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Wanted a wife so I placed an Ad
genre: swingers
My ad was simple and direct, successful man wants a wife to have children phone, at first not a reply and after 2 weeks thought it had failed. Then I 39 got a reply she was a year younger than me as she said her age and gave a description of herself. Sounded great to me and we arranged to meet, no flower in my coat, a red handkerchief in my top...
wrote on 2024-01-14 | by Doctor's Husband
Wanted Sex
genre: straight
I'm nothing special looks, build or small talk and only have one thing in my favor. Money I'm loaded, I've seen young women offering their virginity for a lot of money. I wasn't interested in that, I wanted regular sex and was quite willing to pay for it, virginity not a requirement. I let be known I wanted to hire willing woman for regular sex,...
wrote on 2024-01-05 | by Self Indulgent Guy
He Showed Me What I Wanted
genre: bondage
The maroon-colored parachute cord was cinched tightly around my crossed ankles, the tightening cord crushing the black fishnet thigh highs into the tender flesh beneath as my captor fed the line between my limbs and knotted the ends tightly together, once, twice, three fucking painful times… Owww… I groaned, that’s really fucking...
wrote on 2023-09-08 | by Boundthighs
Moms Boyfriend wanted my Young Pussy.
genre: straight
My mom started dating again after a few years without dad, they divorced after he cheated on her. Her new boyfriend was in his thirties even though mom was forty-plus. One day when I got home I heard the having sex Curious I crept upstairs and as the bedroom door wasn't closed fully I could see Mom getting banged hard from behind by her new...
wrote on 2023-08-08 | by Honey Windowcleaner
Mom Wanted Sex So Bad
genre: incest
My mom and I live together in a small town in North America. We have a strange relationship as mother and son. I'm in my 20s still living at home, my mom's in her fifties, divorced twice and not dating. We got so comfortable living together that it wasn't out of the ordinary for us to walk around the house naked. We didn't see anything wrong...
wrote on 2023-08-06 | by Honey Windowcleaner
My Sister Wanted to see me Cum.
genre: incest
My sister and I have always been close, all throughout our childhood we were never shy with each other and often talked openly although not about anything sexual. Then one day things seem to change, she was 15 I was 16, and we both came home from school to find Mum and Dad had popped out shopping. The note they left said to help yourself to...
wrote on 2023-07-23 | by Honey Windowcleaner
Old Mary Wanted My Cock Part 2.
genre: straight
Part 2 Stood in Mary's front lounge, with my solid hard cock in old Mary's hands, this old woman began to gently manipulate the full length of my shaft. I couldn't believe what she was doing. Looking down at her I said” You ok Mary “ “It's bigger than I thought” she said. “ well if you keep doing what you doing you are going to get a...
wrote on 2023-07-16 | by Honey Windowcleaner
Old Mary wanted my Cock.
genre: straight
I have lived next door to Mary for many years; in time, we became good friends. I have always made time for a chat when I knew she needed one. She had lived alone since her husband died ten years ago, and she always kept herself to herself. Never wanting to pry, I could always tell in her voice that she was lonely, so our little chats over the...
wrote on 2023-07-15 | by Honey Windowcleaner
Wanted a Woman
genre: straight
I 47 was recently divorced and not wanting another relationship just wanted sex. So, I was looking for a woman who didn't a relationship either and couldn't find one. If they were around, I couldn't find any of them. But I kept looking, while sitting at home alone I thought about what I wanted. I had 2 children by my ex-wife, so I wasn't looking...
wrote on 2023-06-30 | by Horny Divorcee
I wanted Sex
genre: straight
I'd been overseas for years and finally came home and felt out of place. Not as connected as I thought I would be om my return. So, at first, I didn't date and stayed home most nights unless I went to see a movie. Overseas I was a party guy and got sex regularly and now back home I wasn't reacting to the women I met like I did overseas. Then I...
wrote on 2023-05-18 | by Husband/father....
I wanted to have sex
genre: straight
At 21 and still a virgin and no girlfriend I thought I would be a virgin forever. I did date and date never got passed a quick feel and a kiss. Nothing special in looks or build either and worked as trainee electrician. As luck would have it, I would lose my virginity soon er than I thought I would. I was given a simple job; I could do it easily...
wrote on 2023-04-03 | by Horny Electrician
My cousin wanted sex with me
genre: swingers
My uncle and aunty moved in next door to us in the UK when I was around 17, and after awhile most times when I walked up our drive way, my cousin Kim who was around 16 then, would be dancing in their kitchen, and would smile at me and of course I would smile back, this went on for months, as she got home around 3.30 and me around 4 her parents...
wrote on 2023-01-25 | by Bryan
Unwanted Dog Sex: The red knight rises
genre: zoophilia
Hi Guys i hope you have read the first part because otherwise this might be confusing but this is what happened just last week. My butt is still hurting a little bit... For everyone who doesnt know me, im a average sized guy and very skinny. I do jogging a lot and therefore have a big ass and strong legs. I just started College and live with two...
wrote on 2023-01-23 | by DD
She wanted to feel her very first orgasm with another woman too.
genre: threesome
I had been involved in service work in recovery and that is where I met this lady. Vicki I will call her. Very vivacious and heavy set. Well, 175 lbs to be exact. She had all the curves were it counted. Big jugs too. 44D and everytime we met at my monthly meeting to get the coffee ready, she always gave me a big hug. I enjoyed her jujuz pressing...
wrote on 2023-01-22 | by G.F.
She wanted to feel a real orgasm in her 50s
genre: cheating
Never had I thought that this lady would take the plunge and fuck around on her husband with me. She told me after I was talking about all my experiences and how I learned from an unlikely source how to bring a woman to a full body convulsing orgasms. She was intrigued. I thought she would try changing the subject but no, I was seeing her...
wrote on 2023-01-22 | by G.F.
Unwanted Dog Sex: The Beginning
genre: zoophilia
Betrayal is the first word that comes into my mind when i think of this incident. My body betrayed me. You cant Imagine the embarrassing Moment when i realized what just happened but let me try to explain it to you. Its quite a time ago but this is how i remember it. I just had finished school and was ready for Collage. I was a skinny Guy, Not...
wrote on 2023-01-09 | by DD
I was lucky she wanted sex too
genre: threesome
The same time as I was having an affair with Kay, who I worked with, I dropped in to see a mate one day at his work, as we talked he said his mother in law was baby sitting his kid, and she was not happy at home with her husband, and that I should drop in and see her, so I said ok Id go visit her. When I got to his home Bev answered the door,...
wrote on 2022-12-24 | by Bryan
Friend wanted a favor
genre: straight
I'm divorced and have 2 children who live their mother and attend the local university. I returned to my hometown after my divorce and had no plans to get married again. At 48 I've a good job able to work from home and really just wanted a peaceful life. On my return I renewed some old friendships and made several new ones as well. I became...
wrote on 2022-12-12 | by Favor Granted
Sister wanted a Baby update
genre: incest
Since my last story my sister had our son and is enjoying being a mother. She has also decided to stay fulltime with me, all our sex is unprotected. As she says she will take every chance of getting pregnant again. I've added 2 more rooms to my home as our parents are regular visitors since the birth of their grandson. It doesn't impede our sex...
wrote on 2022-11-16 | by Paul FT
Wanted a family of my own.
genre: straight
I'm the middle child and never done well in relationships, unlike my 2 siblings. They both married and started their families. All I had was a great job and that was it, the best you could about my life was it's boring. I go to work and come home to an empty house and repeat the next day mostly. I've never been good at sports or interacting with...
wrote on 2022-09-26 | by Patrick........
New Neighbor wanted a Baby
genre: straight
I'm Raymond 30 was doing well career wise, lousy in my love life. That was until I met Samantha 37 successful career woman, she moved in early April. Like me she didn't have much in the way of a love life. We even worked for the same company and she was to be my new boss, but she wasn't starting there for a fortnight after moving in. She had...
wrote on 2022-08-03 | by Raymond...
Unwanted Dog Sex 2
genre: zoophilia
Hi guys, so this is a real story of how i got raped by a Dog. About me: i was an 18 years old Boy when it happend, still a virgin and i was skinny and didnt Had much hair on my body Overall and im also just 1.65m high. I looked more like 15 or 16 some people would say. I Always had to proof my age when i wanted to buy alcohol even when i was...
wrote on 2022-07-24 | by D-D
Wanted me more, needed an excuse
genre: incest
This was back in 1996, I was on the run and I had relapsed. In order for me not to be in trouble, my mom did a minor intervention at my friend's house. She was able to talk some sense into me. My friend decided to let me and my mom talk and left for half the day. I was given the standard talk and preach. The warrant had been Canada Wide...
wrote on 2022-07-13 | by G.F.
genre: incest
I was born to young woman and I wasn't wanted and so I was adopted out. I was taken in by Lenore and James both well to do lawyers and in their late forties. No children of their own and I was raised as their son, I was told at 13 I was adopted. But also told I was much loved by them, I already knew that. I done well at school and got into a...
wrote on 2022-06-25 | by Michael I
I got what I wanted
genre: incest
My son Tim is a tall good looking, broad-shouldered farm boy. I know Tim has bedded a couple of my friends. I don't like it. But, I can't do anything about it either. I also know he has bedded my husband's stepsister on more than one occasion. Good thing his father has passed. But, it was when my sister came to stay with us that I had my...
wrote on 2022-04-24 | by Kendra Anal mom
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