A Deer Surprise


A Deer Surprise

I was out walking the other day on my usual trail when I spotted a smaller one leading off this one. I decided to take it and see where it went. I walked for a little bit then entered a small opening in the trees. It wasn't very big but it was big enough to rest in. I sat down, took my back pack off, setting it behind me. I leaned back and rested with my head on the back pack.
A few minutes later , I heard a rustling in the trees and looked around. A big buck appeared at the edge of the opening. He stopped when he saw me and we stared at each other for a few minutes. Then he tentatively moved towards me, slowly. I wasn't sure what he was going to do as he came closer and closer until he was standing at the my feet.
He grunted and moved over me, his legs holding my arms against my body as he moved up and up until he was over my face. I scanned his underbelly then saw something I couldn't take my eyes off. His cock was out of its pouch and was sticking straight down towards me. This buck was horny and I think he wanted me.
He stomped one of his feet beside my head as I reached up and touched his cock. That seemed to be what he wanted so I started to slide my hand up the length of him. The more my hand slid along him, the more he seemed to want it. I soon reached his balls and I started to rub them too. He grunted softly again as I started to slide my hand back down him. I reached his head and rubbed around it, feeling its hardnest. It grew some more the more I rubbed it so I continued while he stood letting me do it.
He backed off and let me get up onto my knees underneath him where I could reach the full length of him. I opened my mouth and touched his head with my tongue. I licked his head for a moment then opened my mouth further and took him fully into my cavity. I started to gently suck him making hin shuffle his feet while I got bolder and sucked faster. I sucked and licked him for what seemed like hours then he came in a rush, filling my mouth with wet, watery juice. I swallowed as fast as I could but it wasn't fast enough as quite a lot of it ran out of the corners of my mouth and down my shirt and shorts.

When he finished spurting his hot juice into me, he backed away and stood again at my feet, looking at me. After a few minutes, he turned and walked to the edge of the opening, stopping and looking at me again over his shoulder. With a grunt, he disappeared into the trees, leaving me with the taste of him in my mouth and wet shirt and shorts.
I waited for a couple of days then went walking again, searching for that opening. I found it and sure enough, there was the buck too. He looked at me and watched as I got down on the ground on my knees, facing him. He slowly walked over to me as I crouched a little to let him get his cock in position for me to suck. I took him into my mouth quickly and started.
I heard him grunt as he felt my hot mouth surround his cock and the pleasure of me sucking him. It didn't take long before he was filling my mouth with his hot juice and it spilling out of the corners of my mouth and down onto my clothes once more. I sucked him until he was finished then he stepped back again but this time he stayed at my feet, looking down at me and my crotch.
I looked down at what he was looking at and realized he was wanting me to strip naked right there. I did, quickly stripping off my clothes until I was naked on the ground, my hard cock sticking straight up in front of me. He bend his head and snifted my cock for a moment then his long tongue came out and he licked me softly. He continued licking me for a moment then I rolled more onto my back and raised my ass towards him. He ran his tongue along my crack several times and once, his tongue went inside me, then it was my turn to grunt.
He continued licking me until I couldn't wait any longer and came, gushing a large amount of come straight up in the air, landing on his furry underbelly. After I finished, I quickly licked my come off him and he backed away from me again. He stood looking at me for quite a while then walked to the edge of the opening. This time he didn't look at me before entering the trees and disappearing.
Our meetings went on for a few weeks. At night I would think about sucking his cock and him licking my crack and ass hole. I would get as hard as I had ever been just thinking about it. I decided that I wanted more out of our rendevous. I went to the love shop and bought a few things. I bought a small and large dildo, a butt plug and some beads.
I practiced at home in between the meetings until I was comfortable with something inside my ass. I even wore the butt plug during the day at work before getting home to fuck myself with the dildo. It came the time to see if he was willing to fuck me in the ass as I had loosened up my hole enough from the self fucking I had been doing.

The next time I went into the opening, I looked around to see if there was a way for him to fuck me. I noticed a small tree bent over near where he usually came into the opening. I tried it out by leaning over it and found it would be perfect as I could present my ass to him and he could raise himself up on his hind hooves.
When he finally appeared, I immediately got down on my back and pulled my legs up over my head. My ass was fully open to him and he started to lick me furiously. His tongue entered my ass several times and after a few times inside me, he stopped when his tongue went in my ass. I could feel him sliding his tongue up and into me, tasting me. He seemed to like it and kept doing it for several minutes.
When he backed off, I got up and went over to the bend tree and leaned over it. I spread my legs wide apart and pulled my cheeks apart too. He got the message and after trying several times to get up on the tree with his front hooves, he finally did and I felt, for the first time, a hard cock rubbing against my hole.
I took a deep breath and waited for him to enter me. I knew it would be painful but I didn't care as I wanted him inside me, fucking me. He probed with his cock several times then found my opening and thrust fully up into me. I screamed from the intrusion but he started to pull his cock out of me anyway.
Soon, he was fucking me with strong thrusts that filled my canal fully with his head hitting the end of it each time he thrust. He was thrusting so hard that I thought the tree would break. With each thrust, the pain got softer and I started to enjoy the feeling of his cock sliding up and down my canal. He pounded me for a while then I felt a hot sensation as he came inside me, spurting his hot juices deep in my body.
When he finished coming, he stepped back as I stood up. I quickly got on my knees and took his softening cock into my mouth and sucked it, trying to get all of the come out of him as I could. I finished and stood up again as he lowered his head and his tongue slipped out to touch my head. He started to lick me and it was soon after that I came, splattering him and me with my hot come.
He licked his mouth and looked at me before turning and again disappearing into the forest. This was the first time I had a hard cock buried inside my ass and I knew from that moment on, I wanted him to fuck me every time we were together. That's what happened. He fucked me over and over again throughout the following weeks.

But I wanted more. I wanted to fuck him too only I wasn't sure he would let me. I knew I had to find out so the next time after he fucked me, I reached around and found his ass hole. I pushed a finger against it softly and slowly as to not surprise him. He let me so I added a finger then a third then a fourth until I was sliding four fingers in and out of his hole. I went behind him and touched his hole with my tongue. He let me so I thrust it into him and swirled it around inside his ass. He stomped on the ground a couple of times but stood and let me tongue fuck him.
I knew now that I could fuck him so I started to plan how I was going to do it. I'd use the bent tree and stand on it which would put me at about the right height to reach his hole with my cock. I kept keeping my hole open when I wasn't getting his hard cock until the day came.
When I got to the opening, I quickly stripped and walked over to the bent tree. He came in sight just as I balanced myself on the trunk. When he saw me I think he knew what I wanted as he turned around and backed up towards me. When he came close enough, I could use him to balance while thrusting in and out of
I rubbed my head around his opening and slowly entered, just inside him. He grunted as I did that until I couldn't wait any longer and thrust into him with all my might. His canal was warm and wet, easy to slide up into. I pulled my cock out of him until just my head was inside him and stopped. He stomped the ground several times before I started to move.
His canal was long. Longer then my length so I never got to the end of it but it didn't matter as I was enjoying the feeling of his skin and the hardnest of his canal while I fucked him. When I came, I felt that the amount of come that I spurted was more than I had ever done before and as my cock softened and finally slid out of him, I quickly got behind him and sucked and licked at his hole. I wanted all the come I could get out of him as I liked the taste of him just as he seemed to like the taste of me.
He walked away from me so I jumped down off the tree. Getting on my hands and knees on the ground and raising my ass in the air, I gave him a perfect target. He came over and for the first time, he fucked me standing above my body on the ground. This time it seemed like it was the hardest he had ever thrust in and out of me. Maybe it was because I had fucked him or something else but it surely was the best fuck he had ever given me.
We met until the fall when he migrated with his group. Maybe in the spring we could start all over again. I had the whole winter to think about it.

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