I couldn't resist a challenge


I was in my third year at an ivy league university and had a reputation of scoring with girls, overstated a little and it was hampering my dating. Because girls didn't want to date because of my reputation would damage their reputations. I was also known as a risk taker and never refusing a challenge. So, when I was challenged to date and seduce a girl who didn't date anyone and was seen as a boy hater, because she didn't date at all. She was far from the prettiest girl on campus, but she was still a looker and would've rose up the list if she made an effort to look better. She wasn't interest in looking good to be ogled at by the boys. Keeping strictly to her studies, she wasn't an easy challenge for me to accepted. But me being me I accepted; I made a three-step plan. First learn everything I could about her, her activities, her likes, dislikes and her dreams. The fourth being the key, once I knew her dreams, I could use it to succeed. The first three were very easy, her activities were home university library home, didn't go out on weekends. Her likes were studying and dogs, dislikes were annoying childish boys, dumb questions by said boys and her time being wasted. Her dreams were a great deal hard to uncover, but there was a clue in her courses. The main one being veterinarian sciences, she loved animals and wanted to work with animals. Her family was well off and mine was very well off and I was a bit of a disappointment to my father and being the youngest of 4 I got away with more than my sibling could have. Not concentrating on my studies like he wanted me too. I too was doing veterinarian sciences a year in advance of my target. I chose it as a way of avoiding going into banking like my siblings had. Not that my studies wouldn't have a place in the family businesses. We do own farms and a large rural retreat where we ride horses and ski on the lake it almost surrounds. Knowing she adored animals was my opening, but how to use it. The family rural retreat was the best option, there were horses there and a fairly undisturbed natural landscape full of native plants and animals. Its main attraction to me it was only 40minute bus ride from the university and I first got the family's approval for the university field trip, before talking to my professor who was a bit shocked, I was even suggesting a field trip. But she liked the idea, and it was arranged. The trip was a success for the students, not so for me and my challenge. But at least I got to talk with for a short time, she also loved the retreat. One advantage that came from it was she would talk with me afterwards at university. That was a plus, even better when we had another field trip there. I was able to get her alone that time those it was all study. But still a plus, that was how it was, the family retreat became a field trip site every year thereafter. My relationship grew stronger with her, but no sexual relationship. Finally in my last year I got her out on an actual date and more dates followed. No sex, till after we married. I graduated and 5 months later we married, I was now living at the retreat and so did my wife after we married. As for the challenge I'd failed that and hadn't given it much thought after I'd fallen for her myself, which happened after I got to know her better. Now years later 5 grown children, she is still my perfect woman the reason I married her.
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