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It had to happen this way
genre: first times
Hi, my name is Carl and my beautiful wife's name is Ann. We have been married for almost four years now and I must tell you our story. Ann is 22 years old and just a living doll. I am 3 years older than her, but we were sweethearts in school. We both share the distinction of being each others first and only lovers. She takes care of her body and...
wrote on 2017-04-20 | by GregM
Is this weird?
genre: incest
I had sex with my older cousin lol she kept calling me handsome I was actually just standing there and she just basically had sex with herself but I kind of want to fuck her again but she keeps denying me, she made me eat her out for like two hours then she just pushed me off, I want to fuck her again, how do I convince her?
wrote on 2017-04-01 | by Myself
You will not forget this
genre: fetish
After a night out on the town, we find ourselves in one last pub. We had both had a few drinks that evening. Our thinking is that the dark, quiet atmosphere of this newest club would help us clear our heads for the drive home. The music hums in the background as we settle down across from one another at a corner table. It is the perfect spot to...
wrote on 2016-08-18 | by ova9bbc
No sermon while on this month
genre: group sex
Joan and I have been married for more than twenty years. Our love life is still maturing. Other than acting out and verbalizing our respective fantasies, we have remained mutually exclusive. I think that a threesome with the right other man involved would be something which Joan would find habit forming. She claims this is something that she...
wrote on 2016-06-14 | by Bingville
This is how the fantasy goes
genre: bondage
I arrive at the Hilton Garden Inn before nightfall. In advance, I had made reservations for a handicap room as these rooms have a nice big walk-in shower and me being handicapped as well. From inside one of the bags that I had packed, I pull out all of the interesting toys that I brought. I set up everything on the table, the night stand and the...
wrote on 2016-06-03 | by big_bruno
How could I let this happen?
genre: first times
As she was driving home she could not stop thinking about why she let it happen. Why did she go by her self? How could she be so stupid? It was playing out in her head over and over again. It all started about a month ago. That is the first time she met Smoke. He was THE guy to see for the best weed around period. He was a tall slightly heavy...
wrote on 2016-03-22 | by Lone wolf
Why are you doing this?
genre: masturbation
"W-well... It's because... It's you..." "Huh? What do you mean by that, Kath?" "I-I mean... It's because you are the one who's doing it... If it someone else... I wouldn't be enjoying it s-so much... I-I won't be moaning and calling their name... B-but since it was y-you, I-I-" She didn't get to finish her sentence, Daniel already crashed her...
wrote on 2015-06-04 | by Oneshot
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