Never Too Late


At 43 and still single, a failure in relationships, but successful otherwise. I thought I would never have children of my own, lucky I had 2 younger brothers who were married and had children. But the was still a void inside, but then I got new neighbors. Two successful businesswomen and lesbians (38 & 36), they were in their late thirties and like me wanted children. They could've gotten pregnant via IVF or a donation of a male friend, but legal problems came with IVF and a friend had gone down the male friend route and had a great deal of trouble when the friend wanted too much involvement. I'm nothing special to look at but keep myself fit. After I'd met them, we talked regularly and when I had nieces and nephew visit me, their wish for a family came up. I already knew about their lesbian relationship with each other. I'm no hypocrite and talk about my personal freedoms and then try and stop other's personal freedoms. I let people live their lives as they wish too. I also mentioned I'd a wish for children and that started them thinking, after they thought about it. They approached me and asked what type of relationship I wanted with my children. I said I wanted to be there for them and help grow up. But when pressed I said I'd be just happy with regular visits, if unable to live with them fulltime. They decided that was good enough for them as I wasn't intrusive in their lives and didn't judge on their life choices. So, they asked me straight out about fathering their children and set ground rules for my involvement. Nothing too restrictive and I was open to their proposition, then the question of how proceed came up. I was quite surprised by their decision for straight sex, but as they had investigated IVF and donor sperm before. They had decided on the direct method as the quickest and less complicated way forward. But the sex was always threesomes and I just laid there, and they done all the work. It took several months to get both pregnant, but I did manage to do that about a month apart for each. The older one had a daughter and the younger one a son. Both were born healthy and 18 months later we were at it again, trying for another child each before it was too late for them to have more children, quicker than our first efforts, both getting pregnant about the same time. This time they had the reverse of the first, the older one having a son and the younger one a daughter. Just what they wanted, both born a week apart in November 2019. Still live beside each other and have a connecting gate and it's working out quit well. They are the primary carers for the children and I'm the father who is a backup when needed. Like when both mothers got the flu and were bedridden for a few days. I made sure the children were fed and cared for my women. It's a running joke between us, as I once said it and they got prickly about it not mad. So, every now and then I would call them my women and they came to accept it, also calling me their man. Sex between the three of us is still happening every now and then, to spice up their relationship they say. I 've been with them when they are dressing, showering or just getting it on themselves. We have keys to each other's houses and come and go as we want; they've walked in on me dressing and showering. Seeing each other naked is just normal for us. My role in the relationship is father, childminder and sometime lover. Their business requires them to attend events and I watch the children. It's like being married, just not with actually being married.
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