After University

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I'm Alan 27, when I finished university I was unable to get work for a while. So I used to work as a male stripper to get by. I would strip naked and women would throw money at me. The best night I had, I made 950 dollars after the houses commisson. I also took private jobs with some women, it was more cash no commission. I met a woman named Joanne 56 a professional woman and gorgeous nice body, great tits and very randy. She was married to a big business man and only when he was away, she would come looking. She paid very well and wanted everything. I met her about month into my stripping career, her and I became an item. She ever got me a new cell phone, so I could be on call just for her. Even after I got a job outside of stripping,we would still get together. Some months I would see her 6 or 7 times and others 3 or 4. Anyway the company I started work for got taken over by another. I and everyone wondered if we still had our jobs, I was shocked to find that Joanne's husband Douglas was the new owner. He told all of us that no jobs would be lost and that we would absorb into his company over the coming weeks and our old company building would be sold off. The following week I was called to the main offices of the new company and was told that I was to be the new assistant to the companies development director. People in the office said " Your in trouble, assistants don't last long in that job, a month at most". I had to report next morning to the development offices and met my new boss next day. After being shown into the empty office I sat and waited for the boss to return from a meeting. About hour later the door opened and Joanne walk in talking to her receptionist Rachel. On seeing me she introduced herself and told to sit back down. After Rachel had left the office, she came over and kissed me. After that she told to grab a briefcase and follow her, she told Rachel that she would be gone till after lunch. Then she told me to keep up and we left and ended up in my apartment fucking and then lunch and back to her office. This is my new life, except for the fact that Rachel the receptionist is also her lover and is now living me as we are also fucking and with Joanne went she comes over. I've been doing this now for 9 months, when we are at work is as strict as ever it's mainly just a an act. But if I do something wrong, I get told off really quickly.

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