Pet !

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My name,is irrelevant.
I am not even sure I remember my real name,I have for a long time been referred to as a Pet.
Names like Pet and Slut,analwhore,latrine,bitch,cumdump,slave and various other names of humiliation come to mind.
I have one desire,one mission to make my owner pleased.
My life started normally,I know when my life turned to the path that lead me To here.
As a young pre-teen I was very quiet and shy.
I wanted friends and when the girl next door said to me to hang out with her and her two friends I was so pleased.
Eager to maintain their friendship I found I was only to happy to fetch drinks make food anything!
They would giggle and laugh calling me “pet”.
I loved it,everytime they said it I would tingle all over.
I would often find myself sitting at their feet when it was movie night,brushing their hair foot massages.
I have very long hair,it’s always been long.
One night it was just I and Susan.Susan was the oldest,also the leader and I loved loved loved pleasing her !! When she would say ‘good pet’ I would feel my nipples harden,my heart would pound and I would feel my blood start to rush.
She had braided my hair as I sat at her feet.She loves my hair and she braided it right from the top of my head my whole body was tingling at her touch I was kneeling back straight facing the tv as she hummed softly while doing the braid I was without realising sittting straight up my skin on fire,my nipples were poking out clearly against my sundress,I was in heaven as she pampered me and I promised myself right there and then that I would do anything,to keep that feeling.Susan told me how Beautiful my hair was the straightness of it and how it complimented my frame.
I was blushing and thanked her.
She giggled as she then tugged it a little I moaned softly as she played with it,I didn’t realise I was moaning until she said,
“You like that ,,do you Pet?”as she pulled softly,,
Red faced,,I half turned looking up at her,,nodding,,I felt a release saying it,knew I had to say it.
“I do because you are the one pulling it”
She stopped,looked at me curiously then she stood and pulled my hair up like a leash,,
“Walkies?” She half asked,I was shaking as I leant forward and came to rest on my hands and knees my eyes on her eyes as she led me around the living room.
I was in a trance as was Susan,her eyes on me as we paraded around slowly.
She would stop and I would stop right next to her,if she said heel I would drop my ass to the floor.
Then she patted my head and said ,,
“Good Pet good girl “and I wagged my ass for her.
She burst into laughter and knelt next to me and hugged me close she then stood and asked,
“Would you like to keep playing like this ?”
I nodded enthusiastically wagging my ass and I even did a little spin of excitement on my hands and knees .
She quickly ran off and came back grinning broadly as she said “Sit pet sit”
I did so attentively smiling as she then revealed what she had behind her back,,it was old but still usable a black collar and leash.
I gasped,,and froze for a moment,She stood and a different look came over her face as she hesitated,,I wagged my ass and put a “paw” as if to say ‘yes miss’
Shaking she lent over and placed the collar around my neck,,I was shaking visibly and she could see how much and how hard my nipples were.
I could see her nipples were pointed also as she tightened the collar on my neck.I looked into her eyes and she cupped my chin and grinned,,
“I’m glad my parents are out Pet”
She led me to the back yard and once outside it really hit me that I was exactly where I was meant to be.
Susan tskd as she realised I would end up gettting my clothes dirty.
She reached down and slid my summer dress over my head and leash leaving me naked in the sunlight except for my little kitten panties my face flushed red as my nipples hardened and my skin goose bumped.
She grinned as I did not try to stop her.
“Good girl” she smiled and patted my ass.
She held my hair with the leash and led me around the yard as I followed I realised I needed to pee and so I made noises and such until she guessed.
She went red as she slid my panties off as did I then she watched me pee,she put my panties in her pocket.
The play became more intense over time,,,as did my lifestyle 🫦🫦🫦

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