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I'm a busy man at 32 already divorced and having 2 children living my ex-wife. I'm always on the go and chasing that next big deal type of guy. That's the main reason for the divorce also, never around and always busy was her main claims about me. Even with alimony and child support I'm quite well off and rarely see my children due to my busy lifestyle. But always make the effort for their birthdays and Christmas, not so much at Easter. Anyway, as I'm always so busy I can't be bothered with cleaning my apartment or laundry or cooking so I hired a live in housekeeper to do them for me. The first didn't hang around had a heart attack and recovered and went to live with family. The second I was more selective and picked a fitter looking housekeeper. She was also younger at 56 and slender and unattached single, divorced, or widowed I didn't ask. Anyway, as I said I'm always on the go and my love life isn't a high priority, I get sex whenever I get it. Then I was away and waiting for my flight delayed due to the weather, watching an old movie "The Graduate." It gave me the idea of an older woman and younger man for having sex. A hassle-free answer to my lack of sex, I could hire a mature assistant and have her provide sex as part of her job. But dismissed it as I liked to concentrate on whatever deal I was trying to get done and having an assistant would distract me I thought. Then my housekeeper came to mind, good looking for her age and available all the time when I was home. So. I chose convenience as the best way to improve my sex-life and she couldn't pregnant a major plus. I'm a straight-talking guy and straight asked her on my return and she was of course shocked, and I told no hurry think on it and then give me your answer. Her first thought I think was to refuse, but she decided to think it over and I was gone again next day on another deal making trip. I returned 3 days later and hadn't given my request of sex with my housekeeper any more thought. She must have and once I was settled, she asked me what was in it for her to provide sex to me. I was then fully aware she was thinking of agreeing, I replied, better wages and paid holidays with me. She thought a minute or 2 and asked okay how much extra pay. I said 50% extra and she accepted it without any more being asked by her. I decided to start there and then, took her to my bed and that was the start of her being my cock and ball drainer. I have one weakness I always keep my word, once given I never not keep it, might stretch it but I do keep it. The paid holidays with me, was so I had someone to watch my children more than just drain my cock. It is working out very well, she always provides me with sex when I want it. I'm also going to be a father again, my ex-wife and are always on very good terms and during a visit in April we had sex, and she is now pregnant again. We aren't marrying again, but I've bought the house next door to her and our children. My housekeeper is still my housekeeper/lover and has joined threesomes with my ex-wife and me. My ex likes my housekeeper and uses her to mind our children, so she can attend doctor's appointments without the children with her. So, a perfect arrangement I have living next to my-wife and children and having a housekeeper who also drains my balls as well as an ex-wife who does as well. Only one can get pregnant those.
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