Fishing partner


My son has a cock that measures seven and three quarters in girth and ten and a half inches in length.
I know. I measured it one evening as I playfully sucked his cock.

Chris isn't actually my son. He is my husband's son.
But, he has always called me mom.

Today Chris is twenty-four and I'm forty-seven.

Chris and I don't date. We are more like each other's booty call.
We have an agreement that fits us well.

I'm not saying we don't sneak off on occasions for a weekend getaway or something like that.
Because we have several times.

We aren't in love, wishing to be together secretly, waiting on the perfect time to run off together.
We just like to fuck each other.

Maybe I should have married Chris I have thought from time to time.
He and I have more in common than his father and I do.

Both of us like to hunt, fish, hike, and do whatever outdoors.
His father will do all that. Or used to anyway. But, it's not his thing anymore. He's more into his business.

I married Chris's father when Chris was twelve. We instantly hit it off.
For that matter. Chris's mother and I get along great also.

No, I didn't secretly lust for Chris when he was a boy either.

From the time his father and I started dating, Chris and I would go fishing together.
As Chris grew his father spent less and less time doing father/son things with him.
So Chris started asking me to go with him and eventually quit asking his father altogether.

By the time Chris was about nineteen, I was his full-time hunting and fishing partner. His father just refused to go.

No, I didn't fall in love with Chris and seduce him. I don't think anyway.

But, his mother was the one that kinda put things in motion I guess.

She and I were talking one afternoon and she asked about all the time Chris and spend together.

I assured her there was nothing there.

"Well, Clara. That is your fault then." Kelly chuckled catching me off guard.

"I couldn't." I gasped.

"Why? Because you are married to his father." Kelly laughed.

"It would just be wrong," I said kinda tersely.

"When was the last time Mike spread you out on the bed and had his way with you that lasted longer than five minutes." Kelly smiled knowingly.

I just sat there with a blank look trying to remember.

"My point exactly." Kelly chuckled. "There is a reason James and I go see a movie a couple of times a month." Kelly finished with a naughty smile.

"Are you saying that you are fucking your stepson?" I gasped.

"Well, we ain't baking cooking. But, I'll let him eat a cookie." Kelly laughed.

"I would have never thought that out of you." I chuckled thinking about what kelly had just said.

"It just fills a gap for us both. Don't get me wrong. I love my husband just like you Mike. But, a girl has needs." Kelly chuckled.

"That is no joke there." I chuckled.

"Just let things happen and see where they go. That's what I did." Kelly grinned.

As we talked I learned that Kelly and I had a whole lot more I common in the sex department than I would have ever guessed and Mike and David could be twins in bed.

"Think about this Clara. It's convenient and no one would be the wiser." Kelly smiled.

I can't lie. I thought about what it would be like to have Chris in bed even before Kelly and I talked. But, that's about it. I never let it go any farther than that.

But, what I did do was let things kinda just take their course and didn't stop anything from happening as I had previously. Not that all that much had ever happened to begin with.
Oh, there was a couple of times things got a little close. But, nothing serious.

I'm a woman with curves. I have a nice, full 44" ass. A set of 42D tits that still stand proud, and a nice flat, hard 34" waist and at 5'7" it all fits me well.
I will admit. I did start dressing a little differently. Not like a needy slut or anything. Just not so conservatively.

Mike and I own a cabin on a local lake. It's nothing fancy. A small two-room cabin with a loft overlooking the downstairs.
Chris spends more time there than anyone.

"We fishing Saturday?" Chris asked as we ate dinner.

"Sounds good. You want to go to the ass crack of dawn?" I laughed.

"Got to beat the heat," Chris smirked enjoying our banter.

"How about you dad? You wanna go?" Chris asked looking at his father already knowing the answer.

"I've got too much going," Mike said dryly.

"He can be an ole fuddy-duddy if we want. I'll still catch more fish than you." I laughed.

Just like clockwork at 5:30 I heard Chris pull in the drive.

It was getting close to one when Chris and I decided to take a break and get something to eat.

"Beer and a burger?" Chris said as we finished loading the boat.

"Two beers and a burger." I smiled at him. "And your buying." I finished with a flirty smile.

As we sat and ate the words of kelly echoed in my head making me wonder if Chris had it in him.

"I need to stop at the cabin before we go back out," I told Chris as we climbed back in the truck.

Chris was leaning against the post in the center of the cabin when I came out of the bathroom.

Walking past over to the sink I took my hip and bumped his as I walked by. Instantly I felt the sting of his big hand on my broad ass.

"Hey!" I yelled kinda laughing as I turned around going to swat him.

But, it didn't happen the way I thought it would.

As soon as our eyes met, I knew it was going to happen.

Chris pulled me to him. Automatically I reached up and put my arms over his shoulders and pulled him to me kissing him.

Things escalated pretty quickly from there.
I went from kissing to dry jumping. To him picking me up and carrying me over to the couch.

Were he laid me down and climbed in between my welcoming spread legs and we started making out some as he helped me shed my clothes.

I'm sure he thought about eating my pussy. But, I was sweaty and dirty. I really didn't want his face down there. I just wanted his dick in me.

I got the surprise of my life though when I got his jeans in buttoned.

It was like I was back in high school again laying on the couch making out like we were.

I knew Chris was hard already. But, I figured I could jack him off a bit and see how big the tool was I was working with.
Give it a good inspection.

Chris just smiled when I reached inside his jeans and grabbed his colossal prick.

"What the fuck!" I gasped. Sitting up in a hurry. His jeans were just unbuttoned and his underwear pulled down in the front and there was more cock showing than I had ever seen in my life.
"Is that thing real? My God!" I laughed looking at Chris with a stupid look.

"Real as it gets." He laughed.

I will say I was a bit scared. But, I was a whole lot excited. I had always dreamed of a cock that big. There is a couple of porn stars I would let fuck just because of the size of their cocks.

"Let's get you out of them jeans." I giggled like a schoolgirl. "I want to see that big motherfucker." I giggled excitedly.

"Oh, my poor little pussy is in for a surprise today." I giggled again as Chris kicked his jeans off and I rubbed my chubby bald slit that was already wet looking at his cock.

Leaning back in excitement. I looked, Chris in the with lust as he held his big cock and lined it up with my waiting fuck hole.

"Mmmm, shitttt!" I moaned softly as he started pushing into slow and gently stretching me wider than I have ever been stretched in my life.

Bracing himself on the couch slowly and methodically Chris fed me his cock. Inch by inch as I withered underneath him.

We never hurried or rushed anything. Party because Chris didn't want to hurt me. The other was there was no reason to. We had all the time in the world.

Chris was on his second jab when I came the first time soaking us both.

"Yessssss!" I whimpered softly in lust.

"God, you are sexy." Chris smiled down at me as I held his hips.

"Love me!" I moaned.

Right there on the couch in our cabin, Chris made love to me. Soft, gentle, easy love. No rushing or hurting. No, expectations. It was easy and natural lovemaking.
Each wanting the other and all they had to give.
Learning other's bodies and feelings.

No. It wasn't a two-hour marathon fuck. Probably only thirty minutes maybe.
But, my God was it good.

I was sitting on Chris's lap riding him and kissing him soft little playful kisses when he swelled and pulled me to him and took one of my big tits in his mouth and filled my needy little slit with love juice.

"God yes!" I moaned trembling when I felt him swell and release inside me. I instantly pushed down on his monster cock hard wanting him completely inside me.

As Chris's click twitched in my pussy pumping me full of his juice I held him right and wiggled practically trying hard to get every drop of his jizz milked from him that I could.

Panting hard I set up and looked Chris in the face with a loving smile.

"That was fantastic." I smiled as I leaned back into him enjoying the feeling of his cock as I made tiny circles working my hips.

"I'm not done yet," Chris whispered pulling me to him.

"Me either." I moaned. "I want some more of that." I finished.

"A lot more," Chris whispered again.

"But, I need a shower first." I giggled.

"Me too," Chris confirmed.

I didn't want to dismount him. I could have stayed right where we were forever as horny as I was.

I smiled proudly when I stood up looking at all the I'm caked on his cock. It was amazing how much he and I had came together.

With Chris just sitting there with his big cock on display and his legs spread. I couldn't help myself.
I bent over and kissed him. Then leaned down and gave him a licking enjoying the taste of our juices.
Then skipped off to the shower.

I was hoping Chris was gonna join me in the shower. I had plans for some shower sex.

"I feel better," I announced coming out of the shower in a towel.

"We have all night." Chris smiled as he walked up to me wrapping his strong arms around me kissing me. "I could and told Mike we were gonna try some late evening fishing." Chris grinned at me.

"Is that so?" I grinned at him very flirty.

"That is so." Chris grinned.

"Well, get a shower then. I'm horny." I giggled.

"Is that so?" Chris chuckled.

"Shower now. I want to fuck!" I said looking him in the eye.

It was almost midnight by the time we got back home that evening.
My pussy was battered, bruised, and sore and I had a belly full of cum.
I didn't dare wear shorts around Mike for over a week from the rug burns on my knees.

I made Chris buy some lube to keep at the cabin and his place.
His prick is just to big for me to take in the ass without a lot of lube.

I know Chris is fucking other women. I can't say much about it. I'm a married woman and married to his father.
I do get a little pissy at times about it though.

Chris and I enjoy our time together.
In reality, We probably spend more time together than we should in truth.

I will admit.
I was a little more excited for our annual fishing trip than I normally am.
Ten days of rest, relaxation, and fucking.

I will tell you how it goes.

Oh, and I did tell Kelly about Chris and me.
She just smiled and congratulated me.

"I'm sure he is better in bed than his father." Kelly chuckled making me laugh in agreement. "She also confirmed that she was fucking her stepson as I figured she was. But, that is also the reason Mike divorced her. She couldn't keep her pants on.


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