Living Rough

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I'm single and run my own internet business from my home and doing quite well. I'm not great with women and don't date, use escorts when horny. It's simpler and success is a given, never had sex I (37) hadn't paid for. Back in January I saw a woman looking thru bins near my local supermarket. I got the idea I might get lucky with such a woman in return for my helping her, as she was already at rock bottom. I approached her to make the offer, I didn't frighten her as women don't see me as a threat. Being skinny, balding and glasses I don't look like a threat to them. As she was really desperate, she accepted my offer of a warm bed and meals in return for sex. She said she was 53 widowed and had lost her job than rental and forced to live on the streets. On returning to my home, she at first had a hot soaking bath and put her few clothes thru my washing machine. After bathed and freshen up we ate dinner together and then to bed together. Our first fuck was awkward, but each fuck that followed got better and better. By the start of February, I was quite happy with her staying with me and the regular sex. She looked for work and done the housework, cooking and all laundry. I did buy her more clothes and we went out for dinners and movies. I thought as soon as she got a job she would leave, finally she got a job, nothing flash and she asked me would I mind her staying longer. No, I said stay as long as you want. Sex was still regular and we're still living together and regularly fucking. She told me, she is quite happy with our arrangement, she has a better place to live than if she was to move out on her own and we do go out regularly also and the sex is also good. She doesn't feel the pressure like she had before when she was living alone and working.

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