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Things have changed...
Things have changed, between the dog and I. I tried him once, out of curiosity... and once was enough, I got it out of my system... but the dog won't let me forget, about it. When he comes to me now, it's not only because he wants me to hug or pat him, that's just the first thing he wants... he wants the love and affection... and then he wants...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2024-05-19 | by Mostly Harmless
Aunt Cassie's Dog
It wasn't the same without him, but I was doing the best that I could. It was too soon to replace him and no two dog's were ever the same, so it would be impossible to try to do anyway. I had good memories of our time together. I kept using them, even though they were tinged with bittersweet emotions, that threatened to make me cry, at...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2024-05-08 | by Mostly Harmless
Sophie's Dog (#1)
Crisp uniform, protective vest and a control stick. From the park, to the pound and into the cage. Quick, efficient, professional, authoritative. I'm alone here, with you, now. You push yourself up against the cage to get close enough to scan my microchip, "Hello, Sam" you say, smiling at me, through the bars of the cage. I ignore you. You...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2024-02-18 | by Mostly Harmless
Boss's Dog
I hadn't realised that my boss owned a dog... not until she brought it to work after it's yearly check at the vet. She'd left it out in her SUV (windows down) until work was over for the day. I saw the dog on the way back in from lunch and, being interested in big dogs, I wandered over, as casually as I could, to take a closer look. Oh! He...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2023-06-06 | by Mostly Harmless
Sand dune
The sandy shoreline stretches out in front of us, the waves on our right, the big sand dune rising above us, on my left. It's low tide, we are walking in the slight depression that the waves have scoured, so the dune, already an impressive size, seems even bigger, the crest of it high above our heads. I like the dune, it hides the view of the...
genre: voyeur
wrote on 2023-03-22 | by Mostly Harmless
I want.
I want to touch him. I want to find out what he's got down there, out of sight, but never out of mind. Not out of my mind, anyway. I want to get to him first, be his first, I want to be the one who teaches him about males and females, the one who teaches him about sex. I want to go about it slowly, carefully, at a speed that I think he will...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2023-01-29 | by Mostly Harmless
Merry Christmas...
It had been a busy day, and the pace had picked up, even faster, in the afternoon... the boss and her daughter, Melanie, wanted to head away to their show jumping event... the horses were waiting, ready to be loaded onto the truck, and the two women were wanting to clear the schedule, and then leave... but it wasn't working out, it would be...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2022-12-21 | by Mostly Harmless
In the Storage room.
I watched pack hierarchy introducing themselves to the new, young dog. Circling and surrounding him, sniffing at him with intense interest. He was short-furred, nearly fully grown, but immature still... and nowhere near assertive enough to rebuff the older males, when they suddenly decided that they wanted to use the newcomer's virgin arsehole....
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2022-10-09 | by Mostly Harmless
Picnic Time
If you are like me, living at home, with no place or room for a dog of your own, then finding one to have sex with can be a bit of a challenge. Encountering the right dog, at the right place, at the right time, is like hitting the jackpot... you can't afford to ignore it, if the chance offers itself to you. So as soon as I see a good looking...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2022-07-25 | by Mostly Harmless
Reward given, reward received.
Thanks to the training that I have given her, from when she was young, she knows what to do. She knows that she will get a reward for her effort's. She is happy to do this for me... but not as happy as I am. I call her to me... and we begin. . . . She wraps her paws around me, the pads of her feet touching on both the front and the back of...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2022-05-21 | by Mostly Harmless
Horse meat.
My face is flushed, I'm perspiring, my breath is erratic and I can feel my nerves making me twitch. Thats just the outside... and inside?... Oh god!, inside, I'm so fucking wet and horny, wanting to do it with him... why does seeing him make me feel like this? I'm embarrassed by what I'm thinking about, but it doesn't stop me from thinking...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2022-05-14 | by Mostly Harmless
I liked it a lot.
Covid... I'm stuck in the house... it's just him... and me. I'm sitting at the table... more aware of his presence than ever before... is it just me, or is he making a point of watching me? I wish he wouldn't do that!... you know... the whole blind adoration thing... when you glance at them... then look away... then look back a minute or so...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2022-04-18 | by Mostly Harmless
Thief... as good as gold.
I checked out your place last night. You shouldn't leave your door's unlocked... you know. You never know who might stroll in, while you are out. You shouldn't leave your jewellery box lying on your bed... either. Honestly... (If I can use the term loosely)... who does that? You practically begged me to steal your stuff. I cleaned you out,...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2022-04-03 | by Mostly Harmless
Stolen away by monsters. Bewildered. Lost. Lonely. Dark. Cold. Crying. Monster. Looming. Fear. Comfort. Sleep. Calmed. Soothed. Not Monster. Huge, though. Affection given, affection returned... a bonding, of sort's. Feared... Obeyed. Quick. Savage. Dominating. I Obey, I Obey! I grow. I grow. I grow. Bigger. Bigger. Bigger Pack Leader:...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2022-03-20 | by Mostly Harmless
Soon... Part Two
I kept an eye on what was happening in the nighbourhood... and especially next door. SO, of course I noticed the change next door.... that there was a stranger there now, a replacement for the blonde girl that had been living there. The blonde's dog was still there, I could still hear it, sniffing around the place. I just assumed the...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2022-03-13 | by Mostly Harmless
I shouldn't be out here, doing this... but I can't help myself. Black is the best colour to wear. Black blends into the shadows... A snug fitting top, but with looser trousers' for unrestricted movement, that's what I was wearing.. On my head I have what looks like a beany, just something to keep my ears warm... for now, later I'll roll the...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2022-03-08 | by Mostly Harmless
Cassie goes home.
You recall the Zoo gorilla incident?... well, I was still getting headaches a month later. Delayed concussion, the doctor told me. Take time off work, he told me. I quit, left the city and went home... rural Florida. I weed-eated a pathway through my overgrown back yard, to the tree's out the back. I strung up my hammock... then I veged out....
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2022-01-08 | by Mostly Harmless
Jasmine's Story. Part One.
I manipulated my husband into doing it... but so what if I did? We all manipulate our men into doing things they either don't want to do... or would never choose to do. I still believe my reasons for making it happen were valid. He isn't even aware of what he has done. I won't tell him, Jasmine isn't likely to tell him... and it is unlikely...
genre: incest
wrote on 2021-12-11 | by Mostly Harmless
It... The thought of doing it again had been troubling me for day's... even now I could feel it gnawing away at me... slowly eroding what was left of my willpower. No!... not again... never again! But I was wavering. I try harder... it's not working... I can't resist the thought of doing it.. Angry at myself, I keep pushing the thought away......
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2021-12-03 | by Mostly Harmless
Wet Bar
We looked at each other, the other women and I... hearing the sound of the soldier's boot's, marching along the road, hearing the order for them to halt, right-face and then dismissed, outside the Bar. They were here to relax, let off some steam, after several months of disipline and training. Having been banned from using the Wet Bar, most of...
genre: straight
wrote on 2021-11-17 | by Mostly Harmless
Voice from the Dark
The Master's voice from the dark... "I love you... Slave!" Yes, I'm a Slave now. Obedient, submissive to the flick of the Cat' or the tweak of the chain. Obedient to my Master. My Master orgasmed tonight, as did I. I've learnt to enjoy it, not permittted to enjoy any other... it was the only way that I could get the release that I needed. I...
genre: S&M
wrote on 2021-11-07 | by Mostly Harmless
Big and Mean...
I was pulling back the curtain's, in the Lounge, when I first saw him... he was trotting along the road, outside my gate, like he owned the world. The movement of the curtain must have caught his eye, because he stopped suddenly, side-on to the house, his head swivelling around to look at me with that blend of bold furtiveness that stray...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2021-11-03 | by Mostly Harmless
Promises / 30 seconds.
Early Sunday morning, I was just walking in the local park, minding my own business. A guy on a bike, with two dogs following him, passed by me, heading towards the pedestrian only swing-bridge, you know... the one that goes over to the island. I couldn't help but look at the dog's. Feeling the attraction. Unable to ignore how they made me...
genre: zoophilia
wrote on 2021-10-06 | by Mostly Harmless
It happened one night... The father
I'd imagined her pussy would be a wonderful combination of tightness and wetness... fucking this daughter of mine... she was sensual, sexy... I thought about her and thought about how good her mother was... had been... and used it to stimulate myself. But I never had any real intent on doing it with Jenny. But now, in a moment of madness, I...
genre: incest
wrote on 2021-09-27 | by Mostly Harmless
It happened one night... The Girl.
Things were strained between Mum and Dad. I didn't really know how it had started... but I was aware they were on the brink of divorce. That sucked! I had asked Grandpa Joe, old and wise in these matters, if there was something I could do to help... he said that I should let them work it out for themselves. But... of course... he could see...
genre: incest
wrote on 2021-09-26 | by Mostly Harmless
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