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My name is brand i am now in my early forties,i was married when i reached 21 yrs old,before i got married i was living with my parents and my older brother,i did not have my own room,i was sharing my brother one room,we were sleeping in one large bed.

My mother used to give us bath together,i soap my brother back and he does the same to me,seeing my mom naked body was normal,also touching her soft body was allowed for me and my brother.

When we reached 17 yrs old mom started to notice our huge cocks,it was great pleasure for all of us when mom takes our cocks and put in her mouth,after sucking our cocks we unload our cum into my mom mouth,she likes to swallow our cum and to clean our cocks with her lips.

My dad was aware of what we do with mom,he was not against it,he wanted to have his share from us,one afternoon and while i was watching tv with dad,mom was out with my brother,on the tv we were watching a nice movie,when it was finished dad changed the channel,he wanted to watch porn film,he likes to watch porn.

The film was talking about one young man working in a farm,he was gay and the owner of the farm was having sex relation with the young man,he fucks him almost every night before he goes to sleep,i saw my dad playing with his cock while he was watching the film.

His cock was so big and thick,i came closer to his chair looking at his cock,he said to me"why do not you come and give me a good blowjob,i am so excited,i want to cum in your mouth,i sat between his legs and i put his huge cock in my mouth,i sucked it for a while,then before he was ready to cum,he changed his mind,he wanted to unload his cum into my asshole.

Dad mounted my back and shoved his cock deep into my hole,i felt his huge cum filling my hole,when he finished he pulled out his cock from my hole and shoved it in my mouth asking me to clean it.

I was fucked in my hole by my brother many times,but with my dad it was something different,i enjoyed it much better.

After my marriage i used to ask my wife to insert a big dildo into my hole,i was not able to fuck her before she fills my hole with a dildo.

My brother in law came to visit us one evening,he asked his sister about her new life and about our sex relation,my wife told him every thing including my habit to be fucked by a dildo before i can fuck her.

I heard him saying"do not worry my dear sister,there are many men like your husband,the feeling of something filling their asshole makes them more horny and more willing to fuck"then he looked at me saying"do not you feel more horny my dear brother in law".

It was hard for me to talk about my habit,i replied"really,i am not so sure about what you just said"he said"i can prove it to you now if you like,can you fuck my sister now in front of me without having some thing in your asshole,come and try,i bit you cannot"

i took off my clothes and asked my wife to do the same,i tried to put my cock into her pussy,i could not,my b i l smiled and came behind me,he squeezed his cock between my ass cheeks,then i felt horny,i pushed my cock so eagerly into my wife hole,the more i feel the cock going into my hole the deeper i go into my wife hole.

He was right and was able to prove his point,now my wife calls her brother when ever she wants to enjoy a good fuck,my b i l is now enjoying both of our asses,mine and my wife.

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