My Island my Rules

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I've been called the black sheep and lazy so and so by my family and most people who knew me. But what they missed was I did what interested me and couldn't bothered with stuff that didn't. Due to a very large trust and inheritance, I don't need to work. At 27 I had completed everything I'd to do, to gain access to my inheritance and trust fund unrestricted. Which included my Island and family expected me to follow their boring lifestyles. I'd other plans and first moved to Island to live away from the extended family and their like-minded friends. I hired women to care for me on my Island women only. Or as I call them my harem, to get job on my Island you have to be fairly pretty and willing. I wanted 5 and it was easy getting 5 women, I went to a poor area and looked for the downtrodden. Women who were separate from pack, not involved in gangs or being traded as whores. I got family of such women 2 sisters and their daughters; the older sister had a daughter and the younger sister had twin daughters. The older sister was 38 and her daughter 22 younger sister 36 and her daughters 20. All wanted to have better lives at the time 2018. Now years later, they all have much better lives and I have 9 children. I could say I'm handsome and tall, but the truth is I'm short 5'3" chubby and balding with glasses. But I'm a caring father and lover, none of my women must sleep with if they don't want to but is always one or two willing. I don't any precautions myself and neither do my women. Hence the 9 children, we do travel as a tribe always altogether. They aren't chained or force to stay, it's just a great lifestyle no city crap and plenty fun with everybody else. A short trip away is enough to change anyone's mind thinking of leaving. I'm the master of the Island and my women do as I say if and when it suits them.

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