The never ending sex story

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I saw her for the first time a long time ago when she was young. I had not seen her again till this day . So I am down at this local park where alot of teen age k**s hang out . Yea some of them are thugs and some are just stoners and then there are your preppy folk that come down to the park . They usually have there dog walking them . Well this park is pretty wild from what I have seen . I mean there is sex going on in the woods at this little park . . I say this because she was on this giant blanket on her knees slurping and sucking on this old mans cock . He had this suit on and she she was wearing some bikini top and some cut off shorts.his pants are down around his ankles and I look and I have to look again to make sure it was who I thought it was . This girl who was on her knees she was this girl who lived across the street in the house I grew up in and she was like 15 the last time I saw her. They had moved and I guess it wasnt vrey far .She was going to be a hottie I knew it and that had to be like 5 years ago . I was just walking in the woods of this park going down this path when I saw them They had no clue that I was watching them I stopped when I saw them not wanting to make any noise.So I slowly got as close as i could. I was now like 15 feet away behind this big tree .The tree hid me perfecly I could see them good.. I was wondering what she was doing sucking this old mans cock .She got up off her knees and she pulled her shorts off and turned around . When she turned she saw me so I cam out from behind the tree. I walked up to them both with there clothes around there ankles. I looked at this little dick this guy had on him and I looked at her and I said go ahead Lisa suck his little dick . She looked at me and said you are Brent. I said yea you remember me go ahead suck his little dick . She lifted her bikini top off of her tits . She looked at me and rubbed and squeezed thos beautiful things . they were the size of a soft ball. Nice and round and her nipples got bigger the more she pinched and pulled on them . I looked at her rubbing my crothch as she did this saying suck his cock Lisa . She did what I asked her she took his little cock it was like 5 inches long and as round as quarter. She sucked him watching me rub my cock . She was seeing by my buldge i my jeans that i was squeezing and rubbing was ten times bigger then that little thing she had her mouth on . Then Jimbob the little dick guy he saw my buldge and saw me rubbing and squeezing my cock . I looked at this punk ass little dick dude and said what you want to suck my cock . He said no i dont . I said well I think you do . Lisa looked up at him when I said that and said is that right Jimbob He said no I dont want to suck his cock. I steped right over to where they were and I pulled down my pants and out came my big fat cock . Lisa she was drooling as she watched me stroke it and rub my balls. Jimbob was like her he was watching with his mouth open eyes wide as a cats eyes in the head light of some car at night. I looked at both of them and said Jimbob get down on you knees wuth her you sissy boy. Come on Jimbob you know you want to suck my cock . you know you think about what a cock would feel like in your mouth . Get you ass over here Jimbob and show Lisa how you can suck a cock . He was hesitant but he did he got down ther with Lisa on his knees. I walked over to them and let go of my cock .Standing waiting to see which one was going to grab it first Lisa was the winner with Jimbob just a tad slower to my cock . Lisa sucked on me and she held it for her Jimbob to suck it was so cute her holding it for him as he sucked on his first cock . I said Jimbob you like sucking a cock dont you . I said you grab my cock and suck me Jimbob I held the sides of his head and I f***ed my cock to his throat. I said Jimbob open your fucking mouth I better not feel any teeth on my cock . He opened his mouth and he gagged the guy kept gagging and spitting on me . I got tired of that fast. I told Lisa to get her ass down on all fours I was going to use her ass for a little while . She said please dont fuck my ass I have never been fucked in my ass it will hurt me with that big cock you got Fuck his ass she says. I Look at him and he says oh no you are not going to fuck my ass.. Lisa layed down on the blanket and she spread her legs wide open showing me her little pussy . She even fingered it showing me . Jimbob says look at the slut she wants your fat cock in her pussy . I say yea i should fuck that pussy shouldnt I Jimbob. Jimbob says i dont think it will fit in her little pussy you will stretch her real good if you do . Slut Lisa was laying there with her pussy open ready to try and take my cock . I got down there with her i was on my knees. I grabbed her and pulled her up so I had her pussy in my face. Her head was on the ground as I spread her open and licked her pussy. I stuck my tongue in her as far as I could. I sucked on that pussy slobbering on it even spit on it and rubbed it . I ran my middle finger along her slit letting my finger go inside of her . I let her down and put my cock right on her pussy lay it there in between her open legs. She reaches up and rubs it and moves it all over her pussy . I grab my cock and i rub her pussy with it . I even run it along her slit. I feel her get wet she says this feels good yea rub my little pussy .give me your cock Brent . Islap her pussy with it. . She moans and I run it back along her slit. I am using the head of my cock as i run it up her slit.Jimbob he comes over and sits down to watch this . I slap her pussy again this time harder and she says oh fuck. I slap it pretty good three fast swats . Her han rubs her pussy and when she moves it I slap her pussy again. She rubs it and i slap it . I look at Jimbob he his stroking his little dick.. I look at him and i start to stroke my cock some and old Jimbob he stares at my cock and licks his lips . I spit on her pussy and I rub my cock on her pussy . I slowly get the head right there at her opening . She moves and says slide it in me please and I shove forward and she opens up and I slide it all the way in her as she says oh fuck me good .Jimbob he says jesus Lisa you are a slut. Lisa says yea I am a slut give me that cock. I am amzed at her how she just took my cock as all the other girls i had fucked they said I was to fat for them that I hurt them .But Lisa she just took it and took it all She said her mother had a dido that was big like my cock that she had stuffed up her little pussy a few times . I then flipped her around so I was fucking her doggie style. Jimbo said that my cock looked so good going in and out of her pussy . He said I was stretching her good . I would pull it all the way out and watch her pussy close up then ram it back in .. She said her pussy liked feeling me enter her that it made her want to cum . And then her pussy griiped my cock real good. She was breathing real hard and her face was getting red . Jimbob said my look her pussy is cumming look at that . She let out this gasp of breath and her whole body goes limp as she said fuck me oh my god I am cumming . That was all my cock could take. I pulled my cock out of her and as I did it came.I wasnt touching it it was right above her pussy dripping he and her saw it and she felt it hit her. I grabbed it and I stroked it the rest of the way off as they watched. I left that park knowing I would be back there some day.

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