Day time

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It's not easy to tell this story without getting a hard on and having to have a wank
I will start by saying I am now 66 and this story is nearly 50 years old.
I was always interested in cars and when I left school want to become a mechanic a small garage near were I lived let me work there on the weekends which was great I did not get paid but it had it's own rewards.
The owner was in his 40s and worked all the hours he could he had 4 children we were from 10 to 25 is wife was 45 and had a great body.
His two elder children were girls the eldest was married with 2 children of her own the other was 22 and lived away in London with some other women.
So you can see a big family and I became part of that and this incident starts on a Saturday morning when the owner and his other children left to go to London and leave his wife at home alone for the weekend.
I was changing the oil on a car and got covered in it and was standing in the workshop with it dripping from me when Helen the owners wife came in she told me to take my overall of and get a new one from her office.
I went in and removed the overall I had only a pair of pants on underneath when she came in and seen me I was a bit embarrassed and my cock started to get hard.
What I have not said is that I have a very large cock the other boys in school would say it's like a third arm.
When she seen that my pants were trying to hold it in she said nothing and came and pulled them down she held my cock and told me is biggest she had seen in any films or real life.
She asked if I had fucked any one yet and told her no did I know what to do I said no.
She asked me to follow her into the side office which was hers bending over in front of me see had stockings on and blue pants on she removed them and asked me if I had seen a woman's Fannie before no.
She sit on the desk open her legs and told me to get between them and holding my cock she rubbed up down her crack I came a load of white come over her hairy Fannie and stockings.
She said do not worry you will be hard again in no time which I was and then she showed me how to fuck her which I did about 6 times that day.
I did the same thing on the following Sunday, each time I had a chance to fuck her I did for the next few months until on one Saturday she told me she was pregnant and I was likely to be the father.
The owner had no idea and was over the moon but I left to get a full time job.
I went on to work in many garages and fucked many women and some men but that for other stories

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