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Random meeting with Vale!
genre: straight
Hi everyone! I was at the mall to run some simple errands. I wandered the shop windows to see if there was anything nice to take home. I didn't find much and stopped in one of the bars in the center to drink a coffee. I sat for a while until I saw, out of the corner of my eye, someone take the chair in front of me. Thinking it was needed by...
wrote on 2023-07-25 | by Mat&Aunty
Afternoon with Vale!
genre: straight
Hi everyone! Sometimes Valentina, my aunt's best friend, invites me to spend an afternoon full of fun. Valentina wrote to me one evening asking if I was busy for the following day and if I wanted to drop by. I accepted immediately knowing Vale, we agreed on a time after the working day. The following afternoon I settled down and at 5pm I arrived...
wrote on 2023-07-01 | by Mat&Aunty
Placating the work stress of Zia and Vale
genre: threesome
Hi everyone! After the winter holidays it's back to work and it can often be difficult. Aunt and Vale, who are not only great friends but also colleagues. A couple of days after returning, my aunt called me around lunchtime, telling me that the return to work was more traumatic than expected and that she wanted some relaxation and fun later in...
wrote on 2023-06-29 | by Mat&Aunty
Epiphany with Aunty and Vale!
genre: threesome
Hi everyone! On the evening of January 4, I received a call. She was aunty, she told me that grandma would be back early from the house in the mountains, she proposed that I leave early the next day and spend 2 days in the mountains returning home for dinner on the 6th evening. I gladly accepted. Aunt called grandma saying she would go up for...
wrote on 2023-06-28 | by Mat&Aunty
Sunday between Vale's boobs!
genre: straight
Hi everyone! One Saturday evening, a message arrived on the phone saying “Hi Matteo. I'm Vale. Are you free tomorrow? I'm home alone and I'd like to have fun." I knew right away that she was aunt's fiery best friend. Surprised by the message, I answered yes and we agreed for 11 the following morning. The following morning I woke up around...
wrote on 2023-06-20 | by Mat&Aunty
A day with Aunty and Vale!
genre: threesome
Hello everyone! It was the last weekend of August and my aunt and Vale went to the family lake house for a week. Detached house very close to the lake with medium-small sized swimming pool. I arrived very early on Saturday morning, and knowing it I took the keys to the house with me. After a walk from the station I got home and went inside....
wrote on 2023-06-15 | by Mat&Aunty
Weekend by the sea with Aunty and Vale!
genre: straight
Hello everyone!   In mid-August I was invited by aunt and Valentina for a weekend by the sea, they are in our family's house. I took the train and arrived early Saturday morning. I arrived at the house for 9 am to find them sitting on the porch soaking up the sun. They greeted me by giving me a kiss and touching my cock with their hand, I...
wrote on 2023-06-14 | by Mat&Aunty
Me and Vale: Aunty’s best friend!
genre: straight
Hi everyone. After about 6 months of having periodic fucks with aunty, a very pleasant thing happened for me. That is, aunt talked about our games with her best friend, as well as colleague Valentina. She enthusiastically told to aunty that she wanted to verify this thing on her skin. Valentina: 35 years old, a woman of medium-short stature,...
wrote on 2023-06-13 | by Mat&Aunty
Valentine’s Day Sex Games
genre: romantic
Thinking outside the box of chocolates to keep things fresh When you fuck your wife three times a day every day of the year, how do you make Valentine’s Day special? Simple: you take the day off from fucking. That seems weird, right? If anything, you’d think we should fuck even more on that day, not less. It’ll all make sense when I...
wrote on 2023-02-15 | by Trish Maine
genre: bondage
VALENTINSTAG Conny ging langsam den Strand entlang. Was meinte er mit Überraschung? Er ließ sich jedes Jahr zu Valentinstag etwas Besonderes einfallen .Was war es diesmal? Sie hatte sich rechtzeitig nach seinen Anweisungen auf den Weg gemacht. . Es war angenehm warm und zu dieser Zeit war der Strand menschenleer. Ihr leichtes Sommerkleid...
wrote on 2022-02-14 | by Zahra Precht
A Valentine Gift
genre: incest
My dear Denise, I hope this letter meets you well. I sincerely apologise for not being able to spend this Valentine's day with you, hence the purpose of this letter. This letter contains instructions that would guide you on the path to my Valentine gift, which is receiving the utmost pleasure even in my absence. I want you to enjoy this...
wrote on 2021-05-30 | by Storm Trooper
White Daddy Gets Married On Valentines Night.
genre: gay
Valentines night has arrived, the most Special, Treasured, Cherished night for this 63 year old white daddy and his 44 year old black-stud-partner and best friend always forever. On Valentines day this 63 year old white daddy and my 44 year old black-stud-partner pledged and promised our love, faithfulness, trust and devotion to each other...
wrote on 2017-02-11 | by DadmarryzDad
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