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Even here in the new country, the old ways are practiced still. In 2022 my wife died of cancer after a long illness. Luckily our 4 children were grown and either at university or starting their own families. I'd my mother-in-law widow living with me still as she had cared for my wife and children during my wife's illness. Now wife deceased and children also gone to make their own ways thru life. I still had a duty to care for my mother-in-law and she would cook my meals, do my laundry and clean the house. She was totally dependent on me; she was allowed also by custom to share my bed. Not that I took advantage of that for several months, but after my grief had reduced, I got horny and not ready to date. I asked my mother-in-law to provide with sex and she does anytime I want sex she provides it willingly. It's normal custom in the old country to provide sex to man of the house who supports you. No restrictions apply as long as the woman is passed having children, if not passed having children. Then can't be a close relative. Great custom as I'm not wanting to remarry at the moment and get all the sex I want.
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