Forced to and she helped him


This happened when I was married for 5 years. My wife and I were at a party, and she wanted to see a wild sex show. So we leave the party and she said let's go to the sex movie place. We were both drunk and so I said let's go.we went in and I was checking out books and toys when she comes up with this very young guy. And he said your show is almost ready and I am going to help you get into it. So we walked to the back part of the place and we are in the room and she and I are putting on leg and hand restraints. She said I think you're supposed to put your feet here and hands here. Then the young guy straps them in. When I was secure I feel my shirt and pants being cut off me and she said she had this all set up for us and we will have a great time. I'm now nakid and the young guy is too he told my wife to strip. She did and he put a strap on,on her and asked her how big? She grabbed a 8" vibrator and he strapped it in for her and she put lube on it and my asshole then she said get ready to take dicks and eat cocks. I'm not looking forward to being tied up,then my feet spread apart. And she was behind me and rubbing her toy around my anus. Then she stuffed it in me and I tell at her and he stuck his hard cock in my mouth and it was going down my throat.she is now pumping my asshole hard. After a while she pulled out and squirted lube in me then stuffed my hole and pumped me hard and fast he never pulled out of my mouth and he was sliding in and out of my mouth. She said he needs cum. And there was 2 guys in front of my face jacking off. One guy was around 50 and the other guy was around 19. When he pulled out of my mouth the old one squirted in my held open mouth then the young guy is squirting in my mouth to. They had put a wire thing on my head and I couldn't shut my mouth. Then a few other men were mouth fucking me and she kept asshole assulting me then she pulled out and the first young man came in my asshole then the old guy came in my ass and all the other guys came in my whole. It feels like 15 guys came, and I can feel cum running down both legs and my feet. She said have you had enough cum in your asshole I shook my head yes and she said good next for his mouth I was shaking no but the whole line of men were jacking off and when they came it was in my mouth when the guys were taking a break she mouth fucked me. She said she wanted to do this for a long time. And she was going to do it again because I told her I liked sucking cocks. Then the men came back again and they all came in my mouth I think everyone came at least 4 times each. Then I felt a huge butt plus getting shoved in my asshole. It hurt bad as it went in. Then she untied my feet. And a guy who couldn't have been over 16 started cumming in my mouth and on my face and head. I was covered in cum. Then they untied me and put me in a car and dumped me in our front yard. I walked in to the house and headed for the shower I took about a hour long shower and dryer off then I looked at the butt plug and it was like 5" in diameter and my asshole was hurting. I sat over the toilet and asked her to help me get it out. I was holding on to the toilet and she had to pull hard on it. I thought my insides was ripping out when it came out. She said dam you asshole is huge. I looked at it in the mirror and she could put her hand in an touch the sides. I sat on the toilet for over a hour and I was dripping cum and shit the whole time. When I tried to squeeze my asshole shut it hurt bad. But I got it closed later, and a week later it was her turn!
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