Filling in Time

Written by , on 2024-02-06, genre straight

At 54 I was widowed and living alone since my died 2 years earlier brain cancer. I'd semi-retired since my wife's death and only made short visits to my business. My children were running it, and I was a figurehead more than anything else. But as the founder I'd was in promotions and got involved less as much as possible. I still had a office and staff of 2, their job was to keep me informed more than anything else. Both secretaries a senior 57 and a junior 55 and also sisters (war widows) families grown and out on their own. The sisters lived together and also took it in turns as my escorts to social events I had to attend. But then I'd to go interstate for friend's funeral and also attend my lodge's dinner in that state, as they were to show respect to my late friend at the dinner, I thought I had to attend. As I would need a companion, I asked my secretaries who want to join me on the trip. Both were willing and so I decided to take both, both still good and as we had travelled together before and shared the same hotel room. Only one room was booked for the three of us. Anyway, the funeral went well and so did the dinner. The only problem being the weather and blizzards delaying our return flight, having closed the airport. Watching the sisters do their hair and other things to pass the time. I decided to have a long shower and decided to ask if either, wanted to wash my back. Not expecting takers, but both said Okay and I'm not a person to back down. Accepted their acceptance and fully expect both to back down. They didn't and the three of us showered together and things when on from there. We became lovers and have continued our sexual relationship since our return. Fucking either or both since and it isn't a relationship more a mutual benefit to us all. Sex is a good time filler.

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