My Little Brother

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My brother David is 6 years younger than me, he's my only sibling. He is 5'5" of a stocky build and is very fit. He was on the school wrestling team and played a blocker in the football team and was into martial arts. I had left home at 19 and married and my father left my mother 2 years after that. The home was sold and my mother Joyce moved into an apartment across town with David. David left school at 16 and got a job in Garage and trained as a mechanic. I had been married almost 10 years and had 2 boys, my husband Bruce had started to abuse me. Then one day Bruce was angry and started to hit me, just as David arrived to fix my car and stopped Bruce hitting me. David knocked Bruce out and called ambulance for as I was on the floor in great pain. He also called Joyce, a neighbor called the police. I had internal injuries and Bruce was also taken to hospital for checks. Mom took the children home with her. I had to have surgery and would be in hospital for over a week. The police laid charges against Bruce and he fronted court and was put on bail. The court put the children in Joyce's care and David didn't get any charges against, which annoyed Bruce greatly. The neighbor told the police that David pulled Bruce off beating me and then Bruce picked up a baseball bat and went at David. He missed David, but David didn't miss him. Anyway while I was in hospital Bruce wasn't aloud near Me or the children. So waiting for the court case a month later he cleared out, taking all the money out of bank account and redrawing $25,000 for the mortgage. I had to sell the house after leaving hospital, the court me full title to it. I moved into Joyce's apartment with her , David and my children. Bruce had an arrest warrant out for him and died eleven months later after trying to hold up a liquor store and crashed his car trying to outrun the police. David found the apartment too small and purchased a 4 bedroom house. We all moved there, the was garage out back with a attic above and a double car port out front. Joyce, me and my children stayed in the main house and David moved into the attic. He done it up over a couple of months. But had to come inside to bath, but had a toilet in the garage. After a year living in the house, we were all get on well and I had a job as did Joyce and we help David pay off the mortgage. Joyce took my children to the Zoo on Saturday for the afternoon. I had worked an early shift was sleeping. David had been working in garage and had came in to shower. I awoke and went to the same bathroom also to shower. Not knowing was already in there I stripped naked in my room walked straight in and caught David playing with himself. I could take my eyes off his cock and was getting horny watching him and started play with myself. Then David noticed me and he got out of the shower and grabbed me and took me into the shower with him. He kissed and stroked my body, then inserted his cock into me and fucked me. I was willing and didn't resist. After finishing the shower we went back to my room and continued fucking. We only parted when we heard Joyce pull up outside and David left me and went back out to the garage. Pulling on his pant as he left, after that I started to have sex with any chance I could. When the children were in bed and Joyce was working. I would work the late shift and to the his attic room for sex before going inside to sleep. Joyce noticed how we were now very much closer than before and asked me was I having sex with David. I confessed, she didn't get mad and asked had I been careful. Mostly I answered and she suggested I get tested. I tested positive. The first time we had used protection and I got pregnant. Joyce, David and sat around the kitchen that night after the children were in bed and it was decide I would have the baby. Then David moved back into the house and into my room. I changed my name back to my maiden name and put my wedding rings back on. Last month I had a baby girl and during my pregnancy. Joyce started to sleep with us and still does.

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