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The Spanking
genre: poems
"The Spanking" Come Little one. Lay across my lap. You have been a naughty girl. Lay your mound, Here on Daddy's hand. I can see....... Your wicked smile. No panties? lil one, You are a naughty girl. Daddy is so hard. You know it. Feel my fingers, Play your clit, As that first slap, Stings your cheeks. Slap! Each slap, Brings you...
wrote on 2024-07-15 | by Kiarra Juicy Clam
The plane crash chapter 19 -23
genre: straight
Chapter 19 - Foraging with Linda We had been stranded now for almost 20 days and had used up all the toilet paper and napkins and now of course the girls were complaining about not being able to wipe their bums when they went for a poo which we always did in pairs behind a large tree surrounded by bushes. That area was getting to smell bad and...
wrote on 2024-07-14 | by Kiarra
The plane crash chapter 13 to 18
genre: straight
The plane crash chapter 13 to 18 Chapter 13 - Mary Mary Quite Contrary Day 8 The next day started in a much more pleasant manner because we were warm and dry and safe. The storm, with all its rain and wind was of no threat to us. The cave remained dry and although there were a few streaks of water that wet the walls higher up and flowed like...
wrote on 2024-07-14 | by Kiarra
The Plane Crash Chapter 6-12
genre: straight
The Plane Crash Chapter 6-12 Chapter 6 - Waiting For Daylight "Listen up girls, I want you to gather round and stay close together. It looks like you have enough palm leaves so huddle together and I will go back into the plane to look for something to build a shelter" It was still a few hours before light so I went back to the plane to see...
wrote on 2024-07-14 | by Kiarra
The Plane Crash Chapter 1-6
genre: straight
The Plane Crash by The Razor's Edge 1-6 Chapter 1 Introduction The school day started normal as they always did. Girls and boys running in the halls to stow their backpacks in their lockers and the screeching and yelling. Nauton Heights Elementary School was situated in an affluent neighborhood in Southern California and the Girls and boys...
wrote on 2024-07-14 | by Kiarra
Daddy In Shower
genre: incest
DAD IN THE SHOWER I could hear the water running. I knew that my father was taking a shower, and I stood there outside the door, fingering myself, imagining what his hot cock looked like as he soaped it and stroked it. I wanted so much to just open the door and walk in and fall on my knees and put his cock in my mouth. I wondered what he...
wrote on 2024-07-13 | by Chloe Ann Young
The Spanking
genre: poems
"The Spanking" Come Little one. Lay across my lap. You have been a naughty girl. Lay your mound, Here on Daddy's hand. I can see....... Your wicked smile. No panties? lil one, You are a naughty girl. Daddy is so hard. You know it. Feel my fingers, Play your clit, As that first slap, Stings your cheeks. Slap! Each slap, Brings you...
wrote on 2024-07-13 | by Kiarra Juicy Clam
Bonzi VS JurassicJinx
genre: exibitionism
It is time for storytime with Bonzi and today's story is a doozy! Once upon a time in the land of Deviantart there was a nasty little repulsive peanut-brained trollup by the name of JurassicJinx. Jinx showed great potential with his Goosebumps art but wasted his skills on making petty rants about how he hated Elsa from Frozen being paired up...
wrote on 2024-07-13 | by MM1302
A Tale of Two Strapons part 3 ,Talia,Jenny and Simone
genre: lesbian
I awoke,rolling over into Simone’s arms she responded tucking me in. It has been two weeks since Talia went away and Simone has basically moved in. I nuzzle in to her missing my Talia but Simone is keeping me busy.Very busy. It is Saturday and we are at Simone’s parents country retreat,away from the city and prying eyes,it’s a fresh...
wrote on 2024-07-13 | by Ginni and Talia 💕🫦❤️
My Mother In Laws Pussy and Lockdown.
genre: cheating
My wife's mother who was visiting us for a while came to stay with us during that last lockdown as my wife and I hadn't been getting on very well recently and she wanted her mother around here for some unknown reason, to be honest, I never look forward to her mothers visits she disrupts everything in the house and that I hate at times. Don't...
wrote on 2024-07-13 | by Honey Windowcleaner
Family Affairs Extended Family
genre: incest
Trish entered the house quietly, not wanting to wake anyone up. It was two o'clock in the morning, and she had just returned from a party at a friend's house. She quietly entered her room, almost completely closing her door before turning on her light. Her grandparents were staying in the room across the hall, and she didn't want to disturb...
wrote on 2024-07-12 | by Kaylee Panee
genre: incest
Once I had discovered masturbation the switch had been flipped, shit I did it at least two or three times a day. I swore it was going to fall off from being jerked so much. Needless to say sex became a preoccupation of my every waking moment. Be real what eighteen year old male doesn't spend half his life thinking of food and the other half...
wrote on 2024-07-12 | by Kaylee Anna Marie Young
My Wonderful Daughters
genre: incest
My Wonderful Daughters I loved Susan, my wife, with all of my heart. She gave me the best twenty years I could ever have asked for as well as three wonderful children. I was totally devoted to her and astounded that I could have been so fortunate as to have won her heart. One night she had an accident on the road. I almost died of grief. If...
wrote on 2024-07-12 | by Kiarra The Juicy Goodness
Young Cock Mature Pussy,
genre: straight
When I was seventeen I had my first sexual experience that even to this day I couldn't believe happened. I was doing some jobs for my neighbour who was in her late sixties or early seventies, she was a small chubby lady who hadn't been out of the house for years and lost her husband many years earlier. She wasn't that bad looking for her age...
wrote on 2024-07-12 | by Honey Windowcleaner
A Tale of Two Strapons part two,Talia,Jenny and Simone!
genre: lesbian
Simone smiles as the woman told me hands and knees and I got into position, “She is very obediant Simone you have certainly found a keeper.” She smiled at my little ass wag her eyes glinting as she ran her hand over my very wet pussy lips,, “Oh you are a slutty pet aren’t you” she grinned at Simone as she placed her fingers into my...
wrote on 2024-07-12 | by Ginni and Talia 💕💋❤️
On the road
genre: cheating
I was thinking about the time we went to the movies together. It was a wet, misty night in October .. Our partners had got together. They've been working on a book.. Together. We took the opportunity. We knew we fancied each other. We went to the cinema. I can't remember what we saw. I just remember the mist around the car. And the dark. When we...
wrote on 2024-07-12 | by Michael Rex
Back When
genre: straight
Back when I was just out of university and had a job with the family business, I was sent overseas on a business trip. My grandfather wasn't well, and I was the only other freely available to go. It was an easy trip and would be doing business with my grandfather's old friend's family business. Most was already worked out and I was just going...
wrote on 2024-07-11 | by Accidental Husband
Very Horny
genre: straight
I'm skinny nothing much to look at and quite a failure when it comes to dating. But on the brighter side I've a great career, having done very well at university. No trouble finding a job as I work for my extended family business. It has many business interests, and I got a good paying job straight from university. Due to my graduating in the...
wrote on 2024-07-10 | by A Happy Husband Now
My Daddy’s Swimming Pool
genre: incest
I sat looking over the fields of hay reminiscing, thinking of all the happy times my brother and I had spent playing. There were woods in the distance, lovely, lush, green woods. I had spent many happy hours running through the hay, the trees, and the woodland, trying to catch the beautiful coloured butterflies while listening to all the bird...
wrote on 2024-07-10 | by Joe P
Seeding my Neighbor
genre: straight
Moved to new city and settling in my new apartment, at 34 single and had a great career. I dated before my transfer but hadn't found the one yet as they say. So, I was ready to start dating again, in my apartment building lived my supervisor 50 and his wife 38 no children but trying was the office gossip to have some. So, I had people in the...
wrote on 2024-07-10 | by Willing Seeder
Pet !
genre: domination
My name,is irrelevant. I am not even sure I remember my real name,I have for a long time been referred to as a Pet. Names like Pet and Slut,analwhore,latrine,bitch,cumdump,slave and various other names of humiliation come to mind. I have one desire,one mission to make my owner pleased. My life started normally,I know when my life turned to the...
wrote on 2024-07-10 | by Ginni💕
Family Room of Suburban White Family
genre: incest
Curled next to him on the couch reading some new novel, a teen romance from the school library. Her appetite for them seems insatiable to him as he peers sidelong at her over the top of his reading glasses, pretending to read the paper as he stares possessively at her long tanned legs, so smooth and brown, stretching sideways away from his...
wrote on 2024-07-09 | by Kiara M
After the play
genre: zoophilia
My wife returned home a changed person, for instance from the day she got back while in the house or the back yard she wouldn't wear any clothes. She started answering the door naked, and as you would expect some guys and a woman took a little advantage of that. It went from a quick feel to a grope, nipple twisting to sucking, to fingering, and...
wrote on 2024-07-09 | by Randall Sharing
I couldn't resist a challenge
genre: straight
I was in my third year at an ivy league university and had a reputation of scoring with girls, overstated a little and it was hampering my dating. Because girls didn't want to date because of my reputation would damage their reputations. I was also known as a risk taker and never refusing a challenge. So, when I was challenged to date and seduce...
wrote on 2024-07-09 | by Changed Man
A Tale of two strapons part 1 ,Talia,Jenny and Simone!
genre: lesbian
Our wedding was perfect,Talia and I were married in a beautiful garden setting, we wore almost matching dresses semi traditional but not so uptight with an informal if not slightly larger crowd than we thought would show of close friends and family. Talia and I held hands almost the whole event except when my two sons danced with us after our...
wrote on 2024-07-09 | by Ginni and a Talia 💕💕🫦

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