Virginia Cane rides again!


As I walk up the driveway I am mentally prepared.
It has been a year of every second Saturday chaperoning Miss Joy and my cow of a boss has no idea that I am her daughters little bitch.
The whole fascade is quite splendid.Due to her daughter being happy to have me over it has made life at work easier and I LOVE my nasty little Miss and what we do.
In fact we have had so much of a time she comes over to my flat or we head off on drives finding quiet places to go and play out our games.
This weekend is different,it’s a Friday and I am staying until Monday morning so Miss bitch and mister unappreciative can go away.
On the outside I am dressed smartly with my new red heels and a smart dress,a thick long coat and a thick scarf to keep the chill away,I timed it as they walked out the door.
I smile at Miss Joy as she smiles back.
As her parents leave and we close the door I immediately strip off revealing my thick tall leather collar from under my scarf and my long thick anal plug tail as I drop to my hands and knees as Miss Joy clicks the leash into place I drop my face to the floor as she inspects my ass and body my wet pussy making her smile as she attaches leather wrist and ankle straps.then without moving me an inch reveals the crop from behind the umbrella stand ,I wag my ass as she places the ball gag in my mouth and runs a chain from my collar through a ring between the wrist chain to my ankle chains which then keeps me on all fours as a good pet should be.
Quivering as she runs the crop down my back.
“You delicious slut “she smirks,,teasing my tail plug pulling at it as I wince and moan.
My face reddens as she continues to humiliate me.
“Did my pet miss her Mistress?” I nod estatically!
The crop teases my wet pussy lips and I shudder in lustful joy,,,she runs her fingers over my swollen pussy lips,,she tastes them in her mouth ,
Laughing as I shiver at her feet.
The first crack makes me arch and moan my eyes flutter as I feel the bite into my ass cheeks which had been long so much for this exact moment.
12 delicious mind blowing cracks and I am a mess,,shuddering every gagged moan a song to Miss Joy.
She then tugs me to follow and I do obediently and happily as I know what is next,,,
I shudder as I am readied and Miss joy administers a local anaesthetic to my clitoris.
I almost pee as I feel the effects of the shot rendering my clitoris useless I would not be orgasming this weekend.
I was totally to serve Miss Joy
As my clitoris numbed she made sure tugging and pinching it harshly as my wimpers subsided she k ew and so did I .
Standing she leads to her parents room and she leans against the door as I kneel up she grabs my hair tight to my head and directs my face up dropping the gag as I immediately lick and suckle her perfect smooth pussy.
Completely unspoiled it is delicious and I relish her flavour as she moans and cums in my mouth I await my mouth open as she rewards me with her warm golden champagne ,she moans as she fills my mouth and I moan as I swallow every drop.
She holds my mouth at her pussy as I clean her until she glistens.
Then she smiles and slaps my face hard,grabbing the crop she gives me six more red marks as I wimper and writhe.
“You fucking filthy slut “she hisses ,,
“You piss drinking cum lapping whore”
I flush as she humiliates
Me my heart pounds as she grabs me tight then kisses
My mouth hard.
She puts the ball back in and grind.
She leads me to the door and I sit waiting,it’s movie night and five of her closet friends are coming over,
As each one enters I am face up mouth on their fine young pussies making each one squeal in turn as They hold my hair tight and use my mouth.
Miss Joys bestie Marissa is last arriving.
She enters with a gleam
In her eyes knowing I am there and she loves to see me suffer.
I make her cum in my mouth 2 x tasting her yet she offers no moans or sounds just a small mouthfucking movement.
“Your bitch didn’t make me cummm Joy” she pouts smiling at me.
Miss Joy knows it’s probably a lie but is not one to lose face,6 strips join the others and I once again take to Marissas pussy the third one she cannot hide.
I still get 6 more for taking to long.
I am led to he toilet my leash tied to the taps and left.
All night the girls come and go my mouth the toilet.Their toilet,and I drink everydrop.
After a few hours I am taken into the back shed into the room which is now soundproofed my ballgag removed and I am unchained from my doggy position over the desk Where we started 12 months ago.
As a celebratory game MissJoy allows all the girls an option,to fuck any whole they want with a very very big strapon or to have 12 strokes on my ass.
3 girls very energetically fuck my mouth pussy and ass my pussy doesn’t feel much and I am fucked hard and raw wimpering as I used with no release.
Miss Marisa grabs the crop and I
Given 12 big strikes so much harder than Miss Joy I nearly feint.
Drooling and shaken as I watch Miss Joy giggle and she tells Miss Marissa
“Do it agin,,that was hot”
My shrieks are ear piercing my tears real
As I shudder with each stroke
“Say thank you whore”
Miss Joy demands and I obey.
Miss Joy and the girls then wait i until I pee as I always do,,,Laughing and giggling as it trickles down my legs and pools at my feet.
Miss Joy smiles as she leads the girls out she gags me and pats my head,,back soon she giggles as she turns out the light my squeal makes her tingle and she giggles again as she hears my trickle splash on the floor.

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