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Bored with city life and wanting peace and quiet, being widowed 4 months earlier and only 53. I decided to find a quiet place to live away from the rat race of big city living. So, I started looking (2022) for the perfect place and found a small farm (23acres) as it was described on the property site. It was out of the way, the ad said, but had an all-weather road access. Not one to buy without any inspection, I travelled to the property and looked it over. Two reasons, one to know what it was like personally and if not what I wanted I wouldn't be known to the real estate and get informed of every property they had for sale. I liked what I saw and made an appointment to view officially, some questions were answered I hadn't thought of. Like it was served by well water, the toilet was a septic system and power was by a wind turbine and battery backup. Upgrade required I thought, I bought the property and arranged for the upgrading. The house size was a little smaller than I wanted, so I added a master bedroom with Ensuite. New roof with solar panels, to boost my power availability, new water pump in the well and a water purifier and water storage tank. Repainted the whole house inside and out and had a large steel shed built to replace the old wooden one, that was passed its best. Internet via satellite mobile service improved with a booster added and it was ready. I moved in in November 0f 2022, I got two dogs from a shelter. First order of business on moving in was a supply of firewood for the fireplaces in the house (2). I was advised to get a log splitter unless I wanted to do it by axe myself. I got the splitter and was surprised to have my firewood delivered by two sisters. Both in their late forties and looked very fit and as I found out widows and not dating. But dating wasn't on my list of wants at the time. They were easy to talk to and offered advice on improving my setup and advised to thin out the trees especially the ones close to the house and new shed. I asked who I could get to do the work and that said they did all their timber felling and would do it cheaply and remove unwanted logs and also removes the stumps. I accepted and they started work the next week, first cutting down the trees mark for removal, sizing and then they ripped out the stumps. A stack of logs cut to size for splitting was left for me and they took the rest the area looked better as a result. I would meet them in the local town at times and in February I finally asked them would one or both like to go out with me. I thought better to ask both, as they were always together. They thought about it and agreed, and we had a great time. Several more dates followed and always a threesome and finally in early April (Saturday), I was home alone and saw their pickup coming up to the house. They had decided to take our relationship to the next stage, they had come to stay the weekend with me. I'd sex with both, and it became a more intense relationship from then on. Neither wanting marriage, but we all got really close and then the state government got involved. Not affecting me, but them, there firewood business operated out of their 5 acres property and the government decided to buy it for project as the access would be greatly limited by the project (water channel) and it was cheaper for the government to buy their land than provide them another access. No other suitable site was available to buy and then I suggested they move in with me, which was a great idea. It gave them a better place to run their business (more space) and I would get better cooked meals as I'm no cook. So, I'm no longer alone and our families get on very well on their visits. But 2 dogs aren't the only animals on the property now, chickens, turkeys and ducks. Along with 5 horses and 2 cats, the cats came as kittens and the dogs got use to them and they get on quite well. With the extra cash they had because of the sale of their property they bought a mill to process their logs and even split them all in one operation. I'm quite happy with my new lifestyle,
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