My Life was Boring

Written by , on 2024-02-28, genre straight

At 32 I was at the top nothing left to achieve, married 2 children head of the family business. My wife is the perfect wife and a great mother, but I was bored. My wife was willing to try anything I asked her too, but that was too predictable. Nothing I could think of she wouldn't try at least once, of course I wouldn't ever hurt. I tried skydiving and scuba diving and risky things like motorcycle racing. But I was left bored, so I tried rally driving and it was also boring to me. I soon realized it wasn't the danger I wanted, but excitement. After the sudden death of my father 2 years earlier I felt trapped and that was behind my boredom. But just by accident I found the excitement I wanted, sex. I mean fucking in unusual places with every chance of getting caught, but I couldn't ask my wife as would agree to please me. I needed someone who wouldn't just agree and also too old to get pregnant. I didn't want to ruin my marriage; an affair wouldn't do that as I've had them before, and my wife was included. So, I decided to find a good-looking mature woman past having children to be my sex toy. Someone I had already working for the family company, slightly older than my first age range. But someone who I knew very well, my office manager and before me my father's office manager. Widow and 56 and lived alone, husband died months before my father. I knew she had financial issues, due medical and funeral costs. I also knew she was a little concerned over my office upgrades, I was bringing my office into 21st century. Nobody would be sacked, but she saw herself as outdated. Always dressed to impressed and knew everything, which made her very hard to replace. But I decided to try a promotion ploy, made her think I wanted a personal assistant and a very personal one at that. Fearing for her job I thought would get me what I wanted. But I needed her away from the office to make my move, so when a meeting was to be held in another state. I asked her to join me as my assistant for that trip. With my wife again pregnant with our third child, I would go alone with my acting assistant. Normally my wife always went with me with the children, except when pregnant. Once away with my office manager and staying in 2 connecting rooms, I asked her to massage my back. Nothing too hard and she did as request, which let me ask her how far she would go. She was little hesitant, but she let me fuck her (short version). With our first fuck out of the way I ramped up our lovemaking and she did as I required. After months of regular sex with her, I got lonely not bored, our lovemaking was missing something. My wife and I asked her about having a threesome with me and my personal assistant, being my wife she was agreeable as usual. Only one change after we started threesome, my P A now lives with us. My wife's only condition, what a great wife I have.

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