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I am Shreya married to Philip leading a good life,though my husband and me are good in sex,yet we don't have babies.
We live separate from both our parents and neither his family ir my family have complained for not having kids.
Philip will sometimes ask me to get a boy friend and enjoy with him.
I often scold him for this,but in my heart I have a secret desire to bed with another man to see how would it be in bed.
Philip brought a young lad with him from his home town.
His name is Fredrick,he was a lovely boy, I liked him most as a good friend.
We three of us would chat together,eat together and at times we drink,but Philip would not ask him to join, saying Peter is like my younger brother and wouldn't spoil him.
Peter also is not fond of drinks,but I thought it the other way,and I asked him to join with me one night while I was drinking wine.
He sipped one or two gulps for giving me company,later I found out that he is not interested in drinking.
But that small gulps made him lie beside me,as most times he will lye down beside us either in middle of Philip or besides me,and doesn't do any mischief.
Yesterday when he was lying beside me, I took his hand and kept it over my breast.
He was lying at my back and embrassing me and I felt his harden over my back,he tried to move away,but I held my hand to his stiffen member snd carresed it through his boxers,it seemed to be above normal length and grew in my hand.
'Petr,is that touching my breast made you bonny, it's alright I won't say anything,take that out and hold me tight,'saying this I removed my panties not him knowing.
His stiff member was sliding thru my butt,and reaching my pus..,entrance.
I turned back facing him and holding his stiff member I put it inside my puss....and hold him tight,so that he cant escape getting inside me.
'No Shrey this is not fair,we couldn't do this please,'he blabers.
But his stiff co.. easily entering me withiut and boockade in my juicy pus....
I hold him tight more entrangling my both legs over his butt and moving in steady pace,' come on you idiot,it has been so long your brother had me in bed,now I am horny and need a good fuck,if you stop I will complain to your brother and send you out,'I slightly threaten him.
'Shrey it feels good,shall I make love to you.....'asking so he began to ram his co...k with speedy thrusts in and out,while I showing my pus...and thrusting forward,
'oh,god,faster faster Pete, I cant help it, I am cumming darling,'saying this I had a mind blowing orgasmed on his invading co...k.
Peter also couldn't hold himself,saying ,' Shrey I am also cumming,shall I pull it out,or.....' 'dont pull out pour your baby making fluid iside me darling, I want my cute idiot darling baby in me,cum inside me'
Peter hearing this bursts his baby making liquid inside my pu....y and lyesdown on me.
'thankyou Shrey I am happy to have lost my virginity in you,my brother's wife,you are my fist woman.'says Peter.
I am glad about this and think of getting second and third rounds.

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