Jenny has training part 1

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I waved my covered hand at Talia as she was taken inside by Mia I was left with Marissa and Penny,
I was nervous and also excited as Marissa and Penny both decided I needed more training to be a puppy for them.
Talia had passed with flying colours,I had not!
Marissa and Penny both knew why I had not passed and I wag my ass making my tail swish as they both smile back at me and we drive back to the weekend retreat I am still tail in ears on over sized ball-gag in puppy mode I have a full mitt on each hand and I wearing a knee protectors also,My leash clipped I am secure in the back as the girls giggle amd laugh giving me looks that make my cunt wet,
Penny has attached a clit good so no amount of floor rubbing will get me off and my hands are cuffed away from my mid section and a chain keeps me in a more on my hands and knees position so I am unable to rub myself at alll.
I drool around the ball-gag and my pussy drips constantly.
Both Marissa and Penny have learnt I can cum from canings and whippings.An hour into our drive and we pull off down a small road and Marissa finds a quiet spot we stopped at the way to and from the weekend retreat.
I am taken out and tied to a tree and left as Marissa and Penny go for a “walk” I am busting for a pee amd end up peeing.
When they arrive back they then decide since I cannot control myself or let them know I need toilet I am given six caning strokes by each of them.
Marissa makes me squirm and squeal as my cheeks are given six red marks and Penny makes me cry as she cracks my pussy twice I am then made to drink their wee.
Penny straddles my mouth.
She punches my nose and hold a it as she fills my mouth not allowing me to swallow until it is filled.
Any loss is a punishment and she gives me another six canes each one making me shiver and scream in lust.
Marissa is the same and I am also made
To rim and clean their asses,I delight and I relish that moment slipping my tounge all over!
Marissa also gives me six cane strokes as a “reward “ for being such a good vagina and anus cleaner.
Back into the car and another hour down the road I am caned by Penny just because she felt it necessary .
When we get in I am given Leah training for 20 minutes then fed and washed,,and await the evening ,,

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