Hooking up with the neighbor

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The other day I was out mowing the lawn. I am in my mid forties and in good shape. I could see my neighbor Thomas down the street shooting hoops. He is just out of high school about 5' 10" and a lean Latino. I finished the lawn and he came over and asked me if I wanted to play hoops. I had played hoops. catch, four square in the neighborhood with the k**s for years. So, I did not think anything of it.

We were playing for about 20 minutes and Thomas said he was getting hot and he took his shirt off. We started playing again. Except this time when I would defend him he would back me up by grinding his ass into my cock. After a couple of minutes of this I looked down and I could see pink panties sticking out of the back of his shorts. I was completely flummoxed. However, the reality was I starting to get pretty turned on. I was doing everything to not get my cock hard but it was fat and full. The contrast of his dark skin against the pink panties as his lean body rubbed against me was to much for me in my confused state. I told Thomas I was feeling a little woozy and excused myself.

As I walked home with a huge bulge in my shorts: I thought about the time a few years ago when Thomas and my wife were sitting on my porch and Thomas shot me with a nerf gun and hit my right butt cheek as I was working on the lawn. My wife laughed and exclaimed "Thomas". Thomas said "What, his cheeks are cute!".

As I got through the door to my house my cock was completely erect. I ripped my shorts and shirt off and started stroking my completely shaved cock. I had never done anything with a guy before even though I had fantasized about guys.. I was still kind of freaked but that did not stop me from whacking my meat frenetically. A few minutes went by and suddenly there was a knock on the door. I quickly put my underwear and shorts on. I pulled my underwear all the way up to hold my erection tight against my stomach. I answered the door shirtless and there was Thomas shirtless as was I. He came in and closed the door. I hoped he did not see the huge bulge in my shorts. He approached me and said "Bobby, I have always been attracted to you" and then he leaned in and just started kissing me. It was intense as we made out and fell to the couch with Thomas on top of me and our naked torsos rubbing each
other. My hands were on his ass squeezing his cheeks. He started to pull my shorts off and my bare cock was exposed as we kept making out. We were grinding each other as we made out and suddenly he went to my cock and engulfed it with his mouth. His fat lips going up and down my cock sent me into the stratosphere and I came as hard as I could remember. I probably shot six or seven times in his mouth. He was not done though. He came up and started making out with me again with all that come in his mouth we swapped that come for ages and finally I broke away and said. "Thomas, Stand up and take your shorts off". His shorts came off and there was his lovely brown cock sticking out of his pink panties. There was precum all over his panties. He did not have a hair on his body. I did not realize he was completely shaved when we were playing hoops because of his long shorts. I pulled him towards me as I sat on the couch and he stood. My hands were shaking as I reached his cock. I slowly pulled down his pink panties and his big hard cock was exposed. It was glorious and I was mesmerized. I started kissing it and sucking it. Back and forth. Up and down. Licking the shaft and then licking his scrotum. His cock was leaking tons of precum and was mixing with all the cum taste in my mouth from our previous cum swapping makeout. He said "Bobby, I am going to cum". I swallowed his shaft and he started blasting in my mouth. The shots were filling my mouth and I swallowed some of the glorious goo while keeping a bunch in my mouth. We started swapping cum again. He said "You have to fuck me". I said absolutely and went and grabbed some lube as quick as I could.. When I came back he was on all fours with his ass facing me. I got behind him and started eating his clean ass. I was rubbing his hard on and licking his hole. He was telling me how much he had wanted me to do this and how long he had waited. I was totally enjoying his mutterings and continued to work him over. Finally he said "Fuck Me!". I put some lube on my cock and rubbed it in his ass with my fingers and he started to moan. Slowly I inserted my cock while Thomas moaned. Then I started fucking him. I could not believe this beautiful young man was enjoying this so much. The sensation was wonderful as my cock was in his ass. He was bucking and so expressive as he moaned and told me how he loved my cock in his ass. I gave him a warning and told him I was going to cum soon. He pulled off me
and turned around and started making out with me and said, "Dude, I have to fuck you!". I said "Lets do it". He turned me around and started eating my ass. My wife eats my ass and fingers me and it is always terrific. However, Thomas was unbelievable as he devoured me and pretty soon I was moaning and vocalizing all sorts of stuff. After a while he stopped and started to lube and finger my hole. I was pushing back against his fingers and next thing I knew I could feel his cock against my asshole. He inserted it slowly. It was slightly painful and uncomfortable at first but Thomas is a warm and caring lover. As soon as it was in my cock started leaking copious amounts of precum and pretty soon I was slamming my ass into him enjoying a feeling I had never felt before. My cock was slapping against my stomach as I was humping and moaning suddenly I stopped moving and I orgasmed involuntarily. I spewed cum all over the place as my ass clenched his cock.. Thomas started cumming in my ass and I could feel his warm goo fill my insides. We fell into the couch giggling like crazy. Pretty soon Thomas started kissing me lovingly and we had a soft gentle makeout session. After a while I said, "Thomas, thank you. You have to go. I have to clean up before my wife comes home".

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