Can You Handle It?

Written by , on 2015-05-09, genre romantic

I walk in the room with a chair, a sturdy chair!

Walking towards you with a blind fold covering your eyes and slowly leading you to the chair. Sitting you down.
I start to kiss you, letting my soft tongue intertwine with yours. I start to slowly undress you while kissing down your neck and chest and gently tugging on your nipples with my teeth.

Then I take out a set of cuffs and cuff both of your hands to the arms of the chair. I tie your ankles to the bottom of the chair spreading your legs apart so you're completely immobilised. I say "You don't like that do you? Oh well frustrating isn't it?" with a smirk on my face. Standing behind you, I gently brush aside your hair and nibble on your ear, teasing you.

I walk over to the bed and lay down thinking of you slowly start to stroke my hard pulsing dick. You can hear me breathing heavier and heavier and louder, you hear me stroking it faster and faster, panting, and wanting to cum.

I STOP and get up walking behind the chair slowly running something around the back of your neck. You think it's my finger but it's not it's the head of my dick. I see you squirming in the chair and you're trying to get loose, trying to cross your legs, you're so excited, so horny, you just want to cum!

I kneel in front of you and untie your ankles slowly. You can feel my hands touching you softly and gently. I move your ass closer to the edge of the seat, spreading your legs and slooowwwly licking up your wet pussy, gently roll around your sensitive swollen clit and you want to cum after the first lick, but I STOP.
You say NO.
You can't see me because you're blind folded but you know I have a huge smile on face. You open your mouth and I let you taste the wet drop on the tip of my penis. You get more excited there's nothing you can do about it.

You ask me to remove the cuffs, you beg me to remove the cuffs, you want to break them loose to no avail. I push you back in the chair and you get upset teasing you more I start to stroke my dick again right in front of you. You know I am doing this, you can feel it, but can't see. You try to move closer to put it my dick in your mouth, but I hold you back.
You're panting and wanting to cum so badly.

I run my hand down your stomach down your little pussy…and gently massage your clit. You let out a scream of pleasure, but I don't let you cum, you get louder and faster wanting me inside you. I start to stroke my dick and it gets harder and harder thinking of you on your knees, tasting me.

Finally I remove the cuffs and remove the blind fold.
We move to the bed, pulling you really hard into me, you can feel my swollen dick slide into you and it goes in sooo smooth because you're sooo wet. You let out a loud moan, tell me how good I feel inside me. I get down on my knees spread your wet lips and go right for your soul with my soft wet tongue, you let out a SCREAM of delight and VERY shortly cum.

As you lay there panting and shaking and quivering with the satisfaction.
I am done.
I move between your legs and with surprise you feel my hard dick going right into you again. I didn't think it was possible sooo fast, but I cum again right when I put it in, and again when my hips start to move back and forth and in and out.
You feel me getting harder and harder inside you and my head pushing the top of your vaginal wall and the head sliding in and out of your cervix. Then you feel me start to pulse and cum inside you.

You let out a really loud scream and cum with me.

I kiss you gently and softly, holding you in my arms falling asleep with a huge smile on my face.

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