Jenny has training part 2

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My grunting moans fill the air as With the rubber bone gag I am louder and Penny relishes hearing my squeals,Arms above my head spreader bar between my ankles and just on my toes as I am lashed by Penny from the front and the rear.
My nipples are so hard they are almost bursting fluids run down my thighs mixed with sweat.
My brain is fuzzy with each whip creating a level of pleasurable Pain I had never ever been subjected to.
Penny is sweating her long hair sticking to her shoulders as the leather domme outfit that clings to her creates a hot image as well as body core.
She is loving my torture,,so am I.It is 9 pm and Marissa is drunk asleep just as Penny planned.
From the moment I watched Marissa stagger and Penny kept her glass full I was going to be in a place such as this.The pair of them had spitroasted me with long thick strapons after eating.I was pegged onto the lawn with croquet hoops and they took turns at either end and all three holes as I wimpered and moaned at the onslaught of my holes.
Small breaks with intermittent spanks and my cumming without permission resulting Several times which earns More canings.
Penny half collapses leaning against the wall,
She leaves me hung up as she rests coming back in she let’s me down but not for long..
She hoists me back up but this time by my spread out ankles I cry as I know what will happen as she wedges the two thick candles into my cube and asshole and lights them,,,
It is an hour later and I am crawling next to her my ass and cunt red and sore from the burning hot wax whimpering as she rugs the leash she is exhausted as she washes me down and allows me to sleep on a rug at the foot of her bed I am content as she miss Penny called me a good pet for the first time I wagged so much I nearly toppled and she rewarded me with cleaning her vagina until she exploded into my mouth.
As I knelt before her and pleasured her I looked in her eyes and saw again the look she gave as I orgasmd with no penetration during the whipping and I saw the level of Love she was giving me as she tied my leash to the bed end she left the ball gag out and I wagged softly and appreciatively.
The next Morning I awoke to Marissa gently stroking my hair,she led me Into the bathroom and ran a bath placing me in gently she washed and soaped me sponges and caresses me she spoke softly telling what a good pet I had been and how she knew that with a little more work I would be as good a pet as Talia.
I wagged happily and she smiled as she offered her vagina to me I gently and devotedly placed my mouth on her vagina circling tasting lapping and picking my tounge probing deeply as she moaned and held my hair tightly.
I looked up to see her mouth half open her eyes half rolled back as I nipped her clit she shuddered and shook gripping my hair ,,
“You delicious pet” Marissa moaned as she orgasmed into my mouth I kept licking sucking and adoring as she quivered to a second orgasm in minutes she pulled my mouth away,,
“Fuckkkkkk you cannot will it stop ever you insatiable slut “ she held me away as I kept my mouth open,,my eyes on hers she smiled gasping shaking her vagina before me glistened,,
She held my hair tight and led me through the house as Penny lay sleeping she took me into the shed and strung me up I was shaking I could not handle another whipping and she knelt before me,,
“Not a word you hear me” she said I nodded as she then lapped and licked my cu t,,eagerly like I would her tounge explored so deeply I came into her mouth several times before she told me to piss in her mouth I did so gasping and cummming as she drank me all.
She then gagged me and apologising as she grabbed the cane saying Penny could not see me strung up without marks.
I cried each stroke sobbing in pain and lust as Marissa gave me 12 very very red marks then she left me strung up to awaken Penny.
Another 12 strokes from Penny then on my hands and knees Tail in ears on for the drive home.
Two rest breaks.
As we came up my drive I could see Talia tethered to the post out the side her ass was criss crossed and Mia and Simone were sitting inside.
Once I was released the four left but Miss Mia have strict instructions as to Talia’s next punishment and I watched Penny and Marissa use a very large strapon in Talia’s ass as she whimpered and cried as I was tethered near her.
When they left Talia and I were released from Pet mode and we slunk off to bed in each others arms.💕💕💕

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