid jobs to get by. My family weren't well off either and I'd only one sibling, an older brother (28) who left home after dropping out of school and disappeared. I saw him only once 2 years after he left at our mother's funeral, he and our father were like gasoline and a lighted match. He never returned for our father's funeral 3 years later. Since then, I've struggled to survive and avoiding relationships, all I need is to get pregnant and be left to raise the child alone. Such is my assessment of the local males, anyway I had an accident and was put in hospital, and it costed me thousands. I sold my old car and anything I could to pay off the debt, worked every job I could get to pay the bill. Every time I had money, I paid it off the bill. Then one day I went to pay some money and was told it was all paid up, nothing still owing. But was given a contact number of who had paid my bill. I rang to find out who and why they had paid my bill. I was shocked to find it was my brother, he had been searching for me and lost track of me since our father's death. I'd kept moving regularly and never left a forwarding address. My brother had bit of luck and was hired as a sex toy to rich woman. She had no relatives and loved my brother's sex with her so much, that she made him her heir. She was out at social gathering and had a heart attack, it was fatal she was 64. My brother wasn't there as he wasn't of that social standing, he was shocked to find out he was the heir. Also, her family had history of heart problems and with no known relatives he was then rich. He decided to help me and started to look for me. Found out about my accident after I'd left hospital and I'd again changed addresses since leaving hospital. As I was paying off my bill, he paid it off and left the number for to call him, nothing telling them he was my brother just in case I didn't want to see him (re skipping father's funeral). But I didn't hold that against as they never got on very well. So, without telling me, he was rich we arrange to meet at his home, he paid for my travel. I at first thought he worked on the Estate and thought he might have his own accommodation on the Estate. He did he owned it; it had been over a year since had inherited everything. Quite shocked on being told of his good fortune, but happy for him at the same time. He asked me to live with him and I agreed. He had housekeeper and a maid who came at 7 and left at 6 Monday thru Saturday. He maintains the 8 acres himself; it was the job that got him selected as the sex toy. Anyway, after several days settling in and getting to know my home. We went to dinner and partied hard and became lovers and as I wasn't sexually active, and he had been the sex toy to a mature woman passed having children. Neither of us thought of taking precautions and being drunk didn't help either/ Once sober, on realizing I might get pregnant he suggested we just fuck again and make certain I got pregnant. So, we did and kept having regular sex without precautions. Several months later I got pregnant, once every medical test showed no problems. We married, not actually marrying we just bought wedding rings and said we were married. So, after 7 years and 4 healthy children that's our lifestyle. Perfect relationship for us.

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