Gooning Ritual

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Gooning is an important ritual that all gay men should experience. In fact, I put it up there with nudism, prostate orgasm, communal masturbation and naked play parties – activities that gay men should participate in!

I first got into the goon about 3 years ago. I have been a longtime group or communal masturbator and although this is similar the goal of gooning is very different.

Gooning is a wonderful way to relieve stress and muscle tension, it is also a nice way to experience a deep and intense love-making session with yourself!

Men that experience the goon become stupid on dick as they ferociously play with themselves. It can go on for hours and in some cases even days. He can do it alone or with other like-minded gay men.

I attended my last session last weekend. There were a total of 4 men including myself.

We are all faggots and the age range is from our ‘40s to early ‘50s. We are all very average looking men that simply enjoy experiencing extended and very intense bate sessions.

The ritual began with all of us sitting in a circle together. Of course we were all stark nude.

We sat cross-legged and began breathing with our eyes closed. This was to loosen us up first. The meditation ritual lasted only about 20 minutes.

We then laid back flat on the floor with pillows to support us as we very delicately touched the tips of our nips and cocks. Again, this was to help loosen us up before the gooning began.

Finally we spread out for the real fun!

A couple men man-sat on the sofa and me and another man moved up against the wall with our legs spread wide open.

The other dude on the floor with me had a really impressive set of genitals. His nut-sack was very droopy-loose and jiggled all around as he massaged his dong-head, he also had a tiny landing strip shaved on his mound.

As I started to get into the goon I closed my eyes and simply began to beat off as fast as I could. I just began pumping my cock. The goal was not to orgasm though.

About an hour into it I finally started to ride the goon and became stupid on dick.

My face contorted in odd positions as I grunted savagely. The feeling was so sweet and intense and my glans-penis was a dark purple at this time, of course totally engorged.

Another man on the sofa started chanting various phrases and words, all about his love for his sex-organ.

And the other man on the sofa was in complete goon mood at this time. He was half-conscious, his eyes were rolled back and his head was tilted to the side as he erratically beat his erect dong! His face was also in a very unusual position and had that classic goon look that all gooner-baters experience.

The other faggot-gentleman on the floor with me was making the most noise. He was grunting so incredibly loud and his penis was spitting out so much pre-seed! It really was so fucken sweet to watch a man make such intense love to his dong that he actually made more pre-seed than most men make when they experience ejaculation!

I was letting out a lot of pre-jism by now myself and simply riding the goon, just making love to my cock, embracing the deep intense feeling of faggot self-love! There was no shame and no hesitation. It was natural and the love that I felt for myself was real and I felt so much love in that room with the other faggot-gooners!

My face was shaped in all different unusual positions as I rode the goon, like the other faggots.

We were sharing a very special experience together. It was our special time just for us to give ourselves pleasure.

We all started experiencing orgasm within about 4 or 5 hours into the goon. This wasn’t an overly long session but it was a very intense ritual.

The first man to spasm shot a huge puddle of sperm that simple went everywhere!

I spewed a lot of thick gloppy seed that went flying into my mouth and some even hit the man sitting across from me. My pelvis simply started to shake uncontrollable while I was semi-consciousness and savagely grunting loudly.

By this time I was actually gooning with both hands and had the entire shaft of the penis encased in hands while I concentrated on the sweet-sensitive dong-head! I started groaning as my dong-head easily started to spit out the seed!

When we were all through achieving the height of the goon we were all spermy and exhausted. One man even experienced a strong second orgasm after his initial climax!

Since it was late we decided to just collapse and go to sleep together on the floor. The host brought out some old blankets for us. We all laid together and pressed our spermy nude bodies up against one another.

Before we went to sleep we had a quick snow-ball session. We took some of the sperm from our dongs and put it on our tongues and then all 4 of us took turns tongue-touching with one another. We would wiggle our tongues around on top of each other’s spoogey-spermy tongues. This was the height of faggot-fellowship and such a sweet way to end a perfect faggot gooning ritual!

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