Afraid to see the men from the garage

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I’m a 35 year old married man. My wife and I had to go back to the old neighborhood because my grandpa passed away. But the things I wanted to avoid was running into some of my grandpas old friends and my wife finding out my deepest secret and her not understanding and she might want to divorce me.
We’re at the funeral home and paying our respects to grandpa and as I turned to get up there I see grandpas 3 friends looking right at me and waving for me to come to them and I told my wife that I needed to talk to them and she should wait for me. I didn’t want my wife to overhear anything they were going to say to me because I had a very good idea what they wanted to talk about.
I need to fill you in on my problem. When I was a kid I was going in one of their garage and I was sucking them off and they used my mouth for their cum dump. I made a deal with them that they keep it quiet and I will do whatever they want. As long as nobody ever finds out. They kept their word and my secret was very safe. But my fear of seeing them and in some way my wife finds out my secret. She was talking to some family and the old men were shaking my hand and giving me a hug. I asked them how they were doing and they asked if I wanted to go to the garage and give them a blow job. I told them to be quiet because I don’t want my wife to hear anything about that because she doesn’t know anything about that time and I don’t want her to know now. I heard one tell me that the garage door is open for me and my wife wouldn’t have any idea if I plan it right. They told me that my grandma was told by his wife that I was going to his garage to suck them off because his wife had found out about what he was doing in the garage and then he told me that my grandma is talking to my wife and the way my wife is looking at me she was being told about me and my grandma and one of the guys wife must be telling her everything and I told the guys we’ll talk later and I walked to my wife and asked if she’s okay. She told me that we’re needing to have a very long talk and she wants me to answer her questions and she told me we’re staying at my grandma house and she gave her the keys and we’re leaving now.
She told me she’s getting us some whiskey and she wants me to be very relaxed and she told me my grandma was staying with her friend tonight so we had the house and I’m going to tell her everything. I asked what she was talking about and she told me that my grandma told her that I was going to the neighbors garage and she told her I was sucking them off and she asked if that was true and why didn’t I tell her what they wanted me for. She asked if I’m gay and I told her no I’m not gay because I never wanted to have a relationship with a man and I told her I didn’t ever want to kiss a man. She asked what did I want from a man and I told her that I considered myself as a cocksucker and I told her I really loved the taste and the feeling of a load blown down my throat. She asked if they used me as their submissive. I told her yes they did and she asked if I’m still sucking penis. I told her not since I stopped sucking them off and she wanted to know if I had any desire to blow men. I asked why she wanted to know she told me she’s got a very perverted personality that she never told me about her reason she asked was because she had thoughts over the years about me being a submissive nasty perverted toy and from what my grandma told her about me she might want to explore her perversions with me and that’s why she is having this talk and her next question was how often did I go to the garage and who was there. I told her it started a few times a week and after a month or so they wanted me there 5 days and sometimes on the weekend. I told her they were friends with my grandpa and they were all at the funeral home and they wanted me to come to the garage and suck them off and she wanted to know what I told them. She wanted to know if I wanted to go to the garage because if I did she wanted to go with me and watch me sucking them off and she said that if I do what I’m told she won’t divorce me but our sex life will have a new dynamic and she’s my Domina and because my grandma is not coming home tonight she wants me in the garage so she can set the ground rules for our new arrangement.
In the garage she told me to take my clothes off and lay on my back on the bench and she told me to get and keep myself hard and she tied me down and she wanted to show me something that my grandma told her about. She had an envelope and emptied it out and said my grandma found the envelope a day after my grandpa passed when she was going through his things. She put a picture so I can see it and it showed me on my knees with the men around me with their cocks in their hands and my mouth is sucking on one and my hands are jerking the other two. She wanted to know if I enjoyed what I did in the next picture I saw I’m tied in a chair swing and I was upside down she asked how did this work. I told her one day when I went to the dentist and was told that I didn’t have a gag reflex and to be careful and chew my food good before I swallowed my food so I didn’t choke. I told her that when I said something about it to them they wanted to see if they were able to fuck my throat and when they tried to get it down my throat they wanted to use my mouth and throat in ways that degraded myself. As I was telling her about my perversions I could feel my euphoria building and my perversions taking my mind over and I was becoming very submissive and she wanted to know what would happen if she called the men and had them come to the garage and told them they can use my mouth to dump their loads down my throat so she will know how perverted and submissive personality I am. She called grandma friend and told her I’m on the bench and she wanted them over and bring their husband and if grandma wanted to watch she’s welcome to be there.
A few minutes later they were coming in the garage and they saw me on the bench and my wife told them my mouth is ready to be used and she told me to tell them exactly what I wanted them to do and I told them I wanted them to use my mouth and dump their loads down my throat so my wife can see me suck and swallow everything they dump in my mouth.

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