Loser finally wins

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I (41) won't tell of my sorry love life history, there's nothing to tell. So, I got a job overseas and left to make a great career. At first, I 34 at the time just did my work nothing else, not trying to date or anything else. But I was hearing how easy it was to get sex from my fellow workers. Dismissed it as the usual bullshit, but I was sent to progress a project that was behind schedule and was place in charge, due to my no-nonsense approach to my work. Being InCharge got me a house with 3 staff all women, a housekeeper/cook then 43 and her 2 daughters 25 and 22 were the maids. All nice to look at and done their work without having to be watched. The housekeeper widowed watched her daughters like a hawk and as I showed no interest in them or her. I was deemed to be a homosexual, but I had noticed all three and didn't try anything as I was at first with project and after back on schedule, my past failures stopped me from trying. My house had a swimming pool and my watching the maids working, caused me to get a hard-on and it showed. So, that dismissed the idea I was homosexual, also the project had just over a year left and I would be reassigned, and the 3 women would be unemployed most likely. The mother now aware I was interested in her daughters; thought I might marry one and thus the family would secure. But then there was the dowry, a custom well engrained in the local culture. Their low status meant a high dowry to compensate for their low status. I wouldn't have wanted a dowry if I had known, I would be happy just to get married. The younger daughter was chosen to be my bride by her family as the most desirable due to her younger age. I was approached and the offer made and in return for marrying the daughter the other two would be my servants for the rest of their lives. In return for me supporting them, it also meant the older sister could never marry. They had taken a great risk if I didn't take the offer, they could all lose their jobs. Once aware of their thinking, I was at first shocked and soon realized I was very interested as well. But I hesitated at first, because I felt sorry for the older sister. I made a remark that changed everything, I hadn't thought it would, but it did. I had said I would marry both if I could when accepting the offer. I was somewhat shock to hear I could under their customs, in fact I could marry them all I was told. I trying to be smart respond I will marry you all then. The dowry question was resolved by me first marrying the younger daughter and then her sister later on as I responsible for the dowry and would have to pay it to myself being the male head of the family. Likewise with the mother and sex became a regular activity for me from then on. Returning home, all surname the name and asked about their relationships to me I answered truthfully my wife her and their mother. No other questions asked no lies told. I wasn't asked anything about their relationship to me, so I never said anything about it. As my wife was the only one pregnant at the time, I didn't need to say anything more. Now seven years and 4 children 2 each to the sisters, their hasn't got pregnant, but not from the lack of trying. Having three wives works great for me and I think it's because they are all the same family.

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