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I'd to marry to get perfect home site
genre: straight
Wanting a change in my life I decided to move to the country to live well away from the city noise and chaos. At 36 (single) doing great career wise and able to work from home, never a Ladie's man by any stretch of the imagination. I'd come to accept never marrying and had used hookers for sex ever since I was 23. But I wanted a special home in...
wrote on 2024-05-16 | by Suddenly Married
genre: straight
It was always good to get to Homecoming. A weekend of just living the college life again, seeing old friends, and hopefully watching the team win. One friend I hadn't seen in a while was Carla. Carla was a bubbly, sweet, intelligent woman who liked to drink wine. I had always found her attractive. She had been a cheerleader all through high...
wrote on 2024-03-26 | by SkyBubble
Horny and Alone at my home
genre: straight
I'm 32 single and live in an apartment and last month I was at home working and got horny and not wanting to go out and find a willing woman. I thought of getting a hooker but didn't want to bring one to my apartment. I only use them when I'm away and I went down to get my laundry from the dryer in basement. I met my old neighbor 64 widow, and...
wrote on 2023-10-08 | by Real Horny Guy
More fun at work then home
genre: swingers
Lyn had been having fun with Joe and the other now for several weeks, each time coming home full of cum and happy, knowing she was going to be out till 9, I started meeting guys at home to fuck me and then Lyn when she got home, each time she told us what she had been doing, turning us all on more as we fucked her. I know she liked taking a lot...
wrote on 2023-09-29 | by Bryan
genre: straight
I've been away for years first at school then university and then working to further my career. Still single and in no relationship at 33 I was doing very good career wise but lacked any major relationship successes. But I had done as my family had wanted, so I was warmly welcomed home large party followed my return home. My success meant better...
wrote on 2023-09-23 | by Grateful Son
I returned home
genre: straight
After years away I returned to my hometown, buying the house across the street from my parents. It was a bit of a shock my return, as I hadn't told them I had married while away and returned home with a wife and 4 children all under 5, the oldest (boy) is a month away from being 5 and next oldest (girl) is 3 and the youngest are just over a...
wrote on 2023-09-12 | by Home again
Home to face the Music
genre: incest
Several years ago, I seduced my cousin and then after fucking her I went away on an international contract. I never thought my fucking my younger cousin was anything but some fun. My cousin is a very shy trusting person, and I took advantage of that and had fucked her without really thinking it thru. She was a virgin and I believed you can't get...
wrote on 2023-08-26 | by Naughty Cousin
Our Island Home update
genre: incest
Just to advise the changes in our life, my sister Kara missed her period, and our first thought was pregnant. But she got her next period and wasn't and during the time between we had come to like the idea of having children and instead of being delighted she wasn't pregnant we were saddened. Which is why Kara decided to try and get pregnant,...
wrote on 2023-08-17 | by Nelson
My return home
genre: incest
I went overseas at 21 and working in many places I learn many skills and earnt a lot of money. Also got good advice and information that allowed me to invest my money and make lots more money. Still able to live well and with my investments doubling year by year I was raking it in. Some of my investments were a little shady, but illegal, little...
wrote on 2023-08-04 | by Horny brother/Sister........
Away from home and Horny
genre: straight
I'm divorced and travel a great deal for work and not interested in a relationship. I had a female friend who likes sex and is my regular ball drain at home. But only when her husband id away or playing golf. I was to be interstate for about 2 weeks, and I was already horny on arrival and thought I might get a hooker. But work start almost as...
wrote on 2023-06-30 | by Horny, Horny Man
Home again after divorce
genre: straight
I was home with my parents restarting my life again, not really wanting another relationship at the time. But my parent's neighbor was also divorced, she got the house as a part of their settlement. She like me was divorced by our partners, which took the wind out of our sails. Similar in age, my parents were friends with her, and she was always...
wrote on 2023-04-17 | by Marrying Again
Forced sex with an older homeless
genre: gay
It's 3 am. I'm taking the last subway after visiting a good friend of mine. I need to go through the whole city so the travel will be an hour. Tired, I get my skinny, pale frame in one of the wagons. I sit down in front of an older, maybe homeless man. He has greasy gray hair and a long bear, a thick jacket over a sweater. He's sleeping, some...
wrote on 2023-04-13 | by BitchyBenedict
Home ill and my parents had an argument.
genre: incest
I stayed home not well and missed a day at university, my parents had an argument which was all too common these days. Anyway, as I was in my room, I heard their argument and my father storming off as per usual for him. My mother was quiet for some time, and I fell asleep and on waking up I felt a great deal better the fever was gone and the...
wrote on 2023-03-16 | by Caring Son
Returned Home
genre: incest
After leaving home and going overseas to work and made myself a great career in the process. I returned home as I now was in demand and could travel to wherever the work was. Which suited me better than just travelling nonstop, I could pick and choose my jobs now. Back home father was dead 6 years before and I hadn't found out for 4 months...
wrote on 2023-02-22 | by Jake the Sister Fucker
Working from Home
genre: straight
This stupid Teams meeting was going to be the death of me. The video cameras were all required to be on, but the sound wasn’t. So I was listening to my music and pretending to pay attention. My boss was going on and on about new policies. This really could have been an email! I had to look presentable for this, everyone was required to be...
wrote on 2023-02-21 | by Nora Wilson
Returned Home
genre: straight
After years away I returned to my hometown, nothing much had changed, and I started my own business. It didn't rely on the locals as it was an internet business, and I could run it alone at first. Over the following year my business increased, and I hired 2 people to assist me. One casual a married mother of 2 who only came a couple of hours 3...
wrote on 2023-01-31 | by Horny Fun
My wife comes home very late
genre: cheating
It was Friday night and my wife came home after 2am I came home at 530 pm and the kids were not home she had taken them to her mom's house for the weekend I was waiting on her out back in the backyard I was smoking a cigarette when Mr Jones came out to talk to me for a while and he invited me to come over for a couple of drinks I decided to take...
wrote on 2023-01-25 | by Husband
Home for the holidays
genre: cheating
After separating from my wife I went home for the holidays for the first time in over a decade. I went into town with my mother and bumped into Amy who was also separated from her significant other. She looked great. We have had sec back when I was 18 and she was 14, but it has been a good fifteen years. But we hit it off immediately and even...
wrote on 2022-12-12 | by Jude2020
Fun orgy got better when we got home
genre: swingers
when we moved to the city, it didn't take long before we started meeting couples and singles for swinging, one couple we met often and soon started to organise orgies with them and most times 6 or 7 other couples, our two ladies would drop their dress's and get guys naked and Chris and I would grab women and away the orgies would go. This...
wrote on 2022-11-24 | by Bryan
Home Alone 17
genre: incest
Home Alone 17 Teen boys are commonly known to be horny. Having once been a teenage boy I can confirm this was often the case for me as well as my peers. I will even go so far as to say that as I near middle age I have only just begun to find that my desires sexually have begun to slacken a bit. However, having also become a father to two...
wrote on 2022-09-05 | by RdDog
Divorced than Homeless
genre: incest
My sister Glenda 31 was divorced by her ex James last year, because he wanted a break. Luckily they had no children and Glenda worked at the same place as her her ex James. Which James had a higher position and so Glenda was let go in a job review. Also the home they shared was sold and they shared what was left after the bank got its money...
wrote on 2022-08-30 | by Arthur......
Finally Back Home
genre: incest
I'm Jeremy 27 and I was away for 5 years working overseas, I went away on a 3 year contract. But the start of the pandemic stopped my returning home as everything shutdown. But in March this I got back home, many things had changed in my time away, my father died in 2020. But it was an accident not the virus, he was already divorced (2016)from...
wrote on 2022-07-21 | by Jeremy no home
Home Alone 16
genre: incest
Home Alone 16 …The story continues… I am up, well, awake anyway… Honestly, I give a few moments of thought about rolling back over and catching a few more minutes of sleep but the wife enters the bedroom after having taken a shower and she makes a beeline towards the kitchen. Do I smell Coffee? God, I hope so because I definitely need...
wrote on 2022-07-19 | by RdDog
Divorced and returned Home to Mom
genre: incest
Herbert 46 divorced last year and instead of buying my own home decided to live with Jenny (Jennifer)63 widow my mother. I'm her oldest and as she lived alone I thought it would be good for both of us. She welcomed home and she tried to cheer me up, but I wasn't depressed. Marriage had failed mainly because we both had changed and with the...
wrote on 2022-07-02 | by Herbert the motherfucker
My Island Home
genre: straight
Prior to the pandemic I bought a island 3'5 acres in a lake for holiday retreat, it already had a basic cabin on it. Which I'd removed and had a prefab house installed with bedrooms and 1 bathroom and compo toilet. A boat shed also had a shower on the outside for a quick after swimming. A underwater cable to provide power and I was all setup...
wrote on 2022-06-28 | by David islander
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