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Hired for Sex
genre: straight
All names changed. I'm David now 27 and 5 years ago I was hired as a gardener/handyman no real skill at gardening, had some experience in the building industry. I'm nothing special in looks and only 5'10" tall of a stocky build. Unemployed at the time the job was live-in meals provided, having failed at school low paid work was all I could...
wrote on 2023-08-20 | by The Hired Cock
Bored, I hired an Escort
genre: straight
I was divorced and my children prefer their mother to me. We were both well off before our marriage and still are. Anyway, I was bored and feeling horny decided to hire an escort. I looked up women on the internet and chose a 31-year-old, body looked great no face shown. I made the booking and was buzzed from the entrance and let her in and...
wrote on 2023-07-29 | by I hired right
I hired a Escort.
genre: straight
I finished university and started my career still a virgin and I was determined to lose my virginity ASAP. But I couldn't decide how, but I knew I would have pay someone. My first idea was someone who was desperate for money but hadn't found anyone. Second was a hooker, but I was worried I might catch something or get robber by their pimp. I'm a...
wrote on 2023-07-25 | by Student/Client/Husband
I hired a woman to train me
genre: straight
I'm not short of money and the only thing I lacked was confidence around girls or women. I was an only child, and my mother was 38 when she had me and was a hands-off mother. My father was distance I can hardly remember him talking to before my teen years. Being I was raised by the hired help and as long as I fed, bathed and dressed that was it....
wrote on 2023-07-14 | by Trained Man
I hired to Marry.
genre: straight
First a little History. My family were well to do and accepted in the social elite, but things changed my grandfather lost our money. But we had enough to still survive or be it on a lesser scale. I still went to a good school and would've connections to get a good career going forward, but the money wouldn't be there to assist me. Mainly...
wrote on 2023-07-12 | by Social Breeder
Hired a Family for breeding
genre: straight
I decided I wanted to have children before I was too old. I was already 37 and wanted to be able play with children as well. I wasn't in any relationship and none in my foreseeable future. I read about surrogates and thought that might the way forward, but then heard some bad stories and dropped that idea. While watching a story about homeless...
wrote on 2023-07-03 | by Horny Breeder
Hired as a Cleaner at first
genre: domination
I'm Bee 49 little overweight and divorced and my 2 children have their own lives. My ex left and doesn't pay me anything like he was supposed to. So, I got a job cleaning for a 33-year-old lawyer, and I was getting better pay than others cleaning jobs I done. The lawyer wasn't around much at all, and it was a easy job as he was very tidy. Which...
wrote on 2023-06-10 | by Queen Bee
Hired a hooker
genre: straight
I'd divorced, wife got our 2 children, and I wasn't interested in starting another relationship just then. So, I was feeling horny and decided to hire a hooker, not game to pick one up off the streets. I rang a private escort, her description said she was 48 had brown hair, slim and stacked. I'm 35 of solid build, I wasn't expecting a centerfold...
wrote on 2023-04-11 | by Ex Client
Hired Help
genre: straight
I got bored with my career and decided to retire and write a book about my life. I already had a farm I had inherited and had done it up to suit my requirements. So, I sold up in the city moved to the farm start my new life. Which after writing the first chapter I realized it was so boring I stopped writing and threw in the bin. I'm not...
wrote on 2022-12-05 | by Horny Boss
The Hired Help
genre: straight
Long Story cut short. I'll call myself Peter and I'm now 45 and very well off, both career and money wise. Back when I was 32, I decided I should start a family. I dated regularly and couldn't find myself a wife. None of the women I dated met my undefined requirements in my mind. I was working overseas and as was usual had hired help in my home....
wrote on 2022-11-09 | by Peter Breeder of the hired Help.
Hired to work on an Estate
genre: straight
I was 29 at the time and looking for work, never done well at school and left. I learnt to fix cars, drive trucks, use large machines and maintain gardens. Along with welding and handyman skills, so when the job of Estate maintenance supervisor came up. I didn't think I had the skills; I've never supervised anyone before. But there was no one to...
wrote on 2022-10-31 | by Supervisor/Handyman
Hired as a Stud
genre: straight
(All names changed) I'm Gerald 28 model and do quite from it, everything from swimwear to suits. I was asked by a successful woman I'll call Wanda 38 to father her child and she offered a large incentive payment. I was shocked at first but decided why not as Wanda is very attractive. She has a ball crusher reputation in her career, but I wasn't...
wrote on 2022-09-23 | by Gerald Stud
Hired for my Looks
genre: straight
I'm Peter 28 just scrapped thru university, sport was my best subject. Not good enough to the majors, so I had to find a job. Which I did rather quickly due to strong looks, I caught the eye of a senior executive Marion 50+ and she comes from well to do family and has a daughter Maureen 25. Marion is divorced and lives outside of the city and...
wrote on 2022-07-16 | by Peter the hired servicer
I hired a Hooker
genre: incest
I'm Barry 32 recently returned from overseas, I'm okay with getting dates, but don't get them into bed much at all. So I'm use to hiring women for sex and while away in Europe I got hooked on mature women hookers. So back home I had my own place and not getting any sex, decided to hire a mature escort not a street hooker. I checked online and...
wrote on 2022-04-21 | by Barry Aunt Fucker
I hired a granny
genre: straight
I'm nothing special in looks or build and don't do well with females. But I can afford to pay for what I want. But it got boring and I wanted something new and something out of my normal routine. Go to a city or just to a motel locally and hire a hooker, fuck and maybe another. I wanted a something fresh, like picking up a woman and getting to...
wrote on 2022-04-14 | by Markus GF
I hired my Aunt
genre: incest
Back in late 2018 I was caught up to my nuts in a female employee by my now ex wife. That was the cause of our divorce, she got our 2 children and the house and a nice payout. But I was doing well at the time and it wasn't as bad as it could've been. Not wanting to cripple me she took less than she could've gotten, so I could keep providing well...
wrote on 2022-02-11 | by John B M
I hired my Aunt
genre: incest
I'm Gregory 34 Greg for short, married with 4 children. My wife Yvonne's family is very well off and I met her at university. We married and after university I started work for families companies, but a prenup in place. If I play up on Yvonne I get nothing and lose my job. No real problem as long as I keep it in my pants. But I like sex a great...
wrote on 2021-10-18 | by Gregory G
The Hired Help
genre: straight
I'm Ruth 30 single qualified vet and live on my family property, we are quite well and have a house in the city where my parent live most of the time and a holiday home on the coast as well. But its the family property of 230 acres I prefer to all others. I love horses and raise horses horses on our property. Good riding horses, which I sell...
wrote on 2021-09-30 | by Ruth
I hired a Housekeeper.
genre: straight
Being stuck at home I became a bit of a slob and my house got rather messy, usually I was out of the house a lot more and only due to the lockdown I home a lot more. The lockdown finished and I hired a cleaning service to clean my home. They got it back to tis pre lockdown state. Then with another lockdown possible being enforced, I decided I...
wrote on 2021-08-09 | by Jonathan
My life changed when my gran found out I hired Hookers.
genre: incest
I'm Albert 28 a nerd or geek as I've been called both over the years. I done very well at school and university and got a great job after, but in relationships I failed completely. So I started hiring hookers for sex and that's how I lost my virginity. I'm short at 5 foot 1 inch and have a receding hair line and wear glasses. I don't use street...
wrote on 2021-06-28 | by Albert K
Hired by my Grandma for sex
genre: incest
I'm Peter 22 and unemployed and made extra cash by selling myself for sex. Not being the greatest looker, I targeted the older women rather the younger ones. I had my photo on a website with my face covered, I wasn't getting a lot of callers. But enough to make it worth my time. One on average a week sometimes two, I wouldn't get rich but it was...
wrote on 2021-06-20 | by Peter F
I hired my older Sister to teach me about Sex
genre: incest
I'm Raymond 26 single and I won a large prize in the state lottery in 2019 and am set up for life. I'm not a sporty guy, nor a ladies man by any stretch of the imagination. I got my home and also have a good job and without the lottery win I would still have been okay. As the youngest of 2, I help my parents and gave my sister Tamara 27 a new...
wrote on 2021-06-18 | by Raymond K
I hired a Hooker
genre: first times
I'm Gary 23 single and quiet type person, last October I decided it was time I lost my virginity and decide to hire a hooker. I live at home with my mother Dianne 45 divorced and sometimes my sister Fiona 26 who in away at university a lot. I'm not going to university and work as stock clerk at a large warehouse complex. Dianne works 2 jobs to...
wrote on 2020-06-09 | by Gary
I hired a Hooker
genre: incest
Last November I was in my home city on business and I was horny and rang and booked a mature hooker, paid by phone and an hour later there was a knock on my hotel room door. When I opened the door I saw my mother Grace 53 divorced. She was shocked at seeing me and I her, she was the hooker I had hired. She told me it was the only she could get...
wrote on 2020-05-07 | by Roy
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